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Locked Anchored Topic Cabal Guides [ View all ]RahsaelMon 16-Dec-19 10:10 PM530
Reply BATTLE, Panmorne, 16-Dec-19 10:10 PM, #8
Reply SCION, Morius, 21-Nov-19 08:10 PM, #7
Reply OUTLANDER, Aylosi, 03-Sep-19 12:30 PM, #6
Reply FORTRESS, Korsgaard, 01-Aug-18 09:44 PM, #5
Reply HERALD, Daphedee, 01-Aug-18 08:15 PM, #4
Reply TRIBUNAL, Ishuli, 01-Aug-18 04:03 PM, #3
Reply ENTROPY, Rahsael, 01-Aug-18 03:41 PM, #1
     Reply On Coins, Mercenaries, Servitors & Undead, Rahsael, 01-Aug-18 03:54 PM, #2
Locked Anchored Topic PSA to LeadersIshuliSun 24-Nov-19 07:17 PM125
Locked Anchored Topic Gameplay Forum RulesZulghinlourSun 22-Nov-09 08:51 PM1059
Anchored Topic FAQ: How to apply to the staff (updated 5/28/07)ValguarneraMon 28-May-07 10:34 PM3704
Topic Gains while shiftedShifter (Anonymous)Tue 21-Jan-20 03:49 AM2
Topic Thief guild [ View all ]sunshine9Mon 20-Jan-20 10:27 PM88
Reply RE: Thief guild, Saagkri, 19-Jan-20 06:01 PM, #3
Reply RE: Thief guild, Ishuli, 18-Jan-20 10:23 AM, #2
Reply RE: Thief guild, sunshine9, 20-Jan-20 10:36 AM, #4
     Reply It's a general skill., Ishuli, 20-Jan-20 11:14 AM, #5
          Reply RE: It's a general skill., sunshine9, 20-Jan-20 11:55 AM, #6
               Reply And there are plenty outside of guilds, incognito, 20-Jan-20 12:13 PM, #7
               Reply RE: It's a general skill., Ishuli, 20-Jan-20 12:20 PM, #8
                    Reply RE: It's a general skill., sunshine9, 20-Jan-20 12:37 PM, #9
                         Reply RE: It's a general skill., Ishuli, 20-Jan-20 01:40 PM, #10
                         Reply RE: It's a general skill., Nalasul, 20-Jan-20 10:11 PM, #11
                         Reply Nah, you gave up too easily, incognito, 20-Jan-20 10:27 PM, #12
Reply RE: Thief guild, incognito, 18-Jan-20 10:12 AM, #1
Topic Are levels of imm.exp too low? [ View all ]incognitoMon 20-Jan-20 09:28 PM157
Reply That's right., clnt2020, 16-Jan-20 01:16 AM, #5
Reply In that case, incognito, 16-Jan-20 02:12 AM, #6
Reply Reducing character customization options..., Aithiar, 16-Jan-20 04:31 AM, #7
Reply The other thing I like about edges, incognito, 16-Jan-20 04:46 PM, #8
Reply Put up or shut up., Umiron, 16-Jan-20 07:22 PM, #9
     Reply It was long before you appeared, clnt2020, 16-Jan-20 08:16 PM, #10
          Reply sure but, Dallevian, 16-Jan-20 09:21 PM, #11
               Reply Also, Jormyr, 16-Jan-20 09:37 PM, #12
               Reply Maybe, clnt2020, 17-Jan-20 03:47 AM, #13
                    Reply no disagreement there, Dallevian, 17-Jan-20 08:49 AM, #14
                         Reply You've just broke my heart, clnt2020, 17-Jan-20 11:52 AM, #15
                              Reply Umm, your English seems decent to me nt, incognito, 17-Jan-20 01:50 PM, #16
                              Reply Just play giants, Blkdrgn, 20-Jan-20 04:43 PM, #17
                                   Reply Yuh!, clnt2020, 20-Jan-20 09:28 PM, #18
Reply What about player recognition?, Cointreau, 15-Jan-20 11:22 PM, #3
Reply Maybe also, incognito, 16-Jan-20 12:46 AM, #4
Reply RE: Are levels of imm.exp too low?, Ishuli, 15-Jan-20 02:48 PM, #1
     Reply Heh, I wasn't suggesting imp sword gets exp, incognito, 15-Jan-20 03:18 PM, #2
Topic Cost of demi-elemental transcendence [ View all ]Someone curious (Anonymous)Mon 20-Jan-20 12:20 AM73
