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Locked Anchored Topic Gameplay Forum RulesZulghinlourSun 22-Nov-09 07:51 PM803
Locked Anchored Topic How can I chip in as a player?ValguarneraSat 30-Jun-07 12:04 PM2793
Anchored Topic FAQ: How to apply to the staff (updated 5/28/07)ValguarneraMon 28-May-07 09:34 PM3147
Topic Increasing the auto-delete timerKhargqwzxdds (Anonymous)Mon 21-Aug-17 03:57 PM3
Topic I don't like to post here, but this time you guys have ... [ View all ]Glikhardiz (Anonymous)Mon 21-Aug-17 09:01 AM158
Reply I imagine..., AnIdea (Anonymous), 21-Aug-17 08:21 AM, #4
Reply Maybe, but..., Seriphax, 21-Aug-17 09:01 AM, #5
Reply Bugboard or something?, Kstatida, 21-Aug-17 02:28 AM, #3
Reply Go cry somewhere else, glitch. Also..., ice king, 19-Aug-17 07:41 PM, #2
Reply Vaguebook is vague, and mulligrubant. NT., Seriphax, 19-Aug-17 11:12 AM, #1
Topic Destuvius, are you still around? [ View all ]Priest wannabe. (Anonymous)Mon 21-Aug-17 08:53 AM109
Reply Ish, been a real weird last few weeks, Destuvius, 15-Aug-17 02:42 PM, #1
     Reply Hey you've got two potential followers already, Kstatida, 16-Aug-17 06:05 AM, #2
     Reply Fake news, Saagkri, 16-Aug-17 08:58 AM, #3
     Reply That is true, Kstatida, 16-Aug-17 09:48 AM, #4
     Reply Any hint or hope for a good time to find you?, Priest Wannabe (Anonymous), 20-Aug-17 02:38 PM, #5
          Reply Have you tried a note in game?, Seriphax, 21-Aug-17 08:53 AM, #6
Topic Blood Moon Event [ View all ]RahsaelSat 19-Aug-17 11:10 AM92
Reply It's K, Seriphax, 19-Aug-17 11:10 AM, #1
Topic RE: Recent Area Upgrade [ View all ]LhydiaWed 16-Aug-17 07:53 AM172
Reply RE: Recent Area Upgrade, Orsil (Anonymous), 14-Aug-17 06:44 AM, #2
Reply Thanks!, Lhydia, 14-Aug-17 06:55 AM, #3
Reply For shame!, Kstatida, 14-Aug-17 03:23 AM, #1
     Reply Your mom goes to college. n/t, Lhydia, 14-Aug-17 06:56 AM, #4
          Reply Don't follow Sam's path, Kstatida, 14-Aug-17 10:02 AM, #5
               Reply I didn't know he loved Napolean Dynamite too. n/t, Lhydia, 14-Aug-17 10:20 AM, #6
               Reply I do indeed love that movie. NT, TMNS, 14-Aug-17 05:31 PM, #8
               Reply Oh no, you don't like me. Whatever shall I do., TMNS, 14-Aug-17 05:31 PM, #7
                    Reply I'm talking about you, Kstatida, 15-Aug-17 04:32 AM, #9
                         Reply Which shows you care waay more about me..., TMNS, 15-Aug-17 07:19 PM, #10
                              Reply I do care., Kstatida, 16-Aug-17 07:53 AM, #11
Topic Bartering in Non-Protected Cities [ View all ]Curious Outty (Anonymous)Wed 16-Aug-17 06:04 AM65
Reply Just do it, Kstatida, 16-Aug-17 06:04 AM, #2
Reply RE: Bartering in Non-Protected Cities, sleepy, 15-Aug-17 10:04 PM, #1
Topic Practicing scrolls [ View all ]Illiterate Mage (Anonymous)Wed 16-Aug-17 05:12 AM125
Reply Real secret to mastering magical device skills, jalbrin, 16-Aug-17 05:12 AM, #5
Reply RE: Practicing scrolls, The-me, 07-Jul-17 01:28 PM, #1
     Reply 41 levels below me. nt, Illiterate Mage (Anonymous), 07-Jul-17 02:25 PM, #2
          Reply RE: 41 levels below me. nt, The-me, 07-Jul-17 02:30 PM, #3
               Reply RE: 41 levels below me. nt, mage, 16-Aug-17 12:52 AM, #4
Topic Thieves's cheapshot [ View all ]vorian (NOT A thief)Tue 15-Aug-17 12:14 AM113
