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Locked Anchored Topic Gameplay Forum RulesZulghinlourSun 22-Nov-09 08:51 PM826
Locked Anchored Topic How can I chip in as a player?ValguarneraSat 30-Jun-07 01:04 PM2826
Anchored Topic FAQ: How to apply to the staff (updated 5/28/07)ValguarneraMon 28-May-07 10:34 PM3221
Topic tiger claw and broken throat [ View all ]a mage is casting ... (Anonymous)Mon 22-Jan-18 07:19 AM92
Reply RE: tiger claw and broken throat, Murphy, 22-Jan-18 07:19 AM, #1
Topic Auto-log and post feature. [ View all ]DallevianSun 21-Jan-18 05:34 PM97
Reply Me likie nt, Saagkri, 21-Jan-18 05:34 PM, #3
Reply Fully supported!, Kstatida, 21-Jan-18 02:48 PM, #2
Reply I completely support this, for what its worth. I don't ..., TheShamanman, 20-Jan-18 08:30 PM, #1
Topic Which is better against trip: Outcry of Steel or Harmon... [ View all ]Faceplant (Anonymous)Sun 21-Jan-18 01:13 AM97
Reply RE: Which is better against trip: Outcry of Steel or Ha..., Destuvius, 20-Jan-18 07:09 PM, #1
     Reply On Harmonius..., Relio, 20-Jan-18 07:15 PM, #2
          Reply RE: On Harmonius..., Destuvius, 20-Jan-18 07:33 PM, #3
          Reply There is no any point to take that legacy right now, Beront (Anonymous), 21-Jan-18 01:13 AM, #4
Topic Twist, play a scout! [ View all ]BoyScout (Anonymous)Fri 19-Jan-18 04:24 AM210
Reply Critical hit, Queastionman 43 (Anonymous), 16-Jan-18 09:50 AM, #6
Reply Answers, laxman, 16-Jan-18 12:57 PM, #7
     Reply RE: Answers, mage, 17-Jan-18 05:47 AM, #8
Reply Good lord..., Twist, 15-Jan-18 05:27 PM, #5
Reply RE: Good lord..., Thaedan (Anonymous), 18-Jan-18 09:15 AM, #9
Reply Well, Kstatida, 18-Jan-18 10:03 AM, #10
     Reply Urgandtol, Twist, 18-Jan-18 04:56 PM, #11
          Reply I'm imagining things then :(, Kstatida, 19-Jan-18 04:24 AM, #14
Reply I see your logic, Onewingedangel, 19-Jan-18 01:25 AM, #12
     Reply Well, you have your staff of return NT, Kstatida, 19-Jan-18 04:23 AM, #13
Reply No no no for the love of god NO!, ice king, 15-Jan-18 12:36 PM, #4
Reply Are you serious?!, mage, 15-Jan-18 09:13 AM, #1
     Reply I don't recall Twist doing your thug, mountaineer, or e..., BoyScout (Anonymous), 15-Jan-18 09:48 AM, #2
          Reply Damage of Critical is NOT low, mage, 15-Jan-18 10:18 AM, #3
Topic Malleability questions [ View all ]Not so flexible (Anonymous)Thu 18-Jan-18 09:22 AM108
Reply RE: Malleability questions, anta, 18-Jan-18 09:22 AM, #4
Reply Armor material goes a long way iirc, Destuvius, 17-Jan-18 07:39 PM, #2
Reply Does this take armor slot into account like war priest?, Not so flexible (Anonymous), 17-Jan-18 11:21 PM, #3
Reply RE: Malleability questions, laxman, 17-Jan-18 07:30 PM, #1
Topic Is this a good idea? [ View all ]RelioTue 16-Jan-18 01:49 AM121
Reply Sadly, no., Jormyr, 16-Jan-18 12:53 AM, #2
     Reply Ah, okay., Relio, 16-Jan-18 01:49 AM, #1
Topic Game seems to be down [ View all ]mageMon 15-Jan-18 10:33 AM82
Reply Working on it., Umiron, 15-Jan-18 09:15 AM, #1
