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Topic subject(AGE DEATH) [OUTLANDER] Mojabosombo Sticks the Simpleminded Swinger of Sticks, Harbinger of Thar-Eris
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142130, (AGE DEATH) [OUTLANDER] Mojabosombo Sticks the Simpleminded Swinger of Sticks, Harbinger of Thar-Eris
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Thu Nov 11 19:01:47 2021

At 1 o'clock AM, Day of the Sun, 20th of the Month of the Dark Shades
on the Theran calendar Mojabosombo perished, never to return.
Cabal:OUTLANDER, the Outlanders of Thar-Eris
142196, Class act
Posted by Callowyin on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Got flattened by you a few times, rarely do I laugh when being murdered, but, yep!
142189, What a force of nature!
Posted by Mahrah on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Your savagery was far eclipsed by your genuinely hilarious and entertaining roleplay. I logged or copied so many Moja-isms. Those little snippets of hilarity made my day. Thanks!
142164, Man.
Posted by Ahngrim on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Yeah, I had that one thing that seemed do to something, but I think one of our last fights it just didn't do near the damage it usually did. I was like, "Okay, well now I have no idea." I wish I could say 'we had some close ones', but it was never close. I didn't mind it though. I had a great time whenever you were on.

Great character. GLWYN
142160, Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM

First, thank you everyone for the great interactions. I had so much fun with this character and everyone involved with CF made that possible. I wanted to try to create a Chaotic Neutral character that didn't fall into chaotic stupid (but maybe came close?). I also wanted to create a character that made it fun for others to interact with and inject a bit of humor into an extremely harsh game. I hope I did that with a lot of interactions before, during and after fights.

Second, I hardly ever, ever, ever, do goodbyes. I'll try this one time, see how it pans out.

For those who like numbers. I was cloud giant warrior outlander staff/spear/polearm. My legacies were drive legacy and trapping. The rest you can farm from the PBF.

This was an extremely long lived character, so if I miss you, please please post and Iwill reply.

Ergush - Thank you for giving me the chance of Hairy Bringer. I honestly thought there was no way you would give leadership to a stone dumb cloud giant running around. I had to adjust my roleplay to compensate for it and try to "grow" into the role. I leaned heavily in that on other leaders and sought confirmation I was doing okay a ton. Also thank you for your RP regarding my quest and holding the hard line with it. I loved the tension with that and with any of my characters doing crazy BHAG goals (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), I never expect to get them, but like the process. And I know as a player that it happening is basically 0 and that is cool with me. Its still a great hook and that you did wonderful with it.

Nalusal - I tried to help out that "baby dwarf" because he kept on telling me he is not ready to be pked because he doesn't have any practices for his songs. So I did want to give up a couple spare trains to the dwarf so I can start pking him. Thanks for hearing
me out although nothing came of it :).

Black Jaguar - We had an awesome relationship! You hated me basically because I did kill a lot of goodies but I was too stupid to understand and came to your shrine anyway. After Ergush rejected helping me in my quest, I started simply shopping around like an idiot to almost every immortal that would listen. Now you didn't listen and I get it but I
really enjoyed the interaction with you and your followers.

Gold Child - I saw early on what you were trying to push me toward (as was Delkinen) but I was again, too basic to really grasp it. Our interactions in your shrine were great, and thanks for not smiting me when I misunderstood that the answer to my quest to be to stand
on your book to reach a higher place instead of that the answer was within. The whole Azure Touched thing chapped my hide though as an Outlander, but I knew I could not pk you. Thanks you for the fun interactions!

Jormyr - My patron of smooshy elements! I knew you were out and dormant but it fit my roleplay so I just followed you. We met only once and what a great time! You gave me a quest and I completed the quest within a few days of you giving it to me, but 500 hours later you never responded :). Power to the smooshy elements as they are the best! Thank you Big Winter Jormyr for the reward or whoever it came from!

Scorpion Sender - So I found out after Moja's death who it was. Thanks for that great RP hook. I always loved getting them and RPing with them and their different versions you sent. The weapon you sent that one time was AWESOME but it wasn't a stick so I was sad about that. It was an exotic else I would have wielded it all the time even though it
was low avg. Thanks Baer!

