Subject: "Hope springs anew as Padwei reawakens and returns to the pantheon to shepherd the Fortress." Previous topic | Next topic
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IshuliThu 29-Aug-19 05:40 PM
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#3118, "Hope springs anew as Padwei reawakens and returns to the pantheon to shepherd the Fortress."


When the lands were fresh and new, there was a great sense of appreciation
for each day -- each moment -- that was given, for every breath taken, for
all held dear within the Light. Wild animals of the lands drew upon a similar
essence, the eternal struggle of survival taught them that each day was to be
cherished and the time spent wisely.

When the days of darkness came, that passion for existence was forged like a
sword to fight the oppressive shadow. But as the neverending war raged on,
it left little time for this essential enjoyment of life, gradually sapping
the passion and the resolve of the Light. To fill the resulting void, man
lusted for greed and for greatness.

So the wild creatures, untouched by this corruption, have become our spiritual
teachers -- our guides back to these simpler, more appreciative times, when all
embraced the blessings and responsibilities of each ephemeral season. It is
in the greatest of these guiding spirits, Padwei, that the Light may find their
calling, and their passion, among their brothers and sisters. The vast majority
of Padwei's faithful are expected to nurture the passion for life in themselves
and others above all.

But they do not shy away from the battlefield. Indulging in the pure aspects
of life must be balanced with the thwarting of the shadow, so others who are be
incapable of defending themselves may also enjoy the world around them. A small
and selective subset of her followers known as Red Hunters, who trace their
ancient roots back to nomads enslaved by the evil Scions of the Eternal Night,
devote themselves to combating the shadow to a greater extent than others.

Those who seek Padwei out may find her revelling in a place touched by sand and
sea, each reminiscent of her time as a mortal. While those who follow her are
often free spirits born the Light, Padwei is not one to turn away others who
wish to uncover the brilliant passion within their own souls - though they may
not always find what they seek. She shuns only those who are overcome with
shadow or ties of structure. Balanced souls may struggle to foster the light
within, and should expect a difficult path.

Shamans who seek out Padwei's blessing may become attuned to the ways of the
Seraph's Wing and Life's Champion.


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