     Reply Ran out of Disk space?!?!, mage, 15-Jan-18 09:17 AM, #2
     Reply Monty Python, NoobAgain, 15-Jan-18 09:41 AM, #3
     Reply Update, Umiron, 15-Jan-18 10:33 AM, #4
Topic Veil Sense spell for mages [ View all ]amazingdonnieMon 15-Jan-18 08:31 AM120
Reply There is a (very cheap) edge for this..., Twist, 12-Jan-18 10:04 AM, #1
     Reply RE: There is a (very cheap) edge for this..., Kstatida, 12-Jan-18 10:57 AM, #2
     Reply I take it with mages that rely on combat spells. , Lhydia, 12-Jan-18 02:44 PM, #4
          Reply Give me a call when you're a powergamer, Kstatida, 13-Jan-18 02:49 PM, #7
     Reply Sadly, I have to agree with Kstats on this one., k-b, 12-Jan-18 11:37 AM, #3
     Reply It actually does have a big impact, mage, 15-Jan-18 08:31 AM, #8
     Reply Fantastic, amazingdonnie, 12-Jan-18 05:52 PM, #5
     Reply Because we all have edgepoints to spare, right? Right?, Murphy, 12-Jan-18 06:22 PM, #6
Topic Explore and Observation XP [ View all ]Shravthar (NOT Explorer)Sun 14-Jan-18 02:12 PM124
Reply RE: Explore and Observation XP, Umiron, 13-Jan-18 06:27 PM, #3
Reply RE: Explore and Observation XP, Shravthar, 13-Jan-18 09:48 PM, #4
Reply RE: Explore and Observation XP, Bemused, 14-Jan-18 12:01 AM, #6
     Reply RE: Explore and Observation XP, Shravthar, 14-Jan-18 12:32 PM, #7
          Reply RE: Explore and Observation XP, Umiron, 14-Jan-18 12:50 PM, #8
Reply Are you sure?, Kstatida, 14-Jan-18 02:12 PM, #9
Reply RE: Explore and Observation XP, Shravthar (NOT Explorer), 13-Jan-18 05:54 PM, #1
     Reply Re: Anon Posting, Destuvius, 13-Jan-18 06:06 PM, #2
          Reply As an example, Jormyr (NOT Destuvius), 13-Jan-18 10:53 PM, #5
Topic Healers and fly [ View all ]NoobAgainFri 12-Jan-18 06:57 AM136
Reply RE: Healers and fly, Umiron, 09-Jan-18 08:47 PM, #1
     Reply There are high spell level fly preps?, Murphy, 10-Jan-18 08:16 AM, #2
     Reply RE: Healers and fly, NoobAgain, 11-Jan-18 08:30 PM, #3
     Reply RE: Healers and fly, Kstatida, 12-Jan-18 06:57 AM, #4
Topic IMM email [ View all ]Emailer of an IMM (Anonymous)Thu 11-Jan-18 08:30 PM144
Reply RE: IMM email, Umiron, 08-Jan-18 06:37 PM, #1
     Reply Whyisdan, NoobAgain, 08-Jan-18 07:17 PM, #2
          Reply Bump (and Whiysdan), NoobAgain, 09-Jan-18 07:53 PM, #3
               Reply RE: Bump (and Whiysdan), Whiysdan, 10-Jan-18 07:52 PM, #4
                    Reply Maybe you autoblock stalkers., Lhydia, 10-Jan-18 08:28 PM, #5
                         Reply Why is Dan?, Murphy, 11-Jan-18 10:37 AM, #6
                         Reply lol, I do enjoy W followers, NoobAgain, 11-Jan-18 08:30 PM, #7
Topic Lets get rid of exp penalty on mob deaths! [ View all ]enyuuThu 11-Jan-18 02:15 AM232
Reply No., Ishuli, 03-Jan-18 02:27 PM, #3
Reply The cost in CON is not enough? , vorian, 05-Jan-18 05:36 PM, #4
     Reply A few reasons, Twist, 06-Jan-18 12:13 AM, #5
          Reply I kinda miss the -200k XP holes, mage, 06-Jan-18 04:04 AM, #6
