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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Fri 01-Dec-23 02:35 AM 30569 topics
30576 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel, Azorinne
Thu 30-Nov-23 08:30 AM 4006 topics
80551 messages
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Anchored Topic Battlefield FAQ - Death Angel Rides AgainYanorethTue 21-Aug-07 01:47 AM5868
Topic (AUTO) [None] Cucukh the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelFri 01-Dec-23 02:35 AM4
Topic (RAGE DELETE) [EMPIRE] Nethendos the Student of the Mac...Death_AngelFri 01-Dec-23 01:55 AM12
Topic (AGE DEATH) [HERALD] Damil Fischer the Breathless Rumin...Death_AngelFri 01-Dec-23 01:05 AM21
Topic (AGE DEATH) [HERALD] Damil Fischer the Breathless Rumin...Death_AngelFri 01-Dec-23 01:05 AM17
Topic (DELETED) [BATTLE] Kobika the Legend of the BattlefieldDeath_AngelThu 30-Nov-23 11:45 PM9
Topic (AUTO) [None] Zavarah the Master of ShapeshiftingDeath_AngelThu 30-Nov-23 11:10 PM4
Topic (AUTO) [BATTLE] Morktoor the Legend of the BattlefieldDeath_AngelThu 30-Nov-23 06:20 PM10
Topic (AUTO) [None] Mayki the High Wizard of the ArcaneDeath_AngelThu 30-Nov-23 03:05 PM14
Topic (DELETED) [None] Friscko Jebasi the Legend of the Battl...Death_AngelThu 30-Nov-23 10:14 AM92
Topic (DELETED) [None] Traa the Dweller of the WildsDeath_AngelWed 29-Nov-23 06:45 PM18
Topic (AUTO) [None] Gukao Ghast'el the Deserter of the CodeDeath_AngelWed 29-Nov-23 05:05 PM29
Topic (AUTO) [None] Gryggral the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelWed 29-Nov-23 05:05 PM6
Topic (DELETED) [None] Berylia the Grand Mistress of Changeli...Death_AngelWed 29-Nov-23 01:35 PM11
Topic (DELETED) [None] Serysia the Grand Mistress of Changeli...Death_AngelWed 29-Nov-23 01:15 PM12
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Norgrin Virtuestone the Champion o...Death_AngelWed 29-Nov-23 11:19 AM160
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Alceros the KaidenDeath_AngelTue 28-Nov-23 09:50 PM13
Topic (DELETED) [SCION] Yfetris Sra'Akas the Weaver of the El...Death_AngelTue 28-Nov-23 02:21 PM45
Topic (AUTO) [None] Sidikah the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelTue 28-Nov-23 12:40 PM8
Topic (DELETED) [None] Yoetztip the Grand Mistress of Changel...Death_AngelMon 27-Nov-23 10:00 PM13
Topic (AUTO) [None] Hurbin the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelMon 27-Nov-23 09:20 PM7
Topic (DELETED) [FORTRESS] Ssylvarion the Rebuker of Desponde...Death_AngelMon 27-Nov-23 04:50 PM46
Topic (DELETED) [None] Humbinnah the Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelMon 27-Nov-23 06:05 AM16
Topic (AUTO) [BATTLE] Rrashni Dogface the Dai Sensei of the M...Death_AngelMon 27-Nov-23 04:02 AM60
Topic (AUTO) [None] Ohrthrac the Student of MetamorphosisDeath_AngelMon 27-Nov-23 02:45 AM5
Topic (DELETED) [HERALD] Theodmyn the Master Bard, Bartender ...Death_AngelSun 26-Nov-23 11:05 PM17
Topic (DELETED) [OUTLANDER] Riyh the Grand Mistress of Change...Death_AngelSun 26-Nov-23 08:05 AM13
Topic (AUTO) [None] Hyalon the Grand Master of ChangelingsDeath_AngelSat 25-Nov-23 08:40 PM8
Topic (AUTO) [FORTRESS] Sranttai the PlanewalkerDeath_AngelSat 25-Nov-23 08:05 PM13
Topic (AUTO) [None] Gelirika the Mistress of ChangelingsDeath_AngelSat 25-Nov-23 04:15 PM5
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