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Topic 'Empowerment and Shaman Path's' a question to the Imms ...AbernyteSat 04-Oct-14 01:18 AM1317
Topic New player wondering what path to take.Roas-UndeathWed 01-Oct-14 11:02 AM1381
Topic A defensive thief?KagaSat 20-Sep-14 02:06 PM1253
Topic Saves clarification?CalionThu 18-Sep-14 05:56 PM948
Topic Character sheetsDan83Thu 28-Aug-14 02:25 PM1028
Topic Nexus RP&PK questionsUndecided (Anonymous)Thu 28-Aug-14 10:30 AM887
Locked Topic Looking for a certain personBjornSat 26-Jul-14 08:56 AM1215
Topic posting to the bug forums not allowed?crsweeneyThu 17-Jul-14 09:54 AM841
Topic QHCF WebsiteNewbie (Anonymous)Sun 29-Jun-14 04:37 AM1290
Topic Deletion/ re-activation and IC.Newbie (Anonymous)Sat 14-Jun-14 10:08 PM986
Topic Any necromancer tips? n/tmyx0m0pTue 10-Jun-14 06:52 PM1031
Topic How many other users do people usually play with?JaegendarSat 31-May-14 09:37 PM965
Topic ClientsJaegendarSat 31-May-14 06:45 PM968
Topic ManaclesHopelsss Caster (Anonymous)Thu 15-May-14 10:10 AM952
Topic Hit roll questionCalionWed 07-May-14 03:37 AM1051
Topic Cry of Thunder and Vanguard's DesirewobblyHMon 05-May-14 06:37 PM1062
Topic Unique Race/Class CharacterRandom Questioner #11048 (Anonymous)Sat 03-May-14 06:53 AM922
Topic Edge prereqCalionSat 19-Apr-14 07:03 AM1211
Topic Haste ?vorianFri 18-Apr-14 05:17 PM1131
Topic Duo Dimension ?sDa Muted_ (Anonymous)Mon 14-Apr-14 03:35 AM1725
Topic Training assassin kicksterinthMon 07-Apr-14 06:11 PM1136
Topic Conjurer WoesMegucaThu 20-Mar-14 10:38 AM1184
Topic If I could find someone who speaks in russianPagroTue 18-Mar-14 04:24 PM1004
Topic Death-traps... is there a point?FiresongMon 17-Mar-14 03:00 AM1547
Topic Lowbie survival against assassins.MendosWed 12-Mar-14 09:41 PM1013
Topic Newbie Necromancer?MegucaTue 11-Mar-14 12:26 PM989
Topic Melee vs Conjurer etcVahrniaWed 05-Mar-14 08:53 PM958
Topic Soothing DemeanorNewbie101 (NOT Ranger)Mon 17-Feb-14 02:07 AM995
Topic Character StatsStatistician (Anonymous)Sun 19-Jan-14 06:41 AM1043
Topic The Immortal ThrorNewbie Shaman (Anonymous)Tue 14-Jan-14 12:08 PM886