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Topic subjectAoirse's Skill List
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52814, Aoirse's Skill List
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM

Skill List

Level 25chop100%
Level 25legsweep86%
Level 25drive76%
Level 25spell evasion100%
Level 26bone armor use85%
Level 27parting blow100%
Level 27hook71%
Level 29pincer100%
Level 30careful vision93%
Level 30fourth attack100%
Level 30overhead72%
Level 30charge set100%
Level 30dash69%
Level 30critical hit100%
Level 32cutoff100%
Level 33disembowel100%
Level 35legendary awareness69%
Level 35precise aim100%
Level 46enhanced reactions100%