Reply RE: Cost of demi-elemental transcendence, Carrock, 20-Jan-20 12:20 AM, #2
Reply I think this answers your question?, Daphedee, 18-Jan-20 12:28 PM, #1
Topic Forum's login session expires too fast [ View all ]clnt2020Sun 19-Jan-20 07:25 AM74
Reply UPDATE - a quick fix, clnt2020, 18-Jan-20 11:59 PM, #8
Reply Nice!, Ishuli, 19-Jan-20 07:25 AM, #9
Reply Uh...., Jormyr, 18-Jan-20 09:56 AM, #1
     Reply *cry*, clnt2020, 18-Jan-20 10:24 AM, #2
     Reply It does , TJHuron, 18-Jan-20 11:00 AM, #3
          Reply I've never had it happen from a PC at least., Ishuli, 18-Jan-20 11:06 AM, #4
               Reply Reply, Shandae, 18-Jan-20 04:00 PM, #5
               Reply RE: I've never had it happen from a PC at least., Jhyrbian, 18-Jan-20 10:52 PM, #6
                    Reply RE: I've never had it happen from a PC at least., clnt2020, 18-Jan-20 11:56 PM, #7
Topic Playing CF again after 17 years! [ View all ]sunshine9Thu 16-Jan-20 10:59 PM113
Reply Are you trying to improve wands or plague..., SPN, 16-Jan-20 10:59 PM, #4
Reply Shops!, clnt2020, 13-Jan-20 07:26 AM, #3
Reply RE: Playing CF again after 17 years!, robdarken_, 13-Jan-20 12:02 AM, #2
Reply Welcome back, incognito, 12-Jan-20 08:32 PM, #1
Topic Question about Enigma of the Thirteen. [ View all ]k-bTue 14-Jan-20 12:20 PM131
Reply Longer Answer, Relio, 13-Jan-20 12:26 PM, #3
Reply Offensive wands can be quite useful, incognito, 13-Jan-20 12:33 PM, #4
Reply Hmmm, Relio, 13-Jan-20 07:32 PM, #8
     Reply They may not work first time, incognito, 14-Jan-20 12:20 PM, #9
Reply Thank you for the info!. nt, k-b, 13-Jan-20 02:37 PM, #5
Reply RE: Question about Enigma of the Thirteen., Ishuli, 13-Jan-20 08:42 AM, #2
Reply Thank you! nt, k-b, 13-Jan-20 02:38 PM, #6
Reply Worked really well for me on a minotaur, incognito, 13-Jan-20 07:45 AM, #1
     Reply Thank you! nt, k-b, 13-Jan-20 02:38 PM, #7
Topic Is the graveyard working? [ View all ]RecentlyDeparted (Anonymous)Sat 11-Jan-20 05:53 PM61
Reply Most likely., Umiron, 11-Jan-20 04:14 PM, #1
     Reply Thanks., RecentlyDeparted (Anonymous), 11-Jan-20 04:22 PM, #2
          Reply Done. (nt), Umiron, 11-Jan-20 05:53 PM, #3
               Reply Deleted message, Umiron, 11-Jan-20 05:53 PM, #4
Locked Topic Becoming chance improvement question [ View all ]Necros (Anonymous)Tue 07-Jan-20 09:38 AM89
Reply RE: Becoming chance improvement question, Ishuli, 07-Jan-20 09:38 AM, #1
Topic Most Unrealistic Skill/etc. [ View all ]NalasulMon 06-Jan-20 07:35 PM185
Reply Bloodoath, TheSouthernCurse#7874 (Anonymous), 06-Jan-20 07:35 PM, #12
Reply Fiend, Kalageadon, 04-Jan-20 08:17 AM, #9
Reply RE: Fiend, Nalasul, 04-Jan-20 07:04 PM, #10
     Reply RE: Fiend, lasentia, 06-Jan-20 07:20 AM, #11
Reply RE: Most Unrealistic Skill/etc., lasentia, 31-Dec-19 07:25 AM, #7
Reply Off the top of my head, incognito, 30-Dec-19 05:06 PM, #4
Reply I never understood entrap, Shandae, 30-Dec-19 02:10 PM, #3
Reply RE: Most Unrealistic Skill/etc., robdarken_, 30-Dec-19 12:34 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Most Unrealistic Skill/etc., Nalasul, 30-Dec-19 01:46 PM, #2
          Reply RE: Most Unrealistic Skill/etc., Jarmel, 30-Dec-19 05:38 PM, #5
          Reply RE: Hurl, Twist, 31-Dec-19 01:00 AM, #6
               Reply RE: Hurl, Nalasul, 31-Dec-19 12:41 PM, #8
HOT Locked Topic Tremblefist and Retrieving [ View all ]CointreauSat 04-Jan-20 07:27 AM259
