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Topic subjectRE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
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142166, RE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Llovie on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
> Llovris - Good work on mummying. I could tell that you and the one below hated this character with a passion to the point that I think you hate me in real life. Sorry for smooshing your face and not rolling over.

I definitely enjoyed Moja more as Asaigai. You were excellent at knowing which fight you should enter and which you should not. So kudos on that.

My only gripe was you actively lying on discord. It was facepalming obvious. If you want to commend someone on a character, that's fine but to then go on and lie and say what you did is really quite weird.

I don't care enough about CF to hate someone in real life. It's a game, we always play enemies and we both play them well. There is always going to be some friction. No hard feeling mate!