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Topic subjectSample of Role Contest Winners
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4908, Sample of Role Contest Winners
Posted by Nalasul on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Below you can find links to the Premium Battlefield posts for a selection of characters that recently won a role contest. If you find yourself wondering how to use the role command, you can reference these as examples of roles that at least one staff member thought were outstanding.

Please bear in mind that this list is not intended to be complete, and that characters were selected solely on the basis of their role. Not, notably, how well they actually adhered to their role.

(PBF) [51 Svirf War] [BATTLE] Wotburd Yjordengulp the Unseen, Bandit King of Hamsah Mu'tazz, Commander of Battle
(PBF) [51 Human Asn] [EMPIRE] Oniflond the Rose with a Prick, Emperor of Thera
(PBF) [51 Elf Pal] [FORTRESS] Tanyl the Champion of the Virtues
(PBF) [51 Svirf War] [BATTLE] Jumbel Furystone the Courageous Combatant, Drillmaster of Battle
(PBF) [51 Elf Shf] [FORTRESS] Aurew Rissu Mel'Audune the High Priestess of Loss, Cardinal of the Golden Sun
(PBF) [51 Elf Pal] [FORTRESS] Elithranduil Bael'amthyr the Champion of the Virtues, Marshall of the Fortress
(PBF) [51 Elf Pal] [TRIBUNAL] Ention the Champion of the Virtues, Provincial Magistrate
(PBF) [51 D-Elf Tra] [ENTROPY] Ikno the High Sorceress of the Arcane
(PBF) [51 Azure Bar] [BATTLE] Kerubiel the Grand Master of Artistry
(PBF) [51 Felar Asn] [TRIBUNAL] Karvesh Nvheshk the Dai Sensei of the Miyama Ryu, Provost Magistrate
(PBF) [51 Elf War] [FORTRESS] Drissa Draliza the Unrelenting Pathfinder, Kingslayer, Captain of the Brigade
(PBF) [51 Cloud War] [BATTLE] Zah Bloodfist the Juggernaut of War, Champion of the Massacre
(PBF) [51 Human Ran] [BATTLE] Kooxmow the Dweller of the Wilds
(PBF) [51 Duerg Sha] [EMPIRE] Arbrarn Green the Holy of Faith, Imperial Priest
(PBF) [47 Human Nec] [TRIBUNAL] Sunlay Sanqvist the Spectre