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Subject: "Newbie Channel Etiquette" This topic is locked.
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ValguarneraSun 16-Dec-07 10:25 PM
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#443, "Newbie Channel Etiquette"
Edited on Wed 14-Jul-04 10:28 AM


For the New Player:
1) Do use the newbie channel often. The channel is there so you can ask questions. Type 'help newbie channel' inside the game to get an overview.

2) Do only use the newbie channel for questions and answers, and not 'chat'. We want the channel to provide a lot of content without becoming spammy.

3) Don't feel slighted if you are referred to a helpfile. People aren't pointing you to them because they don't want to answer your question.... they're pointing you towards them because the helpfile will provide accurate and more complete information! As an example of how easy it is, all you need to do is type 'help academy', and you'll get information on the Academy. Skills, spells, areas, races, classes, cabals, and much more all have their own helpfile. If you aren't sure which one to read to find something, ask! If no one can find any helpfile with the right information, post a request on this forum, and we'll write one up.

4) Do check for a helpfile before asking about something. For example, if you wanted to know what the Dodge skill does, try 'help dodge' before asking on the channel. You'll often get what you want to know faster and easier.

5) Do ask for general advice for a new player. If you can't find places to go, if you aren't sure what the strengths or weaknesses of a given class are, if you want some roleplaying tips, or if you just want to know what CF is all about.... ask!

6) Don't guess! If another players asks something, and you aren't sure what the answer is, let someone else grab it! It gets very confusing for everyone if inaccurate information is being thrown around.

7) Do let the Immortal staff handle managing the channel. Even if you think another player is out of line, all confronting them will do is provoke an argument. If an immortal is available, they will handle the situation as soon as possible. Conversely, if an Immortal lets you know that a topic isn't appropriate for the channel, please respect their decisions.

8) Don't discuss other MUDs there. We don't permit advertising there, and we also don't want people trashing other games, as a courtesy to them. If you have to make a comparison, avoid using names, as in "On another MUD I played, we had..."

9) Do be courteous to the staff and the other players. If you use the channel to sling insults, you may be promptly removed from it.

For the Veteran Player

1) Do read the nine guidelines above. They apply to you also, often moreso.

2) Do keep the channel on if you're willing to help people. The staff appreciates the hand.

3) Don't use the channel to berate newbies. For example, if someone has a name you don't think is appropriate, use pray to report it. If someone annoys you, but is otherwise within the rules of the channel, turn the channel off if you can't keep from saying something rude.

4) Don't use the newbie channel to ask advanced questions. It just overwhelms the actual newbies, and it's not why the channel exists.

5) Do expect us to take problems you create on the newbie channel seriously, up to and including slay/denial/etc. for repeated and deliberate offenders.


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