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Subject: "Isildur's Ranking Guide" This topic is locked.
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KastellynSat 13-Feb-10 06:30 PM
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#2032, "Isildur's Ranking Guide"
Edited on Sat 13-Feb-10 06:30 PM


This is a general guide on places that characters of each alignment can go to rank, and the NPCs they can rank on there.

Good Aligned Characters:

01-05 kobold warrens (kobolds, tough kobolds)
01-10 graveyard (skeletons, graverobbers, zombies, ghouls, banshees)
05-10 violet woodland (gibberlings)
05-10 west dairen road (turkeys)
05-10 forest of prosimy (wolves)
05-15 troglodyte caverns (troglodytes)
05-20 forest of nowhere (beasts,slugs,angnos,laxians,stalkers,taglos,burners)
10-15 misty mountains (orcs)
10-15 ysigrath (sz'weh villagers, sz'weh hunters)
10-20 temple of loch grynmear (demons)
10-20 voralian city (serving girls, etc.)
10-20 ashes of nowhere (beasts,lumberjacks,burners)
15-20 keep of fhalaugash (orcs)
15-20 azreth wood (taglos, tresnores)
15-20 ruined keep (guards)
20-25 hidden forest (lesser trolls, greater trolls)
20-25 forgotten (arkham) crypts (zombies)
20-30 chessmaster tower (black pawns, black rooks)
25-30 velkyn oloth (guards)
25-35 keep of ceawlin (guards)
25-35 drogran hills (ugruks)
25-45 arial city (prisoners, guards, soldiers, dark guards)
30-35 frigid wasteland (frost giants)
30-35 mausoleum (juju zombies)
30-35 crystal island (guards)
30-35 dranettie wood (owlbears)
30-40 mines of zakiim (arial miners)
30-40 elemental temple (acolytes)
30-40 keep of barovia (skeletons, zombies)
30-40 dra'melkhur (devouts, protectors)
35-45 drow city (warrior students)
35-45 village of mal'trakis (headhunters)
35-45 organia (various)
35-45 northern mountains (udgaard patrollers)
40-51 ruins of maethien (nightwalkers)
40-51 arboria (thief lich guildmaster)
40-51 ruins of the deep (sahuagin)
40-51 mount calandaryl (skeletons)
40-51 thar-acacia (evil mages)
40-51 pine forest (dire wolves)
45-51 slave mines of sitran (slavers)

Evil Aligned Characters:

01-05 copeham inn (twins, servants, locals, regulars)
01-10 graveyard (mourners, gravediggers, ghosts)
01-10 aldevari (men, women, girls, boys, guards, hunters)
05-10 west dairen road (turkeys)
05-10 vale of arendyl (cooshees, wilders, scouts, sentries, elders)
05-15 troglodyte caverns (troglodytes)
10-15 balator (orphans)
10-15 ysigrath (k'sra villagers, k'sra hunters)
10-15 south dairien settlement (sentries)
10-20 keep of the righteous (guards, students)
10-20 forest of nowhere (various sized forest guardians)
10-20 temple of loch grynmear (monks)
10-20 voralian city (commoners, etc.)
15-20 keep of ceawlin (servants, prisoners)
15-20 outlying villages (unknown)
15-20 tir-talath (mages, shoppies, militiamen)
15-30 emerald forest (pixies, sprites, brownies, dryads, nymphs, rangers)
20-25 akan (shoppies)
20-25 eryn galen (citizens, guards)
20-25 aturi (shoppies)
20-30 moudrilar's monestary (monks)
20-30 chessmaster tower (white pawns, white rooks)
25-30 castle of akan (servants, workers)
25-30 darsylon (shoppies)
25-30 arkham (guards)
25-30 jade mountains (jade elves)
25-30 halfling lands (shoppies)
25-35 eregion (feasting elves, elven guards)
30-35 arial city (guards, soldiers)
30-35 dranettie wood (dranetties)
30-35 village of azuremain (explorers)
30-35 basillica (guards)
30-40 battlefield (feared swordmen, large guards)
40-45 organia (various)
40-45 blingdenstone (citizens)
40-51 mount kiadana-rah (storm giants)
40-51 ruins of the deep (silver spirits)
40-51 thar-acacia (good mages)
40-51 pine forest (elk, deer, etc.)

List compiled by Isildur, who reminds you that all level ranges are approximate and vary by character to some extent.

Kastellyn the Devourer of Magic, Lord of Legends

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