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Locked Anchored Topic Cabal Guides [ View all ]RahsaelMon 16-Dec-19 09:10 PM750
Reply BATTLE, Panmorne, 16-Dec-19 09:10 PM, #8
Reply SCION, Morius, 21-Nov-19 07:10 PM, #7
Reply OUTLANDER, Aylosi, 03-Sep-19 11:30 AM, #6
Reply FORTRESS, Korsgaard, 01-Aug-18 08:44 PM, #5
Reply HERALD, Daphedee, 01-Aug-18 07:15 PM, #4
Reply TRIBUNAL, Ishuli, 01-Aug-18 03:03 PM, #3
Reply ENTROPY, Rahsael, 01-Aug-18 02:41 PM, #1
     Reply On Coins, Mercenaries, Servitors & Undead, Rahsael, 01-Aug-18 02:54 PM, #2
Locked Anchored Topic PSA to LeadersIshuliSun 24-Nov-19 06:17 PM364
Locked Anchored Topic Gameplay Forum RulesZulghinlourSun 22-Nov-09 07:51 PM1162
Anchored Topic FAQ: How to apply to the staff (updated 5/28/07)ValguarneraMon 28-May-07 09:34 PM3896
Topic 2 Suggestions [ View all ]ArtificialThu 24-Sep-20 08:20 PM104
Reply RE: 2 Suggestions, Rahsael, 24-Sep-20 08:20 PM, #1
Topic Sleek system question [ View all ]Wand Seeker (Anonymous)Wed 23-Sep-20 11:52 AM96
Reply RE: Sleek system question, rex spangler, 07-Sep-20 10:38 PM, #1
     Reply New spot timer, Necro (Anonymous), 23-Sep-20 11:52 AM, #2
Topic Mostly absent for a few weeks.DaphedeeFri 04-Sep-20 11:23 AM72
Topic Ranger pets - bear, snake, wolf [ View all ]Thinking of playing a Beastmaster (Anonymous)Thu 20-Aug-20 11:24 AM172
Reply RE: Ranger pets - bear, snake, wolf, Swordsosaurus, 19-Aug-20 01:14 PM, #1
     Reply This is fairly accurate., Kalageadon, 20-Aug-20 11:24 AM, #2
Topic Keys [ View all ]Exploration Question (Anonymous)Thu 06-Aug-20 04:28 PM194
Reply Depends, Java, 02-Aug-20 04:16 AM, #1
     Reply Near 20yr old change, Jormyr, 03-Aug-20 02:02 PM, #2
          Reply Not sure that works.., Java, 03-Aug-20 03:28 PM, #3
          Reply RE: Near 20yr old change, Original Poster (Anonymous), 03-Aug-20 05:20 PM, #4
               Reply RE: Near 20yr old change, lasentia, 04-Aug-20 04:49 AM, #5
               Reply Organia key is worn, Java, 04-Aug-20 10:38 AM, #6
               Reply Will make an inquiry., Jormyr, 06-Aug-20 04:28 PM, #7
Topic CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets [ View all ]IshuliThu 06-Aug-20 02:09 PM442
Reply Not realizing that sphere RAGE already has an Imm, Jormyr, 29-Jul-20 09:10 PM, #16
Reply I was introduced to CF by a devout communist, Marcus_, 29-Jul-20 02:40 PM, #15
Reply Although he was a maoist, Marcus_, 06-Aug-20 02:09 PM, #17
Reply This one is pretty infamous that I was on the receiving..., SPN, 15-Jul-20 09:39 AM, #14
Reply A fond one is with Thror., Kalageadon, 06-Jul-20 06:13 PM, #13
Reply RE: CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets, Shravthar, 30-Jun-20 01:27 PM, #12
Reply RE: CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets, enyuu, 27-Jun-20 09:53 AM, #11
Reply I have more than a few, lasentia, 25-Jun-20 07:21 PM, #10
Reply Yeah, I got one., k-b, 24-Jun-20 11:15 AM, #8
Reply somewhat similar, Dallevian, 24-Jun-20 01:52 PM, #9
