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Topic subjectAoirse's Role Chapter 7
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52825, Aoirse's Role Chapter 7
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM


Chapter 7

Added Mon Aug 25 21:11:20 2014 at level 35:

While Aoirse was pursuing his hut within the village, he had another choice to make.
Soon after gaining his 20th title, he returned to Derrick for training. Derrick indicated
he was ready for something new and told him that he needed to specialize in a weapon
in order to train further. Derrick told him that he would train further in one weapon now
and another later.

Aoirse spent some time with Derrick deciding on this and ruled out daggers, whips, and flails
because they felt awkward in his hands. Next Aoirse ruled out hands as he preferred
something heavy in his strong hands. Most swords he tried felt too light and maces while
was just not his style. So he selected axes and polearms. Derrick recommended
the defensive nature of polearms as the first choice and the power of axes as the second
choice. Derrick had never lead him wrong so he listened to him and took polearm as
his first weapon specialization.