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Topic subjectQuestions from a new player
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4979, Questions from a new player
Posted by JeepGuy on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Hi! I'm new to CF but not new to MUDs. I have some easy questions.

<li>I use MUDlet. Should I add any special scripts? Does CF have special output I should take advantage of?
<li>What's a good starting class? I'm leaning towards assassin or ranger. Looks like religious characters are complicated. Thieves and mages tend to be too squishy. I find warriors boring. And bards have a bit of a learning curve. Is that a fair assessment?
<li>What are the guidelines for descriptions? I read help description & extra. There aren't any length guidelines.
<li>Why does it say "HTML use enabled" but not process my list?

Thanks for the help!