Reply RE: CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets, ordasen, 24-Jun-20 08:27 AM, #7
Reply Too many to remember them all, but..., Twist, 23-Jun-20 08:32 AM, #6
Reply RE: CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets, mackle, 23-Jun-20 02:21 AM, #4
Reply RE: CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets, Aithiar, 23-Jun-20 02:17 AM, #3
Reply LOL that cracked me up n/t, mackle, 23-Jun-20 02:22 AM, #5
Reply RE: CF Memories - Oops, mistakes, cringes, and regrets, Nalasul, 22-Jun-20 11:35 PM, #2
Reply First imperial ever, robdarken_, 22-Jun-20 08:58 PM, #1
Locked Topic Abomination, Axe of the Black Serpent [ View all ]Recent Axe Fighter (Anonymous)Tue 04-Aug-20 08:15 PM215
Reply Locking this for now., Ishuli, 04-Aug-20 08:15 PM, #5
Reply That's by design, yes., Aithiar, 01-Aug-20 04:38 PM, #1
     Reply RE: That's by design, yes., Same (Anonymous), 02-Aug-20 07:49 PM, #2
          Reply I don't know, but I'd guess there's a timer, rex spangler, 04-Aug-20 08:12 AM, #3
               Reply RE: I don't know, but I'd guess there's a timer, Me again (Anonymous), 04-Aug-20 08:14 PM, #4
Topic Is Amaranthe about? [ View all ]AithiarMon 27-Jul-20 03:22 PM123
Reply There's a bunch of old shrines still around., k-b, 27-Jul-20 12:01 PM, #2
Reply I know., Aithiar, 27-Jul-20 03:22 PM, #3
Reply No., Ishuli, 27-Jul-20 08:18 AM, #1
Topic Did we lose Korsgaard? [ View all ]Empowerment Seeking (Anonymous)Thu 23-Jul-20 01:25 PM321
Reply RE: Did we lose Korsgaard?, Various forgettable characters (Anonymous), 17-Jun-20 07:56 AM, #11
Reply Sad to see this., Tesline, 16-Jun-20 10:32 PM, #8
Reply Thanks Korsgaard!, k-b, 16-Jun-20 02:16 PM, #7
Reply Strange..., NoobAgain, 16-Jun-20 01:43 PM, #6
Reply Korsgaard is gone., Jormyr, 15-Jun-20 03:51 PM, #3
Reply RE: Korsgaard is gone., Java, 15-Jun-20 04:03 PM, #4
     Reply RE: Deletion Thread, Jormyr, 15-Jun-20 06:39 PM, #5
Reply RE: Did we lose Korsgaard?, Jhyrbian, 15-Jun-20 12:34 PM, #1
     Reply Yeah, sucks he didn't get a goodbye thread. , Lhydia, 15-Jun-20 03:28 PM, #2
     Reply Don't worry. I'll make the tin foil hats for you both. ..., Tesline, 16-Jun-20 10:30 PM, #9
          Reply Thanks, I’ll get you a napkin. n/t, Lhydia, 17-Jun-20 01:58 AM, #10
     Reply RE:man I was thinking of makaveli when I read that, Marcus_, 23-Jul-20 01:25 PM, #12
Topic Terraform [ View all ]Ranger well-wisher (Anonymous)Thu 23-Jul-20 11:58 AM147
Reply No., lasentia, 22-Jul-20 07:14 AM, #1
     Reply RE: No., Java, 22-Jul-20 08:19 AM, #2
          Reply I think this is an okay idea, robdarken_, 23-Jul-20 11:58 AM, #3
Topic Taking a week offErgushMon 20-Jul-20 09:19 AM89
Topic Logging In [ View all ]Shravthar (NOT Player)Fri 17-Jul-20 06:35 PM121
Reply RE: Logging In, Ishuli, 17-Jul-20 06:35 PM, #1
Topic Role Contest Entries [ View all ]RPer (Anonymous)Sat 11-Jul-20 02:23 PM106
Reply No., Ishuli, 11-Jul-20 02:23 PM, #1
Topic The iteam search is broken :/ (n/t) [ View all ]Searcher of items (Anonymous)Tue 07-Jul-20 10:17 AM55
