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Topics to Read The Poison Pen Protected forum
The current writings, and discussions thereof of the mysterious Poison Pen.
Moderators: The_Poison_Pen
Thu 16-Jul-09 04:54 PM 7 topics
29 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Cabal Wars Protected forum
Tracking the Cabal Wars and Mortal Leaders of Carrion Fields through time.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Wed 13-Apr-11 08:52 PM 249 topics
249 messages
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HOT Anchored Topic The Political Power of Thera [ View all ]Grurk MuoukMon 10-Sep-07 04:22 PM21694
Reply Leaders of Thera's Past, Grurk Muouk, 12-Apr-07 06:38 PM, #3
Reply Leaders of Thera's Dead Cabals, Grurk Muouk, 14-Jun-07 07:35 AM, #2
Reply Immortals of Theran History, Grurk Muouk, 25-May-06 09:44 AM, #1
Topic A new immortal hase risen to the pantheon: Gaspare!IshuliSun 02-Dec-18 02:00 PM1492
Topic The Priestess' Memories echoesRahsaelFri 17-Aug-18 06:25 PM1435
Topic Recent Global Echoes [ View all ]JormyrMon 14-Nov-16 05:04 PM2183
Reply Link on the main page would certainly help, Kstatida, 06-Oct-16 03:48 PM, #1
     Reply it is on the main page, under the HELP tab, Scarabaeus, 06-Oct-16 03:49 PM, #2
          Reply Oh nice, Kstatida, 14-Nov-16 05:04 PM, #3
Topic Twas the Night Before Christmas - a submission by Phant...AkresiusTue 31-May-16 10:54 AM1255
Topic The Erotic Poetry of Tarleton LeFleurTarletonTue 31-May-16 10:54 AM1310
Topic Call to arms for all ex and current players: [ View all ]RaltevioSun 04-Oct-15 02:04 PM2324
Reply RE: Call to arms for all ex and current players:, Bajula, 04-Oct-15 02:04 PM, #2
Reply Arbiter, KoeKhaos, 23-Sep-15 05:49 PM, #1
Topic Truly epic exploration [ View all ]dahlgrenWed 24-Jun-15 12:14 PM2109
Reply I had never read such a self-oriented text in my life, Kstatida, 24-Jun-15 12:14 PM, #3
Reply i like this post, Dallevian, 22-Jun-15 12:16 PM, #1
     Reply Me too, incognito, 24-Jun-15 12:14 PM, #2
Topic Next age? [ View all ]RetanTue 03-Feb-15 10:48 PM2361
Reply RE: Next age?, Umiron, 27-Jan-15 02:04 PM, #1
     Reply One side that is interesting..., Torak, 03-Feb-15 10:48 PM, #2
HOT Topic Ancients and Spirits to be Remembered [ View all ]AmarantheWed 02-Jul-14 04:41 PM2787
Reply Folsa, Akresius, 02-Jul-14 04:41 PM, #12
Reply Tjok, Aeria and Nreisshe., DurNominator, 28-Jun-14 11:33 PM, #11
Reply "(DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Karrel Muouk the Hunter of the F..., Minyar, 25-Jun-14 01:07 PM, #10
Reply Aeria Starblaze the Scythe of Amaranthe, Harbinger of T..., Amora, 09-Feb-14 09:49 PM, #9
Reply Fezzle freck!, dwimmerling, 07-Feb-14 07:11 AM, #8
Reply Some that I recall, Trouble, 05-Jul-13 03:54 PM, #7
Reply RE: Ancients and Spirits to be Remembered, -flso, 18-Jun-13 09:50 PM, #6
Reply Tjok. Epic outlander ranger. nt, GinGa, 18-Jun-13 09:50 PM, #5
Reply In terms of Outlanders with presence outside the cabal...., TMNS, 11-Apr-13 04:18 PM, #4
Reply RE: Ancients and Spirits to be Remembered, sykon, 06-Apr-13 12:24 PM, #3
Reply Balta, Onya, Xasivus, OM Grafacut, Vonzamir, 29-Mar-13 11:00 AM, #2
Reply RE: Ancients and Spirits to be Remembered, CD, 29-Mar-13 11:00 AM, #1
Topic Night of 100? No email.DallevianWed 25-Jun-14 01:07 PM1298
Topic Gossip from the Akan Brewery [ View all ]Skeeta Twitterlark (Anonymous)Sun 16-Jun-13 04:53 PM2063
Reply Did you ever marry Wyndynne?, TMNS, 16-Jun-13 04:53 PM, #1