Reply RE: Tremblefist and Retrieving, ORC (Anonymous), 02-Jan-20 08:37 PM, #22
Reply This raid mechanic is being utterly abused, flaaayin, 04-Jan-20 12:13 AM, #29
     Reply Lets also not forget, flaaayin, 04-Jan-20 12:29 AM, #30
     Reply Plague should not be a problem for an Outlander to deal..., incognito, 04-Jan-20 07:27 AM, #31
Reply In Defense of Tremblefist, Homard, 02-Jan-20 02:04 PM, #17
Reply Meh, clnt2020, 02-Jan-20 04:53 AM, #14
Reply RE: Tremblefist and Retrieving, Jormyr, 02-Jan-20 01:20 AM, #13
Reply RE: Tremblefist and Retrieving, Jarmel, 01-Jan-20 04:53 PM, #10
Reply not so constructive rambling within, robdarken_, 01-Jan-20 04:30 PM, #9
Reply I'm not keen, incognito, 01-Jan-20 10:02 AM, #2
Reply I'd bet my bottom dollar, Relio, 01-Jan-20 11:11 AM, #5
     Reply Have you seen him used, incognito, 01-Jan-20 12:51 PM, #7
          Reply RE: Have you seen him used, Java, 01-Jan-20 03:29 PM, #8
               Reply RE: Have you seen him used, incognito, 01-Jan-20 08:38 PM, #11
                    Reply Again..., Relio, 02-Jan-20 12:47 AM, #12
                         Reply I've not seen this, incognito, 02-Jan-20 06:22 AM, #15
                         Reply So, I'm hearing this a lot, robdarken_, 02-Jan-20 12:04 PM, #16
                         Reply It's probably a daily occurrence. nt, Relio, 02-Jan-20 02:15 PM, #18
                              Reply No it isn't., Ishuli, 02-Jan-20 03:36 PM, #19
                                   Reply Okay, but here's the question, Relio, 03-Jan-20 12:02 AM, #25
                                   Reply RE: Okay, but here's the question, incognito, 03-Jan-20 02:20 AM, #26
                                   Reply There is a lot of turning the blind eye here., flaaayin, 04-Jan-20 12:08 AM, #28
                         Reply You don't play Imperials much, do you., Bemused, 02-Jan-20 05:21 PM, #20
                         Reply Awwww..., Relio, 02-Jan-20 11:59 PM, #24
                              Reply It would be., robdarken_, 03-Jan-20 03:34 AM, #27
                         Reply How often 19 Imperials raid is probably never., rex spangler, 02-Jan-20 07:05 PM, #21
                              Reply Obviously there's not even 19 characters on, dude. Srsl..., Relio, 02-Jan-20 11:57 PM, #23
Reply Personally.., Lhydia, 01-Jan-20 10:01 AM, #1
     Reply Mostly agree, incognito, 01-Jan-20 10:07 AM, #3
          Reply Eh., Lhydia, 01-Jan-20 10:51 AM, #4
               Reply Good point, incognito, 01-Jan-20 12:50 PM, #6
Topic Autodeletion timer [ View all ]Hard Working Gnome (Anonymous)Fri 03-Jan-20 06:17 AM181
Reply RE: Autodeletion timer, Umiron, 18-Dec-19 08:11 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Autodeletion timer, robdarken_, 18-Dec-19 10:32 AM, #2
     Reply RE: Autodeletion timer, Hard Working Gnome (Anonymous), 19-Dec-19 04:30 AM, #3
          Reply No, Ishuli, 19-Dec-19 05:53 PM, #7
               Reply RE: No, Hard Working Gnome (Anonymous), 20-Dec-19 02:52 AM, #4
               Reply It's an option, just hard, incognito, 20-Dec-19 09:41 AM, #6
               Reply RE: It's an option, just hard, Hard Working Gnome (Anonymous), 20-Dec-19 12:39 PM, #8
               Reply Update - Blowtorch works, Hard Working Gnome (Anonymous), 02-Jan-20 12:14 PM, #10
                    Reply Read that it does that, incognito, 03-Jan-20 04:57 AM, #11