Reply Last time I played a thief with wt and cs, Saagkri, 15-Aug-17 12:14 AM, #8
Reply No because weapon trip is way less lag than trip. n/t, Lhydia, 11-Aug-17 04:48 PM, #1
     Reply re:, vorian, 11-Aug-17 06:02 PM, #2
          Reply Sure., Lhydia, 11-Aug-17 07:30 PM, #3
          Reply I thought that had been fixed for a bit there., Athioles, 13-Aug-17 04:03 AM, #6
          Reply AFAIA, Kstatida, 14-Aug-17 03:22 AM, #7
          Reply Successful weapontrip does trigger cheapshot, E4rth, 12-Aug-17 12:55 PM, #4
               Reply This sums it up perfectly., Athioles, 13-Aug-17 04:02 AM, #5
Topic Game crash? nt [ View all ]I wanted to play some CF (Anonymous)Sun 13-Aug-17 09:21 AM18
Reply Up. (nt), Umiron, 13-Aug-17 09:21 AM, #1
Topic Is there/will there be an IC explanation of Ignolmeer's... [ View all ]Looking to the path ahead. (Anonymous)Thu 10-Aug-17 04:52 AM143
Reply He was full-looted/sacced, Kstatida, 10-Aug-17 04:51 AM, #3
Reply I've got some plans., Ishuli, 09-Aug-17 01:01 PM, #1
     Reply Thanks!, OPster (Anonymous), 09-Aug-17 08:55 PM, #2
     Reply Oh just do some gechoes, Kstatida, 10-Aug-17 04:52 AM, #4
Topic Global Quests Request [ View all ]E4rthWed 09-Aug-17 06:49 AM191
Reply I thought egghunt was automated, Kstatida, 03-Aug-17 05:47 AM, #7
Reply No idea., Ishuli, 03-Aug-17 09:23 AM, #10
Reply Work around, laxman, 03-Aug-17 10:59 PM, #12
Reply This is disappointing, Saagkri, 05-Aug-17 09:46 AM, #14
Reply Sort of., Umiron, 03-Aug-17 10:11 PM, #11
     Reply Don't forget to put it on Rahsael's calendar, Kstatida, 04-Aug-17 06:04 AM, #13
          Reply It's on the calendar!, Rahsael, 07-Aug-17 12:20 AM, #16
Reply RE: Global Quests Request, Rahsael, 03-Aug-17 01:39 AM, #5
Reply Thanks for giving it some thought, E4rth, 05-Aug-17 07:38 PM, #15
     Reply CF Event Calendar, Rahsael, 07-Aug-17 01:43 PM, #17
          Reply Boycott! Still no Orctober., Tac, 07-Aug-17 03:39 PM, #18
               Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 08-Aug-17 12:38 PM, #19
                    Reply Yay! MOAR BLOOD!, Tac, 09-Aug-17 06:49 AM, #20
Reply RE: Global Quests Request, Ishuli, 02-Aug-17 05:46 PM, #2
Reply 2 Cents., Kalageadon, 03-Aug-17 06:38 AM, #8
     Reply RE: 2 Cents., Ishuli, 03-Aug-17 09:19 AM, #9
Reply I would go a step farther..., Saagkri, 02-Aug-17 02:45 PM, #1
     Reply RE: I would go a step farther..., Ishuli, 02-Aug-17 05:50 PM, #3
          Reply RE: I would go a step farther..., Saagkri, 02-Aug-17 06:33 PM, #4
               Reply I do, Kstatida, 03-Aug-17 05:15 AM, #6
Topic Picking your own race, your own class, your own... [ View all ]wareagleWed 09-Aug-17 02:57 AM77
Reply How about "help pledge"? NT, Kstatida, 09-Aug-17 02:57 AM, #1
Topic Carrion Fields Event Calendar [ View all ]RahsaelTue 08-Aug-17 02:57 PM478
Reply Looking for Suggestions..., Rahsael, 31-Jul-17 06:33 PM, #7
Reply First of all, it should be Google-calendar compatible, Kstatida, 01-Aug-17 02:28 AM, #8
Reply ... And with the correct time! , Rodriguez, 01-Aug-17 01:49 PM, #9
     Reply This NT, Kstatida, 01-Aug-17 01:51 PM, #10
     Reply RE: This NT, Rahsael, 01-Aug-17 08:22 PM, #11
          Reply RE: This NT, Kstatida, 02-Aug-17 03:44 AM, #15
     Reply Timezones are hard!, Murphy, 02-Aug-17 12:31 AM, #13