          Reply I agree..., Kalageadon, 06-Jan-18 08:19 AM, #7
               Reply You're crazy., Twist, 07-Jan-18 01:09 AM, #11
          Reply RE: A few reasons, vorian, 06-Jan-18 07:30 PM, #8
          Reply Perhaps not the best use of words, but, Jormyr, 06-Jan-18 11:29 PM, #10
               Reply a good first step, vorian, 08-Jan-18 12:05 AM, #12
                    Reply A no is a no, Kstatida, 08-Jan-18 04:26 AM, #13
                    Reply No way. I want the reverse., Murphy, 08-Jan-18 04:59 AM, #14
                         Reply That would be lovely, Kstatida, 09-Jan-18 02:39 AM, #15
          Reply I agree with you but, TJHuron, 06-Jan-18 10:07 PM, #9
          Reply Thanks for the reply!, enyuu, 11-Jan-18 02:15 AM, #16
Reply +1 , vorian, 26-Dec-17 04:01 PM, #2
Reply In which case, Kstatida, 26-Dec-17 03:38 AM, #1
Topic Mercenaries [ View all ]Villager (Anonymous)Thu 11-Jan-18 12:17 AM104
Reply Yeah, it's kinda counter village rp, Kstatida, 10-Jan-18 02:24 PM, #1
     Reply To PK yes, nothing wrong with Villagers grouping up to ..., Cointreau, 10-Jan-18 02:33 PM, #2
          Reply It's not about grouping, Kstatida, 10-Jan-18 02:38 PM, #3
               Reply Never understood this., Saagkri, 10-Jan-18 04:09 PM, #4
                    Reply Probably intentionally left vague, Cointreau, 10-Jan-18 05:22 PM, #5
                         Reply No don’t think it is. , TJHuron, 10-Jan-18 07:31 PM, #6
                              Reply Village is against slavery, Lhydia, 10-Jan-18 08:26 PM, #7
                                   Reply Delete, Cointreau, 11-Jan-18 12:17 AM, #8
Topic Veil Render/Tender [ View all ]Edge Questioner (Anonymous)Wed 10-Jan-18 04:06 PM70
Reply Might be dependent on how many items you've given , Cointreau, 09-Jan-18 07:35 PM, #1
     Reply This, Blkdrgn, 10-Jan-18 12:51 AM, #2
     Reply I can see it now! Thanks. nt, Edge Questioner (Anonymous), 10-Jan-18 04:06 PM, #3
Topic Visible immortal comments [ View all ]JaegendarTue 09-Jan-18 01:34 PM179
Reply On a philosophical level..., Rahsael, 07-Jan-18 12:53 PM, #2
Reply RE: On a philosophical level..., Kstatida, 07-Jan-18 03:26 PM, #3
     Reply RE: On a philosophical level..., Rahsael, 07-Jan-18 05:25 PM, #4
     Reply For a more mainstream version than Steve Jobs..., Twist, 07-Jan-18 09:30 PM, #5
          Reply Wow that's a serious cultural difference, Kstatida, 09-Jan-18 02:44 AM, #6
               Reply This explains so much., KoeKhaos, 09-Jan-18 03:48 AM, #7
               Reply Adds a new perspective, rather, Kstatida, 09-Jan-18 07:40 AM, #8
               Reply I didn't say he wanted to come back..., Twist, 09-Jan-18 09:13 AM, #9
                    Reply Ah that kind of redemption, Kstatida, 09-Jan-18 01:34 PM, #10
Reply RE: Visible immortal comments, Umiron, 07-Jan-18 07:44 AM, #1
Topic Sleep Spell Change? [ View all ]Sleepy Necro (Anonymous)Tue 09-Jan-18 11:05 AM127
Reply There are a lot of necro's playing right now., k-b, 08-Jan-18 01:55 PM, #1
