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Topic subjectLeata's Skill List
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52519, Leata's Skill List
Posted by Death_Angel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM

Skill List

Level 1axe94%
Level 1flail100%
Level 1polearm94%
Level 1sword100%
Level 1recall100%
Level 2improved compare100%
Level 2improved consider100%
Level 2beseech78%
Level 6fast healing100%
Level 7kick91%
Level 9meditation100%
Level 10hand to hand93%
Level 10shield block100%
Level 10pen75%
Level 10conviction76%
Level 11inspect goods42%
Level 11rip8%
Level 14parry100%
Level 14aim90%
Level 14metal armor use85%
Level 16charge1%
Level 16heavens warmth78%
Level 17lash97%
Level 17warcry63%
Level 17light armor use100%
Level 18haggle85%
Level 19shield cleave1%
Level 20attune1%
Level 20second attack100%
Level 20eyes of flame100%
Level 20trance100%
Level 22zeal93%
Level 22slice1%
Level 25enhanced damage100%
Level 30careful vision97%
Level 35legendary awareness53%