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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Wed 25-May-22 07:15 AM 29081 topics
29088 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Sun 22-May-22 05:16 PM 3625 topics
72178 messages
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Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Duvall the Baron of HurricanesDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 11:24 AM248
Topic (DEL) <SYLVAN> Kordare the King of the GladeDeath_AngelSat 17-Mar-01 12:41 AM280
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Vultros the Master of CopperDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM264
Topic (DEL) <None> Karthal the Student of OwazaDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM219
Topic (DEL) <SYLVAN> Delanan the Defender of the Glade, Warde...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM313
Topic (DEL) <None> Azheri the Baron of IceDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM201
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Yaniella the Master Golem MakerDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM251
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Cahsena the Heroine of AlterationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM268
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Sebastion the Lord of the UnderworldDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM253
Topic (DEL) <TRIBUNAL> Frariytn the Baron of Ice, Magistrate ...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM213
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Gorahk the Evil KingDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:51 PM230
Topic (DEL) <None> Ininiiu the Baron of TornadoesDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:50 PM358
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Dralthar the Master Crime LordDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:50 PM308
Topic (DEL) <None> Ethiras the PlanewalkerDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM272
Topic (DEL) <None> Zverev the Ranger Hero, Ruled by GreedDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM208
Topic (DEL) <None> Baragnal the Cavalier of LegionDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM257
Topic (DEL) <TRIBUNAL> Myadar the Master of Bronze, Magistrat...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM242
Topic (DEL) <None> Shartha the Heroine of AlterationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM294
Topic (DEL) <None> Allyndyr the OgoshiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM283
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Amorsan the Elder ThiefDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM246
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Naretsin the Baron of StormsDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM252
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Madraech the Planewalker, High Chancellor...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM270
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Zylarz the Master Crime LordDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM244
Topic (DEL) <NEXUS> Vendalain the Bard Hero, Disciple of the ...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM377
Topic (DEL) <None> Taldestil the Elder ShamanDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM279
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Mekazok the Master of BrassDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM243
Topic (DEL) <BATTLE> Amaziga the Baron of HurricanesDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM267
Topic (DEL) <WARLOCK> Dariantilus the Master of FormDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM298
Topic (DEL) <NEXUS> Kirald the Wizard of EarthDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM232
Topic (DEL) <None> Irxidkirkous the Yama ArashiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:49 PM258
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