Alendross - Wow, what a ride. You lived so long! I never expected to get Harbringer honestly because you were trucking so perfectly along. Not sure why you stepped down, but it gave an opportunity for others and Ergush was crazy enough to pick me. You had some dominating PKs
and some "OMG painful" deaths. You were such a great presence across the board.

Delkinen - What a Sun Warden. You were this calming presence across the whole Tree while I was a constant, up and down, over excited and over dramatic fat giant child. You brought peace where I brought chaos, and you brought alignment where I caused all kinds of discord.
I disliked your promise that kept you from the Spire, but you really held to it religiously and that is pretty amazing despite my annoying pressure and my 4 real week fight with Allavia.

Geruscleudo - Good Nightreaver. Loved our interactions with the Big Cat (not the Big Big Cat because that is Ergush). Our times aligned sometimes just because my play times are very regular.

Allavia - Wow what a ride. You were the chaotic good to my chaotic neutral. Sometimes we aligned and sometimes wow did we disagreed. We held our lines and fought like children and that was awesome. The 4 weeks of "friends off" was hilarious and I enjoyed it a ton. The
internal strife in Outlander always makes for a great drama. We kind of locked down our playtimes and made it hell for our enemies regardless if we were friends or not.

Mahrah - The return of the reavers! I'm glad to meet you and fight along side of you in the limited way we did. I'm not sorry about helping you level as Moja did that for everyone for
the good of the Tree. You were great and enjoyed all our times together. Thanks for being part of the Tree and RPing with Moja's chaotic crazy.

Gharanja - Stormy watery! A good shaman and we had a good time with our RP. Thanks for being in the Tree during your time.

Kreseba - You were a strange creature. You were all nasty but then sometimes very nice.

Natilyan - Great bard! So long ago so don't remember a lot but enjoyed our time a ton!

Rinn - You are coming to your own. Congrats on being next Hairy Bringer!

Boggz - An up and comer. You are slowly becoming a force. Invokers have so many tools and you seem to understand that and use them in the correct spots. Keep it up!

Others. There are a ton of you, please chime in, my memory is poor.

Celathi - You dirty elf! Enjoyed your tactics and I saw your plans and they were a good idea but sometimes it just doesn't pan out and as a thief you get splatted. That one time that you actually brought a Fortress paladin to help you raid was hilarious. I paid that bastard back.

Slizlas - Toad! I laughed so hard when you sent your little internal note to Tribunal actually out to Outlander. I hope you enjoyed my response. Sorry you deleted before hero pk!

Terrowin - Kept trucking and kept fighting. We had a good time but it was a bit lop sided. Thanks for being a great enemy.

Florjen - The turtle and stick rat! The stick rats are always Moja's friends so sorry I nulled out your highest defense form. Man, when you got that gargoyle though, that thing was brutal.Good work fighting all the time and keeping it real.

Krislia - I kind of had your number but its part of being Tribunal. I know where you are almost all the time depending on your title on who. So when I knew you were in Galadon/Spire and sawyou in Galadon, I could ambush you fully prepped while you can't really prep quick enough before I'm all over you. You handled the pks great and I understand not wanting to face Moja.

Asaigai - Gorilla/boulderhawk/OMG bloody shackles. We had great battles. I don't think I got you but I almost did a few times but you had some sneaky escapes.

Kira - What a great and long lived character. That time or two I got you was great! When you came after me with Asscheese (hehehe) on Forest Road, I think you expected me to be softer. Mad respect with the character, the length of life, and staying to it even after dying and losingweapon.

Jetosblado - Had your number too, for the same reasons as Krislia. Mostly by no fault of your own. Thanks for fighting.

Ahngrim - Dwarf! OMG you were willing to fight but man did it suck for you. I saw your methods and near the end you were getting it right. Unfortunately right near then I cured my wrath vuln so suddenly your possible path to a PK win kind of went away. You were a good presence and kept coming.Good work holding the line as the shield of the Light.

Hiilos - I kept pushing it that one time at nightwalkers and you had some great tactics there. I did not expect being manuevered into 20 nightwalkers. I was confused on why they were not aggro to being
lead there which is why I fell into that. I did survive, but kept coming back and that was the big mistake. Double bats for the win! I always expect to be severely looted when I die with that equipment
and I don't hold any ill will. Just gave me something to strive for. Got it all back and more so.

