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EskelianMon 13-Jan-14 11:15 PM
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#4241, "RE: Another question about Neuro...?"


Quas explained this well on,1017327,1017353#msg-1017353

Summarized here :

Quas < PM >
January 10, 2014 05:51AM
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There are 2 things which affect the lag of neuro (and neuro lags 2 different ways).
1.) if you get fail, slight, or violent
2.) How many people are fighting the person you are casting on

Fail does no lag at all
Slight does 2 rounds of lag (like trip)
Violent does freezing

If they are fighting other people the chance for good disrupt goes down (significantly) and the amount of freezetime from a violent also reduces.

The freeze time of violent is non linear. Landing 1 violent will generally freeze them 4 rounds, the second is more, and the third more, (you will get a message if you max the amount of total freeze which is between 1-2 ticks). Mechanically I believe it looks at the amount of freeze left to determine how much more to add, this is why you commonly see 2 or 3 neuros then a switch to debuffs instead of neuro/debuf/neuro/debuff

It is possible when ganking to get a violent neuro that only freezes one round


As for whether or not you *SHOULD* neuro, well that depends.

Mirozah's build is based on Drow dex + sneak, Duo edges, Scion 'despoil' and ABS. That means Mirozah has tons of HP and damage, can spell up fairly quickly and jump people who are unprepared and with 24 dex malleability and haste makes him tank very well. So for him, it's pretty safe to neuro anyone without spellbane (and sometimes with spellbane).

Let's assume that you're not a scion and therefore you don't have full ABS with 1600 HP. Then it's a judgement call. Are you playing an agile race like drow or arial where you'll be using malleability a lot? Or are you using a race like human or gnome where you might choose to rely more on calcify and petrify? The malleability type builds are 'adrenamancer' builds, which means they melee fairly well. Hence, they can get sorta crappy neuros and still win a fight. The calcify builds are more 'caster/disrupt builds', because you can't really tank very well so you're using damage reduction as a buffer hoping to land big spells and you might not have the mana to drop 3 wasted neuros at 100 mana each. They both play very differently.

On a caster build I'd imagine you really want to haste/accelerate them up to sap their movements, then hit them with strong bleeding/toxin attacks. Or at least, that's how I played that build. I almost never used neuro in that build because I really wasn't trying to permalag them until dead (and I could not afford to do that).


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