          Reply Oh, and disclaimer for Boris, Murphy, 02-Aug-17 02:47 AM, #14
          Reply Just add it to your Google calendars, Kstatida, 02-Aug-17 03:48 AM, #16
Reply RE: Looking for Suggestions..., Drehir, 01-Aug-17 09:22 PM, #12
Reply Great!, Kstatida, 02-Aug-17 03:49 AM, #17
Reply RE: Looking for Suggestions..., wjdenny, 08-Aug-17 02:57 PM, #18
Reply This is great, could a big link to it go up on the main..., Mcbeth, 24-Jul-17 10:05 AM, #6
Reply Wow this is nice, Kstatida, 24-Jul-17 05:27 AM, #5
Reply You missed Orctober!, Tac, 23-Jul-17 06:58 AM, #3
Reply RE: Carrion Fields Event Calendar, Very good idea! (Anonymous), 23-Jul-17 03:15 AM, #2
Reply Good plan., amazingdonnie, 22-Jul-17 06:41 PM, #1
     Reply Good idea!, Kstatida, 24-Jul-17 05:26 AM, #4
Topic Small change to Ears of the Bat [ View all ]Versatile Shifter (Anonymous)Fri 04-Aug-17 01:13 AM99
Reply Literally never practiced this as a shifter., TMNS, 02-Aug-17 06:55 PM, #4
Reply Also clutch as a mundunugu with a pc corpse ear fetish, laxman, 03-Aug-17 09:57 PM, #5
     Reply I'm one of those shifters who likes to stay in form 90%..., TMNS, 04-Aug-17 01:13 AM, #6
Reply It works if you can't see them, Murphy, 02-Aug-17 11:12 AM, #1
     Reply RE: It works if you can't see them, Versatile Shifter (Anonymous), 02-Aug-17 12:19 PM, #2
          Reply I just checked out my logs and looks like I was mistake..., Murphy, 02-Aug-17 12:36 PM, #3
Topic Improvised weapon [ View all ]Savage (Anonymous)Mon 31-Jul-17 03:06 AM158
Reply RE: Improvised weapon, Destuvius, 27-Jul-17 08:05 PM, #3
Reply Think of it as a survival skill, laxman, 28-Jul-17 12:50 AM, #4
Reply Perfect brawling, Kstatida, 27-Jul-17 09:34 AM, #2
Reply I took Desperate Improvisation, Murphy, 28-Jul-17 07:45 AM, #5
     Reply Yeah, Kstatida, 28-Jul-17 10:13 AM, #6
          Reply It can be most weapon types, not just mace and axe, Destuvius, 28-Jul-17 04:29 PM, #7
               Reply You'll have to forgive me, Kstatida, 31-Jul-17 03:06 AM, #8
Reply It's just a last ditch effort, Onewingedangel, 27-Jul-17 09:19 AM, #1
Topic Improbability Tunnel [ View all ]Shifty Shifter (Anonymous)Wed 26-Jul-17 09:11 PM199
Reply Also my Maran shifter.., Maran Shifter (Anonymous), 26-Jul-17 06:20 AM, #2
Reply I'm into it. n/t, Shifty Shifter (Anonymous), 26-Jul-17 12:28 PM, #3
Reply You make certain cabal sacrifices, Lhydia, 26-Jul-17 04:27 PM, #4
     Reply Worthless response. Thank you. n/t, Shifty Shifter (Anonymous), 26-Jul-17 05:06 PM, #5
          Reply You're welcome old friend. n/t, Lhydia, 26-Jul-17 06:57 PM, #6
Reply RE: Also my Maran shifter.., Thaedan (Anonymous), 26-Jul-17 07:35 PM, #7
     Reply I think we're really onto something here! N/t, Shifty Shifter (Anonymous), 26-Jul-17 08:31 PM, #8
Reply Not an imm, laxman, 25-Jul-17 10:32 PM, #1
     Reply Would love shifters to have a damage spell, Murphy, 26-Jul-17 09:11 PM, #9
Topic Chances of putting in level limit to Animate dead? [ View all ]AbusedByZombies (Anonymous)Wed 26-Jul-17 06:17 AM123
Reply Necros are terrible and need all the help they can get...., Lhydia, 26-Jul-17 06:17 AM, #3
Reply No., Athioles, 26-Jul-17 04:59 AM, #2
Reply RE: Chances of putting in level limit to Animate dead? , laxman, 25-Jul-17 04:34 PM, #1
