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Topic subjectRE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
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142168, RE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Williad on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
So the prep whore thing is just relative.
I get less 1v1, but get more 1v2 and 1v3.
Without preps you have to run from odds. So I think it evens out.

Discord just rubs me wrong way. Perma outlanders that criticize content in favour of outlander but say they haven't played one in long time to appear impartial. But you have a valid point and it's why I left cf discord.

It's a shame our playing times don't align more. You play in the middle of my night. All our fights were Saturday morning for me.

The fight in the tree with you and the NR was my big defeat, losing bracers etc. You were the 1 trophy missing from my case and so I took that extra risk. I had to hope the NR took too long to get there. But i suspect you knew he was ready when you came off the spirit. You were 100% dead otherwise. You had more patience than me, i didn't want to wait another week for next fight so went for it. I feel like there was some spite with bracers being sac'ed delayed so another person could beat me to it. But probably there was a lot of incentive to prevent me getting it back.