                         Reply RE: Read that it does that, Hard Working Gnome (Anonymous), 03-Jan-20 06:17 AM, #12
               Reply It's okay sometimes, rex spangler, 20-Dec-19 05:17 PM, #9
               Reply How doable it is completely depends on your circumstanc..., incognito, 20-Dec-19 09:42 AM, #5
Topic Incentivize underdogs, discourage bangwagons [ View all ]ArtificialThu 02-Jan-20 01:26 AM151
Reply Devil's Advocate, Jormyr, 02-Jan-20 01:26 AM, #9
Reply In the words of Nililah, robdarken_, 01-Jan-20 04:41 PM, #8
Reply Seconded., Aithiar, 01-Jan-20 08:13 AM, #3
Reply We should be grateful, incognito, 01-Jan-20 08:19 AM, #4
Reply I doubt it., Aithiar, 01-Jan-20 08:52 AM, #5
     Reply RE: I doubt it., incognito, 01-Jan-20 09:51 AM, #6
Reply Another solution might be, incognito, 01-Jan-20 09:57 AM, #7
Reply I actually really like this idea., Cointreau, 01-Jan-20 05:05 AM, #2
Reply I'd support this, incognito, 01-Jan-20 03:20 AM, #1
Topic Master Embalmer edge is gone? [ View all ]Crying baby (Anonymous)Fri 20-Dec-19 09:19 PM119
Reply No its not., Ishuli, 19-Dec-19 03:35 PM, #1
     Reply RE: No its not., Crying baby (Anonymous), 20-Dec-19 02:58 AM, #2
          Reply I'm dumbass. Ignore it, found the problem., Crying baby (Anonymous), 20-Dec-19 06:12 AM, #3
               Reply RE: I'm dumbass. Ignore it, found the problem., incognito, 20-Dec-19 05:59 PM, #4
               Reply Umi just book marked this post lol nt, TJHuron, 20-Dec-19 09:19 PM, #5
Topic Leveling speed and midlevel gameplay [ View all ]clnt2020Fri 20-Dec-19 09:25 AM107
Reply So I'll try to address this, incognito, 20-Dec-19 09:25 AM, #1
Topic Has anyone gone from being an Acolyte to Maran, or vice... [ View all ]Pondering the Everlasting Light (Anonymous)Wed 18-Dec-19 03:47 PM79
Reply Generally., Kalageadon, 18-Dec-19 03:47 PM, #2
Reply My impression is that it is doable, incognito, 18-Dec-19 01:22 AM, #1
Topic Necro vs marans [ View all ]clnt2020Fri 13-Dec-19 02:13 PM226
Reply RE: Necro vs marans, Ishuli, 11-Dec-19 05:30 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Necro vs marans, clnt2020, 13-Dec-19 05:20 AM, #2
          Reply This elf warrior sure was abusing a lot of bugs to kill..., Bemused, 13-Dec-19 07:45 AM, #3
          Reply RE: This elf warrior sure was abusing a lot of bugs to ..., clnt2020, 13-Dec-19 08:47 AM, #4
               Reply Here ya go =), Bemused, 13-Dec-19 09:04 AM, #6
                    Reply RE: Here ya go =), clnt2020, 13-Dec-19 09:05 AM, #8
                         Reply RE: Here ya go =), Nalasul, 13-Dec-19 09:11 AM, #9
                         Reply RE: Here ya go =), clnt2020, 13-Dec-19 09:40 AM, #11
                         Reply I was Aulathar, Bemused, 13-Dec-19 09:12 AM, #10
                              Reply RE: I was Aulathar, clnt2020, 13-Dec-19 09:43 AM, #12
          Reply Better spend those bit of money to "buy" yourself a bit..., Sekpak, 13-Dec-19 08:57 AM, #5
               Reply RE: Better spend those bit of money to , clnt2020, 13-Dec-19 09:04 AM, #7
                    Reply RE: Better spend those bit of money to , Illanthos, 13-Dec-19 02:13 PM, #13
HOT Topic What's your favorite race? [ View all ]ShandaeThu 12-Dec-19 01:11 AM216
Reply Drow, then any race with sneak or quiet movement, incognito, 10-Dec-19 06:18 AM, #20
Reply You think everyone uses triggers, Bemused, 10-Dec-19 07:34 AM, #21
     Reply You clearly lack the ability to distinguish everyone fr..., incognito, 11-Dec-19 03:14 AM, #22