     Reply Likely, Sleepy Necro (Anonymous), 08-Jan-18 02:29 PM, #2
          Reply Veil/nexus, Blkdrgn, 08-Jan-18 02:57 PM, #3
               Reply RE: Veil/nexus, amazingdonnie, 08-Jan-18 05:10 PM, #4
                    Reply Entropy could easily justify thinning the veil to aid c..., Lhydia, 08-Jan-18 05:19 PM, #5
                         Reply While Entropy could easily justify it, , Blkdrgn, 09-Jan-18 11:05 AM, #6
Topic Twitter is still broken fyi (nt) [ View all ]DeathIncarnateMon 08-Jan-18 04:50 PM15
Reply https://twitter.com/carrionfields/status/95048455677533..., Umiron, 08-Jan-18 04:50 PM, #1
HOT Topic Cabal Guides [ View all ]RahsaelSun 07-Jan-18 04:50 AM421
Reply BATTLE, Jormyr, 06-Jan-18 11:39 PM, #42
Reply RE: BATTLE, Dan83, 07-Jan-18 04:50 AM, #43
Reply TRIBUNAL:, Ishuli, 03-Jan-18 02:22 PM, #39
Reply Orderly only?, mage, 06-Jan-18 04:00 AM, #40
Reply I’m sorry but I think Trib is the last cabal to give...., TJHuron, 06-Jan-18 10:16 PM, #41
Reply The kind of post that should stay sticky maybe? nt, Ujudludul, 21-Dec-17 06:32 PM, #14
Reply This, and clean up as well., Swordsosaurus, 22-Dec-17 10:11 PM, #22
     Reply Agree'd , Blkdrgn, 23-Dec-17 11:57 AM, #24
     Reply No it shouldn't. The info isn't permanently true..., Tac, 23-Dec-17 12:08 PM, #25
     Reply RE: This, and clean up as well., Rahsael, 24-Dec-17 01:52 AM, #27
Reply ENTROPY, Rahsael, 20-Dec-17 02:30 PM, #2
Reply Small request?, Cointreau, 21-Dec-17 04:12 AM, #7
Reply I lold a little., Lhydia, 21-Dec-17 04:44 AM, #8
Reply This., Murphy, 23-Dec-17 08:31 AM, #23
     Reply Live a little., ice king, 24-Dec-17 02:07 PM, #28
Reply Out of curiosity., Seriphax, 21-Dec-17 12:49 PM, #9
Reply Or conjies. Chaos mages brought demons in CF lore..., Tac, 21-Dec-17 02:44 PM, #11
Reply This is addressed directly in my above post. Thanks! n/..., Rahsael, 21-Dec-17 03:02 PM, #12
     Reply I don't believe it was...., Tac, 22-Dec-17 10:17 AM, #17
          Reply Good point on Khardrath's. n/t, Relio, 22-Dec-17 11:07 AM, #18
          Reply RE: I don't believe it was...., Rahsael, 22-Dec-17 11:26 AM, #19
          Reply Sure. Tell me I can get a conjie inducted and I'll pla..., Tac, 22-Dec-17 02:18 PM, #20
               Reply Wild idea..., Destuvius, 22-Dec-17 04:37 PM, #21
               Reply That's how I advocated for felar transmuters and necrom..., Murphy, 26-Dec-17 03:07 AM, #30
               Reply RE: Sure. Tell me I can get a conjie inducted and I'll..., Rahsael, 24-Dec-17 02:05 AM, #26
                    Reply You should also write a guide..., Relio, 26-Dec-17 02:11 AM, #29
                    Reply RE: Sure. Tell me I can get a conjie inducted and I'll..., Tac, 27-Dec-17 08:53 PM, #31
          Reply RE: I don't believe it was...., Swordsosaurus, 27-Dec-17 10:15 PM, #32
Reply Obviously linked to questy stuff, Kstatida, 21-Dec-17 06:00 PM, #13
Reply What about mercs and coins?, mage, 28-Dec-17 03:48 AM, #33
     Reply BUMP n/t, mage, 29-Dec-17 03:06 PM, #34