Topic Keep con deaths, remove crap HP gains when dying 100 ti... [ View all ]enyuuMon 24-Jul-17 06:54 PM158
Reply Already taken care of., Jormyr, 22-Jul-17 09:08 PM, #1
     Reply I miss Santa Zulg :( nt, sleepy, 23-Jul-17 02:39 AM, #2
     Reply You done me proud CF~, enyuu, 24-Jul-17 06:54 PM, #3
Topic Accelerate and Metabolic Quickening [ View all ]muter (Anonymous)Mon 24-Jul-17 08:17 AM80
Reply Metabolic is better than accelerate, laxman, 24-Jul-17 08:17 AM, #1
Topic Prep Overhaul [ View all ]IAmSteversSun 23-Jul-17 04:58 PM128
Reply RE: Prep Overhaul, Saagkri, 23-Jul-17 04:58 PM, #4
Reply RE: Prep Overhaul, Thaedan (Anonymous), 23-Jul-17 09:24 AM, #2
Reply RE: Prep Overhaul, IAmStevers, 23-Jul-17 12:17 PM, #3
Reply RE: Prep Overhaul, amazingdonnie, 23-Jul-17 07:06 AM, #1
HOT Topic Item Search overhaul [ View all ]KstatidaFri 21-Jul-17 05:55 AM596
Reply This, with some stipulations., Seriphax, 24-May-17 04:14 PM, #19
Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Isildur, 24-May-17 04:40 PM, #21
     Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Patrisaurus, 24-May-17 08:07 PM, #22
     Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Isildur, 24-May-17 08:26 PM, #23
     Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Seriphax, 25-May-17 10:20 AM, #24
          Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Isildur, 25-May-17 01:06 PM, #27
               Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Kstatida, 25-May-17 01:12 PM, #28
                    Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Seriphax, 25-May-17 03:42 PM, #29
                    Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Patrisaurus, 25-May-17 10:49 PM, #31
                    Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Isildur, 26-May-17 09:55 PM, #33
                         Reply Because they're no fun, Kstatida, 27-May-17 11:41 AM, #34
                              Reply RE: Because they're no fun, Isildur, 27-May-17 06:09 PM, #35
                                   Reply That's why CE clanless are the best, Kstatida, 28-May-17 05:53 AM, #36
                                        Reply You misspelled CN., Pro1, 29-May-17 02:09 AM, #39
                                             Reply I mostly play CE, Kstatida, 29-May-17 03:48 AM, #40
                                                  Reply You never killed me., Pro1, 29-May-17 06:54 PM, #46
                                                       Reply You're wrong, Kstatida, 30-May-17 02:25 AM, #48
                    Reply RE: This, with some stipulations., Isildur, 26-May-17 09:52 PM, #32
Reply 2017 New player perspective, Patrisaurus, 24-May-17 12:45 AM, #8
Reply RE: 2017 New player perspective, Bemused, 24-May-17 12:53 AM, #9
Reply RE: 2017 New player perspective, Isildur, 24-May-17 08:13 AM, #10
     Reply We all know that :), Kstatida, 24-May-17 08:23 AM, #11
     Reply Comments, Patrisaurus, 24-May-17 08:47 AM, #12
          Reply RE: Comments, Isildur, 24-May-17 09:00 AM, #13
               Reply RE: Comments, Kstatida, 24-May-17 11:04 AM, #14
                    Reply RE: Comments, Pro1, 24-May-17 11:12 AM, #15
                         Reply You refused Grokko's help, Kstatida, 24-May-17 11:25 AM, #16
                              Reply Aside fro. Your trigger use and power gaming the CN ins..., Pro1, 24-May-17 02:25 PM, #17