Thonidron - Oh my, you were a dwarf, and again sorry for doing a lot of smooshing. We had some hilarious pk situations. My favorite two is the ones where I yelled "Mercies!" when I stunned you at 0 hit points and then fled and let you go. I did it a second time but for some reason you had alcohol poisoning and that killed you! A great trooper in a hard pk matchup.

Thamuuk - Tough dwarf, tough match up. But a dwarf so had to die. Hopefully no hard feelings.

Amrith - We had scuffles when RP dictated, but stayed relatively communicative about our enemies, especially when they were overwhelming. Thanks for the help, and the fights. You were a top notch leader. I cannot believe this was K-B! I gave you so much #### and now I have to take some back, dommit.

Vlijerous - Same with Amrith, we fought when needed, and didn't when not. Fear the bird with the stick on its face!

Terath - Thanks for being the sneaky ally of Moja as best as you can being a hut person. We found ourselves on the bad side of some bad stuff so a bit of help was appreciated. Thanks for keeping those thieves off my ass. They loved to steal whatever they good, brag from the shadows, then quit off.

Teithiwr - Wood Badger! A monster with the sharp stick! You were great as well and always had a good Outlanderto Hut relationship.

Mwauka - Sorry for the beatings. I tried my hardest to change the RP and get you the help you need by sending you to Ergush to figure out your minotaur plan and how you hated being one. The response I got
from Ergush was to slap Moja in the face and tell him minotaurs are bad and to be killed. So the killing continued.

Shakiniel - "Bad Angel go home!". I RPed that angle with you since you were basically level 5 when I first saw you on the docks and then Open Sea. I continued to pester you about it endlessly. That is a neat trick you pulled to avoid Outlander pk, although man that must be boring sitting there forever. Good luck!

Igathrix - Another stick user! Yay! One of the first snakey snakeys. You were also a great leader and you started the great relationship with Moja and the Huts.

Ckhjorh (baby dwarf) - Man, I tried my best to get you practices so you could sing your songs, SO I COULD KILL YOU. Moja didn't like killing babies so that is why he constantly referred you as that. I think you liked that I wasn't murdering you, but I even prayed to Nalsaul to take some of my trains so you can practice so you
could die without me feeling absolutely terrible killing a songless bard.

Ghrumdhror - We had amazingly tough fights. You finally got me one on one when I went into Maus and that little villager ratted me out. You got me there and everything I did in that fight failed while all your skills worked. Unfortunately we ganked you 20 minutes later and I got all my stuff back. So is CF.

Nateh - You too were an original crafter of the Moja to Hut peace. Thanks for being a great character.

Tjur - This was so long ago! We had some fights but it was so long ago I don't even remember. I'll try to drum up logs.

Vanpeera - It seems Empire reproduces the same or similar builds for all its War masters. You came and fought and was a lot more risky than your other semi-clones. Good work there. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

Zelvira - You were super sneaky and very skilled at getting away! You pulled so many last minute stuns! Any STSF warrior you need to kill in 4 to 6 rounds or you are in trouble and need to get the *bleep* out.

Rottgur - Shamans are just a poor matchup against Moja. We only had a few fights but were quite lopsided.

Grakkor - I was always checking with others to see if you were about. The whole traps and binding thing is a pretty brutal combo. I know traps very well and what you are capable of. It was a breath of fresh air when you took a chance and trapped the Outlander outer knowing it could be your downfall. That kind of out of the box
thinking is what gets people, and you were great at that.

Gleazer - I see your name and think "Can't fight the Seether!" from Veruca Salt. You were a trouper. Frost giants who pick Frozen Gorge as a hometown I feel bad for if you are an enemy of Outlander. That is such an easy place to trap you in. Great fights but shamans always did poorly against Moja.

Ahinu - Bad cat! We had great rumbles. Cornering you in the sands of sorrow after you ended up there due to other stuff was great. I carried that skin as a proud moment in Moja's life forever until some thief stole it to be griefy. You were a great presence and consistent thorn in the sides of all who hated the Empire.

