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Topic subjectRPing transition from char creation to worshipper of a god
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4988, RPing transition from char creation to worshipper of a god
Posted by a praying newbie on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
When playing a guild(/character) with an investment in
religion, should you generally seek out a god early on or
should you already have a reason for your character to have
the ability to cast/commune/etc, independently of a god, that
is later only enhanced/affected by the god?

Do some people just pick an active god, stick it in their role
and worry about shrines/pray command much later through more
natural ic play?

I assume a character could just attempt to worship god X, but
ultimately be misaligned and get rejected and that would be
fine right?

(link to role example would more than suffice if anyone knows
something relevant)

nice mud btw