Reply RE: The iteam search is broken :/ (n/t), Nalasul, 07-Jul-20 10:17 AM, #1
Topic MUD Clients for CF [ View all ]Client Hunter (Anonymous)Mon 29-Jun-20 11:00 AM107
Reply Mudlet , Lhydia, 29-Jun-20 07:51 AM, #1
     Reply This., Ishuli, 29-Jun-20 11:00 AM, #2
Locked Topic Items purge [ View all ]Purged (Anonymous)Mon 22-Jun-20 09:12 AM188
Reply RE: Items purge, Ishuli, 22-Jun-20 07:10 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Items purge, Purged (Anonymous), 22-Jun-20 08:33 AM, #2
          Reply it's time in a rolling window, Dallevian, 22-Jun-20 08:59 AM, #3
               Reply RE: it's time in a rolling window, Purged (Anonymous), 22-Jun-20 09:12 AM, #4
Locked Topic Pits and Reboots [ View all ]CuriousTraveller (Anonymous)Wed 17-Jun-20 07:59 PM294
Reply For the sake of clarity, CuriousTraveller (Anonymous), 17-Jun-20 05:47 PM, #6
Reply So uh..., Lhydia, 17-Jun-20 07:59 PM, #7
Reply RE: Pits and Reboots, Jhyrbian, 17-Jun-20 07:03 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Pits and Reboots, lasentia, 17-Jun-20 09:00 AM, #2
          Reply RE: Pits and Reboots, CuriousTraveller (Anonymous), 17-Jun-20 09:06 AM, #3
               Reply Pits were changed intentionally..., Lhydia, 17-Jun-20 09:35 AM, #4
                    Reply RE: Pits were changed intentionally..., Bemused, 17-Jun-20 10:08 AM, #5
Topic Has anyone seen Panmorne either for that matter? [ View all ]Empowerment Seeking (Anonymous)Mon 15-Jun-20 03:29 PM138
Reply RE: Has anyone seen Panmorne either for that matter?, Nalasul, 15-Jun-20 03:29 PM, #2
Reply Today, Java, 15-Jun-20 01:47 PM, #1
Topic Why no battlefield threads [ View all ]ShravtharFri 12-Jun-20 02:45 PM155
Reply Server Migration, Jormyr, 12-Jun-20 01:22 AM, #4
Reply RE: Server Migration, Shravthar, 12-Jun-20 10:01 AM, #5
     Reply Uncertain, Jormyr, 12-Jun-20 02:45 PM, #6
Reply RE: Why no battlefield threads, Jhyrbian, 11-Jun-20 12:55 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Why no battlefield threads, Aithiar, 11-Jun-20 04:24 PM, #2
          Reply RE: Why no battlefield threads, Jhyrbian, 11-Jun-20 05:42 PM, #3
Topic Shaman Path feedback [ View all ]TorakTue 09-Jun-20 11:50 PM193
Reply RE: Shaman Path feedback, TheBluestThumb, 09-Jun-20 03:40 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Shaman Path feedback, Torak, 09-Jun-20 11:50 PM, #2
Topic Changing Classes After Character Creation [ View all ]JDPWed 03-Jun-20 08:55 AM211
Reply RE: Changing Classes After Character Creation, JDP, 02-Jun-20 03:42 PM, #6
Reply very arduous / limited success, Crs250, 01-Jun-20 10:21 PM, #3
Reply Someone else can correct me., Ishuli, 30-May-20 07:34 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Someone else can correct me., lasentia, 01-Jun-20 07:43 AM, #2
     Reply RE: Someone else can correct me., Rahsael, 02-Jun-20 12:13 PM, #4
          Reply I'll add, Rahsael, 02-Jun-20 12:16 PM, #5
               Reply Can you comment on the elven assassin that was in battl..., rex spangler, 03-Jun-20 08:09 AM, #7