Volzmer - Another Empire Warmaster semi-clone! Only fought a little bit. Good luck going forward.

Odaza - I almost had you a few times. You were very conservative because I think you knew how much the build of Moja works against necromancers. Calming plus a svs set of -131 and berserk gave me enough resistance to the lamest spell on the planet to fight you. Your times started to gel when my times were not. Unfortunately
I wish we could fight more, but I cannot change my times very well.

Llovris - Good work on mummying. I could tell that you and the one below hated this character with a passion to the point that I think you hate me in real life. Sorry for smooshing your face and not rolling over.

Williad - You were a very tough character. When you prepped super hard, you were hard to deal with. I guess I still don't fully understand why if you crazy prep and push that people don't just fold on you and die to you to satisfy your prepping. One of the nuiances of CF is that if you prep too hard you won't get fights. So prepping to the nines and raiding is one way, but also prepping less and tempting fights is also what you need. Also, as a side from a player to player standpoint, stop running around DMing people on Discord trying to figure things out and blame and side deal and identify. All it does is actually make it so those you are talking to identify who you and others are playing. Bad Williad, Bad.

Hoisshyr - Wow what an amazing character honestly. You started off as a push over and graduated to a truly great warrior that was tough as nails. You took queue from previous battles and learned from them at great leaps and bounds. You were also an amazing sport and I always have a soft spot for other stick users. Thanks for being a great enemy, player, and all around solid presence.

Geofthath - I will mirror what I said above, shamans are sucky match ups to Moja. You did end up getting me with malice and Florjen gargroyle insanity. I paid you back by murdering in one of the most lopsided fights I have ever had in CF. I understand you telling me, "I'm never fighting you alone again." I did get excited when you did log on during my time, but I'm guessing things came up pretty quickly and you had to go.

Sadeha - Woohooo. The mouth on you! I'll leave it at that.

Good roleplayers across the board. I will say one thing, why do you jerks side with Tribunal and WANTED. So dumb. Change that! Having wanted people in the Inn make the Inn more gritty and cool and interesting. Right now its so vanilla and lame. Sad panda Heralds, sad panda.

Kingpin - Thanks for giving me something to do at the end. Everything you stole I got back with spades and it gave me something fun to do on the side. Thanks!

Red Claw - I was honing in on you. I knew your patterns and where to find you and was getting close. That time in the Inn was awesome. I raided the Inn, killed the outer guard, and fought your zombies across all the bouncers. Every single bouncer in the Inn was attacking me as I tried to focus down the zombies you left (without a fight!). If you stayed or came back you could have turned it pretty easily in the chaos.

142166, RE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Llovie on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
> Llovris - Good work on mummying. I could tell that you and the one below hated this character with a passion to the point that I think you hate me in real life. Sorry for smooshing your face and not rolling over.

I definitely enjoyed Moja more as Asaigai. You were excellent at knowing which fight you should enter and which you should not. So kudos on that.

My only gripe was you actively lying on discord. It was facepalming obvious. If you want to commend someone on a character, that's fine but to then go on and lie and say what you did is really quite weird.

I don't care enough about CF to hate someone in real life. It's a game, we always play enemies and we both play them well. There is always going to be some friction. No hard feeling mate!

142167, Strange, active campaign to out me on Discord
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Well this was tough to deal with. In Discord, you are not supposed to out your own characters or others. But I was getting Discord messages from people regarding someone actively trying to identify my character and spread that in the Discord community. I was trying to throw the sniffers off! I maintain a hard policy of telling no one who I am. So even when asked, I would deny and I think that is exactly what is wanted by the Discord server. Its honestly one of the reasons I never claim characters. Way cleaner way of living.

It wouldn't have needed to be something like that if that someone wasn't doing that thing and doing that.

To each is own, good luck and thanks for the sticks!
142169, Props for that.
Posted by Ishuli on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
That's exactly what the server would want! :)

As a side comment: If anyone in discord is trying to out your character or doing some DM-campaign to out you -- tell me so I can ban them.

Sorry that happened! :(

142168, RE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Williad on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
So the prep whore thing is just relative.
I get less 1v1, but get more 1v2 and 1v3.
Without preps you have to run from odds. So I think it evens out.

