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Topic subjectSuicide XP Hole Bug
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24105, Suicide XP Hole Bug
Posted by Suicidal on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM

At times when all hope is lost, it is possible to kill yourself so that
you may continue your adventures. You have to gain back 15% of your total
experience when you die, in order to reach your next level. You want to
try to stay alive!


Helpfile says 15% XP loss, but really it's 30.72% (or exactly 20K xp?).

wilderness outdoor <*** 635hp(68%) *** 681m(57%) 315mv 4522tnl (70.44%) 12 AM> suicide
You are already visible.
Losing the will to live, you commit suicide.

You have died, but the Carrion Fields are not finished with you yet!
Your soul is returned to the realms in the form of a ghost.
You will return to your corporeal state in a short while.
Be careful, for even a ghost should fear some dangers!

wilderness outdoor <*** 1hp(0%) *** 1m(0%) 315mv 20000tnl (-30.72%) 12 AM> st
You stand up.

wilderness outdoor <*** 1hp(0%) *** 1m(0%) 315mv 20000tnl (-30.72%) 12 AM>
24288, Working as intended.
Posted by Ishuli on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Helpfile updated.