          Reply Here's what you should do..., Tac, 29-Dec-17 03:44 PM, #35
          Reply This........................ JK!, Rahsael, 30-Dec-17 09:36 PM, #37
               Reply Thank you for this thorough response, mage, 03-Jan-18 04:50 AM, #38
          Reply There's no hard no, Kstatida, 29-Dec-17 05:51 PM, #36
Reply FORTRESS, Korsgaard, 20-Dec-17 02:18 PM, #1
     Reply Power question, Relio, 20-Dec-17 04:01 PM, #3
     Reply Nope., Jormyr, 20-Dec-17 10:24 PM, #4
          Reply Clarification, Relio, 20-Dec-17 11:29 PM, #5
          Reply RE: Clarification, Rahsael, 21-Dec-17 01:28 AM, #6
          Reply Offensively kind of meh., Seriphax, 21-Dec-17 12:59 PM, #10
     Reply Magic items that..., Curiouser (Anonymous), 22-Dec-17 09:36 AM, #15
          Reply Oops, this is about ENTROPY, Saagkri, 22-Dec-17 09:37 AM, #16
Topic Empire Dead: Save it for the BattlefieldUmironFri 05-Jan-18 11:20 AM140
Topic Item Cleanup [ View all ]TacThu 04-Jan-18 06:57 PM185
Reply RE: Item Cleanup, Ishuli, 03-Jan-18 02:26 PM, #2
Reply One more thing, but would require coder..., Tac, 03-Jan-18 03:20 PM, #4
Reply Also, Thank you!, Tac, 03-Jan-18 03:24 PM, #5
     Reply RE: Also, Thank you!, Thaedan (Anonymous), 03-Jan-18 10:24 PM, #6
     Reply You should seriously consider dumping long descs for it..., Tac, 04-Jan-18 10:00 AM, #9
     Reply Eh, you fired up my obsessiveness, too., Jormyr, 04-Jan-18 02:33 AM, #7
          Reply RE: Eh, you fired up my obsessiveness, too., Thaedan (Anonymous), 04-Jan-18 08:30 AM, #8
          Reply RE: Eh, you fired up my obsessiveness, too., Tac, 04-Jan-18 10:05 AM, #10
               Reply RE: Eh, you fired up my obsessiveness, too., Thaedan (Anonymous), 04-Jan-18 11:51 AM, #11
               Reply RE: Eh, you fired up my obsessiveness, too., Jormyr, 04-Jan-18 06:57 PM, #12
Reply A small thing to point out., ice king, 03-Jan-18 01:21 PM, #1
     Reply Yea. Ideally those would be distinguishable though..., Tac, 03-Jan-18 03:19 PM, #3
Topic A certain talisman [ View all ]Frustrated Priest (Anonymous)Thu 04-Jan-18 04:02 PM142
Reply It's easy to avoid, Kstatida, 04-Jan-18 02:22 PM, #1
     Reply RE: It's easy to avoid, Umiron, 04-Jan-18 03:43 PM, #2
          Reply It seems that my hint was too subtle :), Kstatida, 04-Jan-18 04:02 PM, #3
Topic Item Seach is Broken FYI nt [ View all ]DeathIncarnateThu 04-Jan-18 07:45 AM68
Reply I'll fix it soon., Umiron, 30-Dec-17 12:03 PM, #1
     Reply Fixed. (nt), Umiron, 30-Dec-17 07:37 PM, #2
     Reply RE: Fixed. (nt), Thanks for the quick work! (nt) (Anonymous), 31-Dec-17 03:05 AM, #3
     Reply probably twitter too nt, Dallevian, 31-Dec-17 02:28 PM, #4
          Reply nobody wants to fix it ? (n/t), Fdialke, 04-Jan-18 07:45 AM, #5
Topic Erode Confidence. [ View all ]Bard (Anonymous)Wed 03-Jan-18 07:53 PM73
Reply RE: Erode Confidence., Jarmel, 03-Jan-18 07:53 PM, #1
Topic Did it just crash? [ View all ]Online player (Anonymous)Fri 29-Dec-17 03:50 PM32
Reply quick system upgrade, Scarabaeus, 29-Dec-17 03:49 PM, #1