Discord just rubs me wrong way. Perma outlanders that criticize content in favour of outlander but say they haven't played one in long time to appear impartial. But you have a valid point and it's why I left cf discord.

It's a shame our playing times don't align more. You play in the middle of my night. All our fights were Saturday morning for me.

The fight in the tree with you and the NR was my big defeat, losing bracers etc. You were the 1 trophy missing from my case and so I took that extra risk. I had to hope the NR took too long to get there. But i suspect you knew he was ready when you came off the spirit. You were 100% dead otherwise. You had more patience than me, i didn't want to wait another week for next fight so went for it. I feel like there was some spite with bracers being sac'ed delayed so another person could beat me to it. But probably there was a lot of incentive to prevent me getting it back.
142173, RE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Shakiniel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Thanks a lot, Mojabosombo.

One, I have to sit somewhere alone and practice my songs somewhere anyway as a bard, so it wasn't too much of a bore!

One, I appreciated all the roleplay involved. I just wish any of my songs actually ever landed on you, what a monster of saves you were.

One, I don't think there will be an outlander as kill-y as you for a long time - unless you play another one. Good job!
142185, Amazing character man.
Posted by Gharanja on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I've played well over 100 outlanders, and you're easily my favorite Harbinger of all time in the 20+ years I've played. I mean every bit of that. You created something so incredibly deathful, with an RP style that lifted everyone's spirits, and you truly were the sap that held the Tree together. I think I rolled through 5 outlanders during your time in the Tree and every one of them it was the same experience, and I just couldn't wait to start RP'ing with you again.

Good luck with your next. You're a backbone player to CF and I appreciate you.
142218, RE: Thanks for the Sticks and What is Dual Wield?!
Posted by Ahinu on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Just noticed this.

I'm still mad about the Sands of Sorrow death. Don't know if you noticed, but I actually found the exit and then went back in. Like, intentionally. So dumb.

Out of curiosity- did someone rat out my location to you? Or did you just happen upon me there? I think I had been speaking with another Empire person about it just prior to going in.
142221, No one told me, its a very common Outlander route
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
That is a very common outlander route for traveling east and west and not using eastern road. So I came upon you by sheer luck. I did notice you went out and came back in for a second but didn't know why you stayed. I assumed you wanted to trance me down so I tried to wait out trance and pounce back at you. Sands of sorrow is a move eater too so knew you were in danger.
142159, RE: (AGE DEATH) [OUTLANDER] Mojabosombo Sticks the Simpleminded Swinger of Sticks, Harbinger of Thar-Eris
Posted by Hoisshyr on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
By far, the classiest terror I faced in my time. I still can't wrap my mind around how formidable you were, and how effective your stick collection was. Cheers, sir! We throw around the words legendary and epic far too easily but the mark you left will definitely stick around my head forever. I appreciate the mercy you were capable of showing but also the absolute tenacity in the hunt. There were several times I thought I was getting away and then BAM! You were there. Bravo, sir. Bravo.
142161, See my goodbye, but I'll say it here too!
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
You were the quickest learner I have ever seen. You took what killed you and learned from it and adjusted accordingly. At the end you were one of the best presences in Empire. Good work and thanks for the kind words!
142153, Super great character!
Posted by Whiysdan on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I watched Moja a ton and loved every bit of it! Just super well done all the way around.

142162, You watched me?! I never knew.
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Glad it could be entertaining. Hope it made you laugh a few times up there in Imm land. I never officially approached you as I was shopping around for help on my quest. Maybe I should of!
142145, So funny and so deathful
Posted by Carrock on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I echo what k-b wrote in his reply: you made me LOL for real almost every time I spoke to you. It was like an oversized, extremely dangerous child. And it was hilarious.

Of course, you were also dangerous for real, especially with insects factored in. I really like seeing staff on a giant. It was doubly impressive since you went polearm first. Most other people would chicken out after pole and go axe/mace/sword as the second spec, to give it some Ooomph! You clearly did not need that. And -- my God -- 737 hours? Impressive!

Excellent work and thank you for making the game even more interesting. Players like you make it really enjoyable.