                                   Reply I don't play for anyone's fun, Kstatida, 24-May-17 02:29 PM, #18
                                        Reply Obviously., Pro1, 24-May-17 04:30 PM, #25
Reply I've always hoped for this too, TJHuron, 23-May-17 02:22 PM, #4
Reply RE: Item Search overhaul, Umiron, 23-May-17 12:48 PM, #2
Reply Yeah, Kstatida, 23-May-17 12:51 PM, #3
     Reply RE: Yeah, Umiron, 23-May-17 01:40 PM, #26
          Reply RE: Yeah, Isildur, 23-May-17 05:06 PM, #5
          Reply Do Spoilers Ruin Stories?, Tac, 23-May-17 06:04 PM, #6
          Reply I LOVE IT, Kstatida, 23-May-17 06:28 PM, #7
          Reply +1 N/T, Seriphax, 25-May-17 10:16 PM, #30
          Reply a few thoughts, Scarabaeus, 28-May-17 07:55 PM, #37
               Reply RE: a few thoughts, Patrisaurus, 28-May-17 10:39 PM, #38
               Reply RE: a few thoughts, Scarabaeus, 29-May-17 07:36 AM, #41
                    Reply RE: a few thoughts, Patrisaurus, 29-May-17 09:58 AM, #42
                    Reply RE: a few thoughts, Seriphax, 29-May-17 10:38 AM, #43
                    Reply As a side note, Kstatida, 29-May-17 10:58 AM, #44
                    Reply I've always said, I'd like to know a "thing" exists..., TMNS, 29-May-17 05:27 PM, #45
                    Reply RE: a few thoughts, Tac, 29-May-17 07:21 PM, #47
               Reply RE: a few thoughts, Tac, 30-May-17 09:57 AM, #49
               Reply why so serious?, Scarabaeus, 30-May-17 12:30 PM, #50
               Reply You're doing it wrong, Kstatida, 31-May-17 05:35 AM, #51
               Reply RE: a few thoughts, Hutto, 01-Jun-17 11:40 AM, #52
                    Reply RE: a few thoughts, Scarabaeus, 01-Jun-17 12:05 PM, #53
                         Reply RE: a few thoughts, Hutto, 01-Jun-17 01:05 PM, #54
                              Reply RE: a few thoughts, Scarabaeus, 01-Jun-17 02:12 PM, #55
                                   Reply RE: a few thoughts, Seriphax, 02-Jun-17 02:35 AM, #56
                                        Reply Long post and worth the read, Mcbeth, 02-Jun-17 11:53 AM, #57
                                        Reply You know... I think I have an awesome solution (doesn't..., IrishMidnight, 19-Jul-17 05:21 AM, #58
                                             Reply This is nice, Kstatida, 19-Jul-17 06:52 AM, #60
          Reply RE: Yeah, Seriphax, 24-May-17 04:28 PM, #20
          Reply When you pretended to delete..., Lhydia, 19-Jul-17 06:17 AM, #59
               Reply RE: When you pretended to delete..., Umiron, 19-Jul-17 09:35 AM, #61
                    Reply No way. Get back to the bug board. That is why you get ..., Lhydia, 19-Jul-17 12:53 PM, #62
                    Reply RE: When you pretended to delete..., Kstatida, 20-Jul-17 03:58 AM, #63
                    Reply RE: When you pretended to delete..., Saagkri, 20-Jul-17 08:16 PM, #64
                         Reply Much of the code work, you mean, Kstatida, 21-Jul-17 04:07 AM, #65
                         Reply Yay transparency?, Jormyr, 21-Jul-17 04:45 AM, #66
                              Reply I believe it. , Lhydia, 21-Jul-17 05:55 AM, #67
Reply Also, on preps, Kstatida, 23-May-17 12:42 PM, #1
Topic Game crash again? nt [ View all ]Someone (Anonymous)Wed 19-Jul-17 04:15 PM18