Reply Fire giant for me, robdarken_, 09-Dec-19 03:24 PM, #18
Reply RE: Fire giant for me, Shandae, 11-Dec-19 09:08 AM, #23
Reply RE: What's your favorite race?, Ergush, 09-Dec-19 07:18 AM, #17
Reply Halfies, cause I'm an idiot. (n/t), Onewingedangel, 05-Dec-19 04:22 PM, #11
Reply Any elf, but mostly W-Elf, lasentia, 05-Dec-19 02:18 PM, #5
Reply RE: What's your favorite race?, Illanthos, 05-Dec-19 12:55 PM, #4
Reply RE: What's your favorite race?, Jhyrbian, 05-Dec-19 11:50 AM, #3
Reply But for why? n/t, Shandae, 05-Dec-19 03:18 PM, #6
     Reply RE: But for why?, Jhyrbian, 05-Dec-19 03:54 PM, #7
          Reply Don't forget call lightning inherent and highest giant ..., Lhydia, 05-Dec-19 03:58 PM, #8
               Reply RE: Don't forget call lightning inherent and highest gi..., Jhyrbian, 05-Dec-19 04:10 PM, #9
                    Reply RE: Don't forget call lightning inherent and highest gi..., Shandae, 05-Dec-19 04:22 PM, #10
                    Reply RE: Don't forget call lightning inherent and highest gi..., Jhyrbian, 05-Dec-19 05:06 PM, #12
                    Reply Because align., Jormyr, 08-Dec-19 10:37 AM, #16
Reply Orcs., Ishuli, 05-Dec-19 11:07 AM, #2
Reply Hey!, Jormyr, 08-Dec-19 12:09 AM, #13
     Reply Do you still do 1 prac per skill with 22 int?, rex spangler, 08-Dec-19 10:25 AM, #14
          Reply RE: Do you still do 1 prac per skill with 22 int?, Jormyr, 08-Dec-19 10:32 AM, #15
               Reply RE: Do you still do 1 prac per skill with 22 int?, Jhyrbian, 09-Dec-19 03:34 PM, #19
                    Reply Bit of both, Jormyr, 12-Dec-19 01:11 AM, #24
Reply Felar, JohnEveryMan, 05-Dec-19 10:05 AM, #1
Topic Age-death echoes [ View all ]robdarken_Wed 11-Dec-19 03:10 AM157
Reply I think.., Kalageadon, 10-Dec-19 04:44 PM, #2
Reply Probably., robdarken_, 10-Dec-19 06:41 PM, #3
Reply There's also a failed mummification echo, incognito, 11-Dec-19 03:10 AM, #4
Reply Nothingness, JohnEveryMan, 10-Dec-19 07:59 AM, #1
Topic If you were to play anything role related what would it... [ View all ]ShandaeMon 02-Dec-19 08:39 PM265
Reply Goblin king of Silverwood, lasentia, 18-Nov-19 06:42 AM, #12
Reply RE: Goblin king of Silverwood, Zephon, 30-Nov-19 08:11 PM, #15
     Reply To be fair, I have not played much in recent years, lasentia, 02-Dec-19 07:08 AM, #16
          Reply RE: To be fair, I have not played much in recent years, Zephon, 02-Dec-19 08:39 PM, #17
Reply Sphere Love AP, JohnEveryMan, 15-Nov-19 08:53 AM, #3
Reply Not sure what your exact take is, but I did one of thes..., incognito, 15-Nov-19 10:36 AM, #4
Reply RE: Not sure what your exact take is, but I did one of ..., JohnEveryMan, 15-Nov-19 11:06 AM, #5
     Reply Fazril, incognito, 15-Nov-19 02:14 PM, #6
          Reply Couldn't find that one in the graveyard., JohnEveryMan, 15-Nov-19 02:32 PM, #7
               Reply Ok, I'm confused, incognito, 15-Nov-19 04:43 PM, #8
                    Reply RE: Ok, I'm confused, JohnEveryMan, 17-Nov-19 11:37 AM, #11
                         Reply No idea why he's not on the battlefield, incognito, 18-Nov-19 09:17 PM, #13
Reply RE: Sphere Love AP, Gaspare Gnazzo, 16-Nov-19 06:59 PM, #9
     Reply If you ever have a sphere love AP follower..., JohnEveryMan, 17-Nov-19 11:37 AM, #10
Reply Necromancer, Ishuli, 14-Nov-19 01:49 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Necromancer, Shandae, 14-Nov-19 05:15 PM, #2
