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Topic subjectTsalantha's Role Chapter 7
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55438, Tsalantha's Role Chapter 7
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM


Chapter 7

A decision
Added Sun Apr 27 02:29:28 2014 at level 16:

As I seek to understand how it is I came to be, and why I have these memories, many
are the necromancers I have questioned, but none have the knowledge I need. Worse,
I have yet to meet anyone that, when interrogated, even has heard of a vivimancer.
Most die under the questioning, which brings me to my decision.

Constantly I am lectured and hunted by those who claim my methods should not be used.
Constantly I am fed nonsense about redemption, or expected to let them take
my own life that this world might be free of me. No! No and no again!

It is time I put a stop to their interference. Who are they to tell others
what is right, what is wrong? They only think the way they do because they have
fallen for the lies of a goddess, or because of the way they have been raised.
Because they are misled by "love", or because they crave approval. Enough. I will
pursue my research no matter what they do, and if they get in my way, I may pursue
them as well.