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Topic subjectAoirse's Role Chapter 8
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52826, Aoirse's Role Chapter 8
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM


Chapter 8

Axes and Pride
Added Wed Sep 10 15:55:55 2014 at level 45:

Aoirse has had a hut for a while now and has taken much pride in having this hut.
Pride takes many forms for Aoirse. Pride is winning victory because you dislike losing
Pride is being driven to be the best. Pride is never setting for second. Aoirse takes
pride in the village, his intelligence, his need for victory, and his skill with his weapons.

It is with this pride of victory that Aoirse came upon the 40th rank and needed to choose
a second weapon with which to become proficient. As with the first choice, Aoirse knew
he could not choose a light weapon like whips, flails, or daggers. Spears, staffs, swords, and
hands just did not seem suited for this strong giant. That left maces and axes. While
maces would have been a fine choice with its ability to break bones and smash skulls,
Aoirse like the skull smashing, weapon breaking, and ability to disembowel his foes
best. After long discussions and training with Derrick, Aoirses second weapon specialization
was axes. Derrick then told Aoirse he would need to think about monk trainings, but that
will be a little later.