Topic Shocking Nudity in Voralian City!Skeeta Twitterlark (Anonymous)Thu 30-May-13 01:14 AM1462
Topic Politics in the NorthSkeeta Twitterlark (Anonymous)Wed 29-May-13 08:56 AM1339
Topic When the Palace is Rockin', Don't Come Knockin'Skeeta Twitterlark (Anonymous)Wed 29-May-13 08:42 AM1346
Topic Word from the WoodsSkeeta Twitterlark (Anonymous)Wed 29-May-13 08:37 AM1442
HOT Topic By request, nostalgia thread [ View all ]TwistSat 19-Jan-13 09:55 PM3804
Reply RE: By request, nostalgia thread, Vilhazarog, 18-Jan-13 08:39 PM, #14
Reply Great memories, Twist, 18-Jan-13 11:37 PM, #15
Reply Hell is still there, closed atm though, Saccer is rewor..., Amberion, 19-Jan-13 01:33 PM, #17
Reply Coming back? nt, CD, 19-Jan-13 01:33 PM, #18
Reply I still blame you, FWIW , Scarabaeus, 19-Jan-13 09:55 PM, #19
Reply RE: By request, nostalgia thread, In the begining (Anonymous), 27-Jan-12 06:05 PM, #13
Reply RE: By request, nostalgia thread, Isildur, 07-Dec-10 01:03 AM, #12
Reply My nostalgic moment., Shapa, 19-Jun-10 11:43 PM, #11
Reply RE: My nostalgic moment., That healer (Anonymous), 19-Jan-13 01:33 PM, #16
Reply The Thains Room scam., dwimmerling, 04-Jun-10 06:49 PM, #10
Reply RE: By request, nostalgia thread, Isildur, 03-Jun-10 08:28 PM, #9
Reply What has always puzzled me, which imms still tie to pas..., deBriguy, 27-May-10 07:31 PM, #7
Reply Later that day..., Twist, 27-May-10 11:13 AM, #1
     Reply More noob Twist memories, Twist, 27-May-10 12:00 PM, #2
          Reply Twist gets inducted, Twist, 27-May-10 11:37 AM, #3
               Reply Leveling up, Twist, 27-May-10 11:49 AM, #4
                    Reply lol, so did you imm Twist or did you bring him back as ..., Swordsosaurus, 27-May-10 04:31 PM, #5
                         Reply Both (smtxt), Twist, 27-May-10 04:35 PM, #6
                              Reply Love the stories bro., Marin, 03-Jun-10 11:58 AM, #8
Topic Kardonian - this goes WAY back (request) [ View all ]MalakhiThu 23-Feb-12 09:11 AM2404
Reply Kardonian taps his cane in your general direction., OldTimer, 19-Feb-12 09:40 PM, #2
Reply Project, Malakhi, 23-Feb-12 09:11 AM, #3
Reply RE: Kardonian - this goes WAY back (request), Sorry :( (Anonymous), 19-Feb-12 09:40 PM, #1
Topic PBFs - 2/1/2011 [ View all ]TwistFri 27-Jan-12 06:05 PM2579
Reply These aren't available anymore to buy are they? nt, Syru (Anonymous), 27-Jan-12 06:05 PM, #2
Reply Ut oh, Twist's gambling habit is cutting into cf funds, Artificial, 01-Feb-11 09:59 PM, #1
HOT Topic The Whitecloaks Close their Gates [ View all ]FjarnMon 20-Jun-11 01:08 PM3630
Reply RE: The Whitecloaks Close their Gates, Fjarn, 19-Jun-11 10:44 AM, #12
Reply Excellent, let the exploration begin!, Abernyte, 20-Jun-11 01:08 PM, #13
Reply Chatper 8 (final chapter), Fjarn, 21-Dec-09 09:35 AM, #10
Reply Very cool~, Torak, 27-Dec-09 11:40 AM, #11
Reply Bloody brilliant read!, Abernyte, 20-Dec-09 03:49 PM, #9
Reply Chapter 7, Fjarn, 18-Dec-09 09:22 PM, #8
Reply Chapter 6, Fjarn, 17-Dec-09 10:09 AM, #7
Reply Chapter 5, Fjarn, 16-Dec-09 03:18 PM, #5
Reply Awesome, just awesome!, Amberion, 17-Dec-09 10:09 AM, #6
Reply Chapter 4, Fjarn, 15-Dec-09 10:10 AM, #4
Reply Chapter 3, Fjarn, 14-Dec-09 10:53 AM, #3
Reply Chapter 2, Fjarn, 13-Dec-09 01:10 PM, #2
Reply Chapter 1, Fjarn, 12-Dec-09 06:19 PM, #1
HOT Topic Calling all role contest winners! [ View all ]ArvamFri 21-Jan-11 09:11 AM5900
Reply Mogrin - favorite role in theory, but never took off., Lightmage, 21-Nov-10 08:03 AM, #24
Reply One question..., TMNS, 21-Jan-11 09:11 AM, #25
