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Topic subjectInferno closing
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3089, Inferno closing
Posted by Scarabaeus on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
It has been drawn to my attention that a certain disgruntled player posted logs detailing many of the steps and challenges needed to descend through Hell. When I designed the area, my intent was to create something that challenged the players who enjoyed exploration and the excitement of the unexpected. Unfortunately, there have always been players who have wanted to negate that purpose and this one has accomplished that goal. Because of this, we’ve decided to close this area until such a time as these issues could possibly be addressed, possibly through some re-design. Given the size and scope of the area, there is no timeline for the completion of this work.

This is, unfortunately, a problem shared with other similar EXPLORE areas. The Immortal Staff would like to remind players of our wish to honor the various authors' intentions and not share or post explicit walkthroughs of such areas. Thank you.
3102, But why?
Posted by Shapa on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
There are no mazes or puzzles in the dragon lairs too. Yet it's very hard to do them all and it happens rarely.

It's even harder to do good hell trip as goodies cannot go there.

Why not just let it be even though it's not as super secretive now?
3104, horse and cart to steam engines
Posted by Scarabaeus on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
The area was designed in an era when players approached the game differently. It just feels out of place to me now.

I'm extremely busy with no light at the end of the tunnel, but I do hope I can eventually spend more time on CF and develop some new directions for the area.
3101, RE: Inferno closing
Posted by Jarmel on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I am sorry to hear that it has come to this.

I have very fond memories of conquering parts of hell, my two highlights:
As Jarmel
- Downing a boss on the 3rd circle I think (It was the 90's :P) with a healer, I believe it was the first time the mob had been killed, and the past party of 8 got slammed by it. From memory it was a 2-3 hr effort but stoked when we managed it.
As Kregan
- After a couple of goes getting the group back together, biting the bullet and getting Myself, A warrior (Who I later found to be Twist, why the hell didn't he lead the show!), and Thief and Invoker (Sort Of) to the Prince. This was also a bit of a low light with the Invoker loosing all their gear (Still to this day it annoys me but they were a complete champion about it). I knew that little bit and was somewhat exhausted after it all!

Thank you once again, and I look forward to what new challenges it may bring if/when it comes back.
3098, Sorry
Posted by robdarken_ on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I don't blame you. Hell wasn't my thing but it's too bad people can't just be decent and respect your wishes, instead a plurality of voices say they're entitled to a party hosted at your house, that you're wrong to eject them even if they're breaking all of your ####, at least if Discord is any indicator.

Somehow, you're the bad guy for offering something people really enjoy, that they would otherwise not have, and trusting them to respect your rules for it.

Meanwhile, the guy who did a bad thing to harm people who had nothing to do with what happened to him? (actually nobody had anything to do with it). That guy? Not a big deal, let's not talk about that, what's important is that I should get something from somebody else for free no matter what I do.

This is why we can't have nice things.
3091, RE: Inferno closing
Posted by Igos on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
I'm sorry this happened and I'm sorry I was the guy who led this jerk through the area.

Thanks for the email communications along the way as I explored the circles.
3093, Time's Arrow
Posted by Scarabaeus on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
No worries. While it remains a difficult journey even with a walkthrough, by their very nature walkthroughs change the game experience. I need some time to think about how to respond to that.
3100, Annoying thing about time.
Posted by Marcus_ on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Makes it harder to retrace your steps...
3094, Don't be sorry
Posted by Twist on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Players showing other players things in-character is something I always encourage (and try to do when playing a mortal).

The fact that this person took that knowledge that you shared and did what they did isn't on you.
3099, Thank you for that btw.
Posted by ice king on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
You've shown me and some players I know quite a lot IC. Those are always some extremely awesome experiences!
3103, totally. woldrun showed me (firhindil)
Posted by Dallevian on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
some great stuff. we did some of yzekon. we did nonveil and trothon. octagonal entrance.

go twist!