                    Reply RE: Can you comment on the elven assassin that was in b..., Rahsael, 03-Jun-20 08:55 AM, #8
Topic Edgepoint Bug PSA [ View all ]Thorough Explorer (Anonymous)Fri 29-May-20 03:52 PM381
Reply Is this the thing on the bug board where the poster mis..., rex spangler, 27-May-20 08:41 AM, #7
Reply The bug responded to was posted on May 25th. , Lhydia, 28-May-20 10:32 AM, #8
Reply I thought the date was when the issue was addressed., rex spangler, 28-May-20 08:37 PM, #9
     Reply Sorry. , Lhydia, 29-May-20 08:02 AM, #10
Reply RE: No. N/t, Bug poster (Anonymous), 29-May-20 03:52 PM, #11
Reply My Edgepoint guess., Kalageadon, 13-Apr-20 07:06 PM, #6
Reply RE: Edgepoint Bug PSA, Jarmel, 13-Apr-20 06:53 PM, #5
Reply RE: Edgepoint Bug PSA, Coronavirus (Anonymous), 11-Apr-20 03:13 PM, #1
     Reply This is probably why I found the change sucked so badly, incognito, 11-Apr-20 05:22 PM, #2
     Reply Thats why I was wondering if it was intentional. , Thorough Explorer (Anonymous), 11-Apr-20 05:50 PM, #3
     Reply Thanks for the heads up., Calion, 12-Apr-20 01:37 AM, #4
Topic Healing Cabal Outers [ View all ]Rager Char (Anonymous)Sat 23-May-20 05:34 PM221
Reply Healing cabal guardians is not been removed, Blkdrgn, 23-May-20 05:34 PM, #5
Reply RE: Healing Cabal Outers, TheBluestThumb, 22-May-20 12:24 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Healing Cabal Outers, Rager Char (Anonymous), 23-May-20 01:05 AM, #2
          Reply RE: Healing Cabal Outers, Jormyr, 23-May-20 02:42 AM, #3
          Reply RE: Healing Cabal Outers, Jarmel, 23-May-20 03:57 AM, #4
Topic Alts and hours [ View all ]rex spanglerThu 21-May-20 05:49 PM277
Reply RE: Alts and hours, rex spangler, 21-May-20 05:49 PM, #9
Reply RE: Alts and hours, Nalasul, 20-May-20 11:32 AM, #8
Reply RE: Alts and hours, Ishuli, 20-May-20 08:35 AM, #4
Reply what about, Dallevian, 20-May-20 10:04 AM, #5
     Reply RE: what about, Ishuli, 20-May-20 10:42 AM, #6
          Reply nah i don't, Dallevian, 20-May-20 11:15 AM, #7
Reply RE: Alts and hours, Padwei, 20-May-20 07:11 AM, #3
Reply RE: Alts and hours, Jormyr, 19-May-20 10:45 PM, #2
Reply It's a game. , Lhydia, 19-May-20 09:50 PM, #1
Topic The hunt [ View all ]Empire warrior (Anonymous)Wed 20-May-20 01:27 PM227
Reply I get that it's annoying..., jalbrin, 19-May-20 03:31 PM, #1
     Reply More the fact that is makes no sense whatsoever., TheHunt (Anonymous), 20-May-20 03:13 AM, #2
          Reply Think of the hunt as "Druid Shackles", Quixotic, 20-May-20 10:13 AM, #3
          Reply Sure it makes sense, jalbrin, 20-May-20 01:26 PM, #4
               Reply PS, jalbrin, 20-May-20 01:27 PM, #5
Topic Hit Roll [ View all ]First warrior in forever, usually plays casters (Anonymous)Mon 18-May-20 09:55 PM204
Reply RE: Hit Roll, Jormyr, 18-May-20 04:21 PM, #2
Reply I would second most of this plus an addition..., SPN, 18-May-20 09:55 PM, #3
Reply RE: Hit Roll, rex spangler, 18-May-20 03:35 PM, #1
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