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IshuliFri 12-Nov-21 08:31 AM
Member since 13th Feb 2017
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#142142, "Great job."


Mojabosombo, aka Mojo-jojo (to me) was a great character.

On discord, people already lavished a lot of praise:

"Loved Moja's RP. Absolutely delightful on every front." - Cerys
"Congrats on Moja @hug you were an absolute beast. And hilarious as well." - Shockfyre
"Oh I love randomly putting Moja to sleep and sending him home 🙂. You had the simplest role and made it shine so well, good job.
" - TaroMilkTea
"@hug I so enjoyed being your ally, if. Brief, over Fajeen and Selkor. A truly memorable char, one for the ages. So many kudos from me, and thanks for all the laughs." - Treebeard
"Moja was a total savage (and yes definitely produced some lols with the dialogue). I remember the first time we met on dragon sea when I was playing crazy assassin and you started showing me your stick collection and I was just sitting here like "what is even going on?" " - Xyfa
"Oh I loved Moja. At one point Ishuli or someone had loaded my old bag of scorpbros and I randomly sent it to you but then decided that my planar servitor had fallen in love with you and mistakenly thought you liked scorpions so kept sending you scorpion valentines but then because you kept saying you were so fat we started sending you salads." - Raybaer
"Way to go @hug with Moja! Thanks for being a fun, memorable character and a good leader!" - Ergush
"Moja was so great. I was DEAD LOL as Kira the time you were doing an official Moja investigation on the spire. So hillarous watching you try to investigate the spire for a couple hours. Also, such a brutal fight that time you DROVE me north in the spirit, and the half a round I was fighting the spirit...I got SUNRAYED...and you continued to drive me with your polearm." - Amora
"Good character Hug. Was always nice having you around, I could be like, Well maybe Moja is lurking around and will slaughter these jerks. Heh." - AngryRotarian
"Well done there @hug. It was a pleasure sharing the same cabal with you as Geruscleudo. At least one time I thought about deleting but didn't because of you." - Bhagavan
"Paladins of Fort Rejoice in all their glory, no more having to deal with Moja jumping out of the mountains at them. That said, man you were a beast. I remember you getting me once with one of my pally's because I overstayed and underestimated you. Never did that again. I was on all three sides of the Moja deal. For the most part I had no issues with how you played. I liked the RP quite a bit actually. That said, I think most serial fort people have trouble with overly aggressive Neutrals beating up on Forties. Tebor (Druid) had some of the same kind of agreessive behaviour a few years go. All in all, Moja was a force, and had awesome presence. GLWYN" - Welverin

There was some flame-fest going on in *this* forum thread, but I snipped it because it went way off center.


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