     Reply Thanks!, Online player (Anonymous), 29-Dec-17 03:50 PM, #2
HOT Topic December PBFs [ View all ]SeriphaxFri 29-Dec-17 03:56 AM264
Reply Last Chance, Seriphax, 27-Dec-17 06:50 PM, #30
Reply Krahl nt, DeathIncarnate, 27-Dec-17 10:17 PM, #31
Reply RE: Last Chance, Kstatida, 28-Dec-17 10:35 AM, #32
Reply I believe you are right,, Seriphax, 28-Dec-17 05:19 PM, #35
Reply Thaar Hoat, amazingdonnie, 28-Dec-17 02:18 PM, #33
Reply Has pbf, Kstatida, 29-Dec-17 03:56 AM, #36
Reply Annalaethina? Thanks. Nt, Cointreau, 28-Dec-17 04:36 PM, #34
Reply Glikhardiz!, Kstatida, 29-Dec-17 03:56 AM, #37
Reply If there are any left, Cerybis N/t, Blkdrgn, 18-Dec-17 10:57 PM, #28
Reply Plenty left. Added to list. (n/t), Seriphax, 19-Dec-17 12:20 PM, #29
Reply Bakrmarr. n/t, Shapa, 12-Dec-17 05:05 AM, #18
Reply This., Ishuli, 12-Dec-17 11:11 AM, #19
Reply Can you explain when a delete shows up?, Saagkri, 12-Dec-17 02:15 PM, #20
     Reply It happens with a really good PK score, Kstatida, 12-Dec-17 02:26 PM, #21
     Reply Glaunm showed up right away because..., Twist, 12-Dec-17 04:06 PM, #22
          Reply I knew IMP chars got special treatment!, Saagkri, 12-Dec-17 04:17 PM, #23
          Reply Glaunm, Seriphax, 12-Dec-17 10:37 PM, #26
               Reply No objections here! NT, Twist, 12-Dec-17 11:14 PM, #27
Reply Added. (n/t), Seriphax, 12-Dec-17 10:36 PM, #25
Reply Iaio and Frizwoo. nt, Relio, 05-Dec-17 12:34 AM, #17
Reply Added. (n/t), Seriphax, 12-Dec-17 10:35 PM, #24
Reply RE: December PBFs, Thaedan (Anonymous), 04-Dec-17 04:35 PM, #9
Reply Well,, Seriphax, 04-Dec-17 10:07 PM, #11
     Reply RE: Well,, Thaedan (Anonymous), 05-Dec-17 12:15 AM, #16
Reply Ikoxus?, Mcbeth, 04-Dec-17 03:07 PM, #8
Reply You betcha. (n/t), Seriphax, 04-Dec-17 10:17 PM, #15
Reply Do you have enough extra money to pay me $40k/year to l..., Mcbeth, 01-Dec-17 03:46 PM, #3
Reply Yes., Seriphax, 03-Dec-17 03:08 AM, #5
Reply You're freaking pbf vacuum cleaner, Kstatida, 01-Dec-17 02:26 PM, #2
Reply It’s more about the donation., Seriphax, 03-Dec-17 03:05 AM, #4
     Reply They don't need money, Kstatida, 04-Dec-17 02:20 AM, #6
          Reply Sure, Seriphax, 04-Dec-17 10:13 PM, #12
Reply Imms, you are invited to participate as well. MOAR NAME..., Seriphax, 01-Dec-17 11:30 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Imms, you are invited to participate as well. MOAR ..., Ishuli, 04-Dec-17 02:10 PM, #7
          Reply RE: Imms, you are invited to participate as well. MOAR ..., Kstatida, 04-Dec-17 04:48 PM, #10
          Reply Oh sure. (n/t), Seriphax, 04-Dec-17 10:16 PM, #14
          Reply Your will, my hand. (n/t), Seriphax, 04-Dec-17 10:15 PM, #13
Topic Gonna be gone a few days.Yanni Sunburst (Anonymous)Wed 27-Dec-17 11:37 AM48
Topic Imagine an enemy right around a corner [ View all ]MurphySun 24-Dec-17 01:36 PM136
Reply You used to be able to do this..., Saagkri, 24-Dec-17 01:36 PM, #1
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