142144, Well done. I was a huge fan.
Posted by k-b on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I loved the way Moja was RP'd. Just a dumb giant out there swinging sticks. You also had me cracking up behind the screen a few times when we would talk. I was Amriith by the way.

Stellar character and I hope you come back soon.
142163, I was a huge fan of Amrith too!
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Now I have to be nicer to you. Great work there with Amrith and your RP was consistent and solid.
142170, If I might ask...
Posted by k-b on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Who is your online persona? I don't know who I need to be nicer to. My guess is maybe Rhyaldrin?

I assume you've outed yourself on Discord, but I'm not there. If not, then please forgive my guess.
142222, It is I, your friend HUG! n/t
Posted by Mojabosombo on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM

142223, Cool. nt
Posted by k-b on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
142226, RE: If I might ask...
Posted by Athioles on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I haven’t played in many months. Hope to come back one day when kids and job allows.
142142, Great job.
Posted by Ishuli on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Mojabosombo, aka Mojo-jojo (to me) was a great character.

On discord, people already lavished a lot of praise:

"Loved Moja's RP. Absolutely delightful on every front." - Cerys
"Congrats on Moja @hug you were an absolute beast. And hilarious as well." - Shockfyre
"Oh I love randomly putting Moja to sleep and sending him home 🙂. You had the simplest role and made it shine so well, good job.
" - TaroMilkTea
"@hug I so enjoyed being your ally, if. Brief, over Fajeen and Selkor. A truly memorable char, one for the ages. So many kudos from me, and thanks for all the laughs." - Treebeard
"Moja was a total savage (and yes definitely produced some lols with the dialogue). I remember the first time we met on dragon sea when I was playing crazy assassin and you started showing me your stick collection and I was just sitting here like "what is even going on?" " - Xyfa
"Oh I loved Moja. At one point Ishuli or someone had loaded my old bag of scorpbros and I randomly sent it to you but then decided that my planar servitor had fallen in love with you and mistakenly thought you liked scorpions so kept sending you scorpion valentines but then because you kept saying you were so fat we started sending you salads." - Raybaer
"Way to go @hug with Moja! Thanks for being a fun, memorable character and a good leader!" - Ergush
"Moja was so great. I was DEAD LOL as Kira the time you were doing an official Moja investigation on the spire. So hillarous watching you try to investigate the spire for a couple hours. Also, such a brutal fight that time you DROVE me north in the spirit, and the half a round I was fighting the spirit...I got SUNRAYED...and you continued to drive me with your polearm." - Amora
"Good character Hug. Was always nice having you around, I could be like, Well maybe Moja is lurking around and will slaughter these jerks. Heh." - AngryRotarian
"Well done there @hug. It was a pleasure sharing the same cabal with you as Geruscleudo. At least one time I thought about deleting but didn't because of you." - Bhagavan
"Paladins of Fort Rejoice in all their glory, no more having to deal with Moja jumping out of the mountains at them. That said, man you were a beast. I remember you getting me once with one of my pally's because I overstayed and underestimated you. Never did that again. I was on all three sides of the Moja deal. For the most part I had no issues with how you played. I liked the RP quite a bit actually. That said, I think most serial fort people have trouble with overly aggressive Neutrals beating up on Forties. Tebor (Druid) had some of the same kind of agreessive behaviour a few years go. All in all, Moja was a force, and had awesome presence. GLWYN" - Welverin

There was some flame-fest going on in *this* forum thread, but I snipped it because it went way off center.

142143, RE: Great job.
Posted by Dallevian on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
i think Mojabosombo has got to be the absolute top shelf character in CF over the past 10 years. just ridiculous levels of quality, competence, fun, and action. holy cow.

thank you for bringing such a monumental character to life for such a lengthy period of time, major kudos!
142152, RE: Great job.
Posted by TheBull on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
It was a honor to have you come to me as a ghost and let me say my goodbyes.. I hate you love you it was always a honor to die to ya I dont really care what anyone else says I will miss you even if you were a pain in my ass. I said what I said to ya though so good character good luck with the rest. And damn you were funny The cities just are not the same

oh and ps god damnit you bitch i just got that thunderlance bahahahahaha jk