Reply No, I'm killing you right now! Stop fleeing!, Someone else (Anonymous), 19-Jul-17 04:15 PM, #1
Topic Expected uptime? nt [ View all ]QuixoticWed 19-Jul-17 04:39 AM52
Reply Needs Scarabaeus., Jormyr, 19-Jul-17 12:41 AM, #2
Reply He's not responding to his pager? nt, Saagkri, 19-Jul-17 04:39 AM, #3
Reply Hard to believe that in over 6 hours nobody has noticed..., twistedvoid, 19-Jul-17 12:12 AM, #1
Topic Did someone forget to feed the hamster?? [ View all ]HonestpaladinTue 18-Jul-17 06:48 PM88
Reply PETA came in. , Blkdrgn, 18-Jul-17 06:48 PM, #1
Topic Savage rangers [ View all ]HonestpaladinMon 17-Jul-17 11:00 AM182
Reply RE: Savage rangers, Kstatida, 17-Jul-17 09:57 AM, #3
Reply RE: Savage rangers, Jormyr, 17-Jul-17 10:44 AM, #4
     Reply I get your logic, but perceptionwise, it was deceptive, Kstatida, 17-Jul-17 11:00 AM, #5
Reply I am trying to remember back to a discussion I had with..., Destuvius, 14-Jul-17 08:25 PM, #1
     Reply This is correct, Onewingedangel, 15-Jul-17 03:33 AM, #2
Topic Balance Of The Sisters [ View all ]CuriousWarrior (Anonymous)Fri 14-Jul-17 08:37 AM134
Reply No effect whatsoever, Kstatida, 13-Jul-17 05:19 AM, #1
     Reply RE: No effect whatsoever, CuriousWarrior (Anonymous), 13-Jul-17 06:24 PM, #2
          Reply It's still good at what it does, laxman, 13-Jul-17 07:32 PM, #3
          Reply There's a reason noone takes it, Kstatida, 14-Jul-17 08:37 AM, #4
HOT Topic Buried Battlefield Tweaked [ View all ]RahsaelThu 13-Jul-17 10:17 AM330
Reply Honest question, laxman, 05-Jul-17 11:19 PM, #11
Reply RE: Honest question, Rahsael, 06-Jul-17 01:47 AM, #12
     Reply I say, Kstatida, 06-Jul-17 06:53 AM, #14
     Reply Like outside of whitecloaks, The-me, 06-Jul-17 08:45 AM, #16
     Reply But agro goodies doesn't make any sense!, laxman, 06-Jul-17 10:18 AM, #17
          Reply Hahaha, The-me, 06-Jul-17 10:37 AM, #18
Reply Well I hope they are punished according to RP, The-me, 05-Jul-17 03:35 PM, #3
Reply Are you sure it matters?, Lhydia, 05-Jul-17 03:52 PM, #4
Reply This nt, Demos, 05-Jul-17 03:56 PM, #5
Reply RE: Are you sure it matters?, The-me, 05-Jul-17 04:36 PM, #6
     Reply RE: Are you sure it matters?, Seriphax, 06-Jul-17 02:09 AM, #13
          Reply Its 100% Like I said, You are not considering goodie gh..., The-me, 06-Jul-17 08:05 AM, #15
               Reply RE: Its 100% Like I said, You are not considering goodi..., Seriphax, 06-Jul-17 01:04 PM, #19
                    Reply RE: Its 100% Like I said, You are not considering goodi..., The-me, 06-Jul-17 01:30 PM, #20
Reply What's funny is they are actual ghosts..., TMNS, 05-Jul-17 05:44 PM, #7
Reply Whats funny is they are good align and give -30 exp, The-me, 05-Jul-17 08:55 PM, #8
     Reply I killed 2 dwarves in over 500 hrs with my 2 dwarfs., TMNS, 05-Jul-17 09:19 PM, #9
          Reply RE: I killed 2 dwarves in over 500 hrs with my 2 dwarfs..., The-me, 05-Jul-17 09:39 PM, #10
Reply RE: Well I hope they are punished according to RP, Borkahd, 13-Jul-17 08:17 AM, #21
     Reply Weird. I didn't think you liked writing/reviewing areas..., Lhydia, 13-Jul-17 10:17 AM, #22
Reply Thanks. Nt, Mcbeth, 05-Jul-17 02:41 PM, #2
Reply Yay. NT, TMNS, 05-Jul-17 01:54 AM, #1
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