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Newbie (Anonymous)Sat 17-May-14 01:19 PM
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So wasn't sure where to post this but figured this fits better than anywhere. Does anyone know how to register on QHCF website? When I go to register new the anti spam code never loads and I've been trying for a week now. Also I can't contact anyone at that website without having an account that I can find. So if someone knows the trick to registering or maybe if someone could inform them of the problem?


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TopicQHCF Website [View all] , Newbie (Anonymous), Sat 17-May-14 01:19 PM
Reply Should be working now, incognito, 29-Jun-14 04:37 AM, #7
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     Reply RE: QHCF Website, Zarkla, 17-May-14 06:55 PM, #2
          Reply I've asked people to look into it, incognito, 18-May-14 04:08 AM, #3
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