     Reply I already had a role exactly like this, Onewingedangel, 20-Nov-19 01:14 PM, #14
Topic Question for Padwei [ View all ]Hunting the Red..? (Anonymous)Thu 28-Nov-19 03:04 PM111
Reply RE: Question for Padwei, Padwei, 28-Nov-19 11:01 AM, #1
     Reply Thanks!, Hunting the Red..? (Anonymous), 28-Nov-19 01:57 PM, #2
          Reply Additional clarification:, Padwei, 28-Nov-19 02:53 PM, #3
               Reply No confusion here.., Hunting the Red..? (Anonymous), 28-Nov-19 03:04 PM, #4
Topic Very limited availability until Dec 4 [ View all ]RahsaelFri 22-Nov-19 08:42 PM86
Reply oh No we’ve been lossed n/t, Lhydia, 22-Nov-19 08:42 PM, #1
Topic With Scarab gone, what happens to all the pledges? [ View all ]IdiotCFerMon 11-Nov-19 12:42 AM238
Reply What happens if you apply for a job, JohnEveryMan, 10-Nov-19 08:34 AM, #3
Reply Indeed., Ishuli, 10-Nov-19 11:46 AM, #4
     Reply Amusing., Twist, 11-Nov-19 12:42 AM, #5
Reply IC, Ishuli, 09-Nov-19 10:34 PM, #1
     Reply good job guys, thanks. nt, Dallevian, 09-Nov-19 11:07 PM, #2
HOT Topic A PSA to CF [ View all ]TheBluestThumbSat 09-Nov-19 06:21 AM447
Reply Pro Tip for Goodies, Korsgaard, 07-Nov-19 04:13 PM, #17
Reply Yes Forties. Absolutely do this. n/t, Lhydia, 07-Nov-19 05:08 PM, #18
Reply Pro-er tip, JohnEveryMan, 08-Nov-19 07:30 AM, #19
     Reply Pro-er-er tip ^2, Korsgaard, 08-Nov-19 09:54 PM, #20
Reply It's easier than that. Just use the 'quit' command., Saagkri, 09-Nov-19 06:21 AM, #21
Reply RE: A PSA to CF, Thaedan (Anonymous), 06-Nov-19 06:19 PM, #12
Reply A PSA back., Lhydia, 06-Nov-19 04:09 PM, #9
Reply RE: A PSA to CF, Current char (Anonymous), 06-Nov-19 11:42 AM, #6
Reply Said imm is probably dealing with someone else, incognito, 07-Nov-19 03:16 PM, #16
Reply I hear you, but..., k-b, 06-Nov-19 11:25 AM, #3
Reply Heh, TheBluestThumb, 06-Nov-19 12:05 PM, #7
Reply Yeah, rewards were out of hand, incognito, 07-Nov-19 11:25 AM, #14
Reply I sent a similar note to Imps, Dallevian, 06-Nov-19 11:16 AM, #1
     Reply Without commenting on other things:, Ishuli, 06-Nov-19 11:19 AM, #2
     Reply Good to hear. Thanks. nt, Dallevian, 06-Nov-19 11:25 AM, #4
     Reply It's funny you mention the Barrier spell as a reward., k-b, 06-Nov-19 11:35 AM, #5
     Reply Not me, Dallevian, 06-Nov-19 12:06 PM, #8
     Reply OMG please don't complain about IMM xp. , Lhydia, 06-Nov-19 04:12 PM, #10
     Reply funnny enough, i did get immexp when, Dallevian, 06-Nov-19 04:33 PM, #11
          Reply Which one? n/t, Lhydia, 06-Nov-19 07:38 PM, #13
     Reply Some of your list are the kind of rewards I think were ..., incognito, 07-Nov-19 03:11 PM, #15
Topic A quick question for IMM's. [ View all ]k-bFri 08-Nov-19 06:39 AM182
Reply Kernel panic. (nt), Umiron, 07-Nov-19 09:00 PM, #1
     Reply I had to google it., k-b, 07-Nov-19 09:16 PM, #2
          Reply RE: I had to google it., Umiron, 07-Nov-19 09:34 PM, #3
               Reply Interesting stuff. Thanks for the response. nt, k-b, 07-Nov-19 10:33 PM, #4
               Reply Back in the day...., Twist, 08-Nov-19 01:00 AM, #5
                    Reply Also interesting. Thanks. nt, k-b, 08-Nov-19 02:01 AM, #6
                    Reply So is that still the case?, lasentia, 08-Nov-19 06:39 AM, #7
Topic Vacation AbsenceErgushTue 05-Nov-19 08:52 AM98
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