Reply My favorite- Crulvane-Scion Chancellor, Lightmage, 21-Nov-10 08:04 AM, #23
Reply Fiene, Rayihn, 18-Nov-10 06:34 AM, #22
Reply Punblinpo (winner 2003ish), Hutto, 25-Feb-10 02:33 PM, #21
Reply Duule (Runner up June 2007), Malcolm, 17-Jul-07 08:29 AM, #20
Reply Meagara (long), Twist, 26-Jan-07 10:43 AM, #16
Reply Gmuer Sabourin(Muouk), Odrirg, 26-Jan-07 09:04 AM, #15
Reply Any recent winners want to post theirs here?, Valguarnera, 21-Feb-06 11:25 AM, #11
Reply Here's a lot of the stuff I wrote regarding Flumpel sta..., Lhydia, 22-Feb-06 07:42 AM, #12
Reply Aputo Gemthumb..., Saith, 28-Feb-06 07:39 AM, #13
Reply Rhaguel the Feral Shapechanger, Pariah of Hillcrest- Ju..., Aodh, 28-Feb-06 12:28 PM, #14
Reply Tiatan's Role and Death Echoes, Tiatan, 11-Feb-07 11:32 PM, #17
Reply RE: Any recent winners want to post theirs here?, v_vega, 11-Feb-07 11:32 PM, #18
Reply Caragwyn (winner, 2001ish), Beladorizid, 26-Mar-04 11:45 PM, #10
Reply RE: Caragwyn (winner, 2001ish), Snarf, 15-Feb-07 12:55 PM, #19
Reply what about honorable mentions?, permanewbie, 25-Mar-04 04:24 AM, #8
Reply Sure. (n/t), Valguarnera, 25-Mar-04 04:24 AM, #9
Reply Onilyn (Entropy Bard Mayesha Follower), Lhydia, 16-Jul-03 05:13 PM, #6
Reply Xalthelir (Scion drow A-P), TMD, 15-Jul-03 02:29 AM, #5
Reply I would like a book with this onset. Shame you lost the..., Soren, 24-Aug-03 04:48 PM, #7
Reply Kiaspiflas (Scarab arial assassin, Cyradia's tattoo), TMD, 15-Jul-03 02:29 AM, #4
Reply Iachegao (Battle felar warrior, Jacynth's tattoo), TMD, 15-Jul-03 02:29 AM, #3
Reply Rafkut's role: (Short!), Rafkut, 11-Jul-03 11:59 PM, #2
Reply Here is Iriogam's (Entropy Orc Astein follower), I'll s..., Lhydia, 11-Jul-03 11:49 PM, #1
Topic The Dawn of the Fifth Age [ View all ]TwistThu 14-Jan-10 12:30 AM3215
Reply Gotta say, awesome job. NT, Batman (Anonymous), 12-Jan-10 01:48 PM, #4
Reply RE: The Dawn of the Fifth Age Part I, Twist, 12-Jan-10 09:51 AM, #3
Reply This exactly reflects my take, Greddarh, 14-Jan-10 12:30 AM, #5
Reply RE: The Dawn of the Fifth Age Part II, Twist, 12-Jan-10 09:50 AM, #2
Reply RE: The Dawn of the Fifth Age - Part III, Twist, 12-Jan-10 09:49 AM, #1
Topic BattleRager History - Stories, Ideas, Concepts [ View all ]HammerSongSun 24-May-09 08:10 PM4030
Reply Anyone able to give Thror a nudge?, GinGa, 29-Aug-08 11:24 PM, #1
     Reply Bump. nt, GinGa, 24-May-09 08:10 PM, #2
Topic Still in need of a few character descriptions. [ View all ]IunnaWed 03-Sep-08 08:29 AM4024
Reply Bumping this., Neltouda, 29-Aug-08 11:24 PM, #1
     Reply Found Celebeleni in the qhcf archives, but not the othe..., Boon, 03-Sep-08 01:27 AM, #2
     Reply Thank you so very much!, Neltouda, 03-Sep-08 08:29 AM, #4
     Reply RE: Bumping this., Splntrd, 03-Sep-08 01:27 AM, #3
          Reply As a last resort..., Neltouda, 03-Sep-08 08:29 AM, #5
Topic Shadow CabalPatickFri 29-Aug-08 11:24 PM3603
Topic Past LeadersMekantosFri 29-Aug-08 11:24 PM2849
Topic Figures from Thera's past [ View all ]YsaloeryeWed 14-Nov-07 11:57 AM5048
Reply RE: Figures from Thera's past, Hopelessdwarf, 14-Nov-07 11:57 AM, #2
Reply The ones I have, Maquiavel, 14-Nov-07 11:57 AM, #1
Topic Ysaloerye talks with TahrenYsaloeryeFri 08-Jun-07 06:16 PM3850
Topic Magic Flux, The Veil & The Fourth Age [ View all ]JynxThu 12-Apr-07 07:45 AM4920
Reply RE: Magic Flux, The Veil & The Fourth Age, Yean, 12-Apr-07 07:45 AM, #1
Topic Lyristeon has a ForumLyristeonFri 09-Mar-07 02:27 PM4229
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