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sykonMon 06-Jan-14 07:34 PM
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#4233, "RE: A couple follow up transmuter ?s"


>How does one use buoyancy? I'm not clear on what it's good for
>though being one of the highest level transmuter spells one
>would assume it's pretty powerful.

I rarely found a use for it on other characters, I wanted to use it on those warriors that loved to drive as I think it would have stopped that but with spellbane I never landed. It also doesn't last long so I gave up on that. I have used it on Mobs to separate them in rare circumstances.

The best uses I've found for buoyancy are defensive ones yourself / groupmates. It has gotten me away from the giant so many times. If you are entwined or going up against that STSF warrior that can prevent you from fleeing, it will get you out. I'm sure there are many offensive uses, but I got the best use out of it defensively.

>What does accelerate do? Compared to haste/quickening? When is
>it worth using (or not using) and what are the benefits of
>using it--and/or when should one not use it?

With the grace under pressure edge accelerate worked wonderfully, I would pick quickening over it in a heart beat, but when you keep an eye on your moves it's a great defensive spell. You can also use it offensively. It will make that bleeding go up immensely. For those people that hit and run for returning an item, get them bleeding, then get them quickened / hastened and they will go run off to die. 1:1 fights always use it unless you are against someone with a movement reduction skill (hamstring, energy drain, etc)

>Lastly, malleability vs. corporeal hardening vs. petrify
>flesh. I'm pretty confused about which is best when. Is
>petrify flesh more of a spell to use against your enemy or to
>use yourself?

This depends on your race / what skills you are going against. Someone Dexy will get more out of malleability than hardening, Svirf always seemed to get more outta hardening. Petrify flesh is another one like accelerate, watch your moves and you should be good, I really only used it in cabal defenses, or against mobs that pounded.

Hope this helps out a bit, I don't know everything about the class, but it is what helped me out.


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