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Anchored Topic Purpose of this forum...DaevrynThu 15-Nov-07 12:30 PM1193
Topic mud listmackle (NOT Nobody)Thu 02-Dec-21 03:21 AM4
Locked Topic Increasing retention via e-mail integrationNecro (Anonymous)Thu 22-Oct-20 07:07 AM267
Topic CF positioning and Twitter description [ View all ]clnt2020Tue 14-Jan-20 08:01 PM644
Reply I think MUD is fine but I've never known wtf Zork is. n..., Lhydia, 14-Jan-20 08:01 PM, #1
Topic Mudlet [ View all ]KalageadonSat 28-Dec-19 05:05 AM1913
Reply Re-reviving this thread, Rahsael, 11-Nov-19 06:48 PM, #15
Reply Never used Mudlet, but this looks very nice., Calion, 12-Nov-19 01:09 AM, #16
Reply This is awesome., Java, 15-Dec-19 12:18 PM, #17
     Reply Wow!, incognito, 28-Dec-19 05:05 AM, #18
Reply Reviving this thread, Rahsael, 31-Mar-19 02:49 PM, #11
Reply My 2 cents., Tronimal, 01-Apr-19 11:20 AM, #12
     Reply Agreed!, Rahsael, 01-Apr-19 02:40 PM, #13
          Reply Alias, Kalageadon, 03-Apr-19 05:03 PM, #14
Reply I've tried this avenue before..., Tac, 11-Apr-17 10:23 AM, #1
     Reply RE: I've tried this avenue before..., Kalageadon, 11-Apr-17 01:10 PM, #2
          Reply RE: I've tried this avenue before..., Jaegendar, 11-Apr-17 08:35 PM, #3
               Reply Patreon sounds like a good idea., Tac, 11-Apr-17 09:05 PM, #4
               Reply I've actually considered this. , KoeKhaos, 12-Apr-17 05:42 AM, #5
               Reply I think.., Kalageadon, 12-Apr-17 08:09 AM, #6
                    Reply I've got a start... I'll put it up on github...., Tac, 12-Apr-17 08:52 AM, #7
                         Reply I saw these but don't know how to make heads nor tails ..., Kalageadon, 12-Apr-17 07:54 PM, #8
                              Reply They get room #s from the mud. Nt, Tac, 14-Apr-17 01:38 PM, #9
                                   Reply RE: They get room #s from the mud. Nt, Vadi, 28-May-17 05:59 AM, #10
Topic Vote [ View all ]Ballot Box (Anonymous)Mon 03-Jun-19 12:52 PM698
Reply RE: Vote, Ishuli, 03-Jun-19 12:52 PM, #1
Topic Targeted AdvertisingyakfodSat 07-Jul-18 09:09 PM506
Topic Down with Twitter [ View all ]KstatidaThu 21-Jun-18 10:57 AM820
Reply RE: Down with Twitter, Destuvius, 15-Jun-18 05:58 PM, #1
     Reply Those were Skype logs, Kstatida, 16-Jun-18 02:55 PM, #2
     Reply You don't have to assume if you participate., Tac, 21-Jun-18 10:57 AM, #3
Topic International women's dayKstatidaWed 07-Mar-18 07:40 AM557
Topic Update MOTD and site with Ishuli [ View all ]KstatidaSat 08-Apr-17 04:23 AM806
Reply Also..., Seriphax, 08-Apr-17 04:23 AM, #1
Topic Aaaand Reddit again.KstatidaFri 07-Apr-17 12:08 PM596
Topic Mud reddit [ View all ]JaegendarThu 26-Jan-17 04:52 AM994
Reply I'm sorry, Kstatida, 25-Jan-17 07:22 AM, #1
     Reply Idle hands are the devil's playground, Murphy, 25-Jan-17 05:25 PM, #2
          Reply You wouldn't want my idle hands, Kstatida, 26-Jan-17 04:52 AM, #3
Topic How much would it cost me to buy CF? [ View all ]BubthegreatSat 23-Apr-16 01:24 PM1197
Reply RE: How much would it cost me to buy CF?, Umiron, 21-Apr-16 09:55 PM, #7
Reply From a legal perspective though, Kstatida, 22-Apr-16 05:29 AM, #10
     Reply RE: From a legal perspective though, Umiron, 22-Apr-16 07:20 AM, #11
          Reply I'm semi-trolling, Kstatida, 22-Apr-16 08:44 AM, #12
Reply I imagine if you had a billion dollars to spend on it, ..., Destuvius, 20-Apr-16 02:57 PM, #1
     Reply RE: I imagine if you had a billion dollars to spend on ..., Bubthegreat, 21-Apr-16 04:10 AM, #2
          Reply On a serious note then, Destuvius, 21-Apr-16 06:19 AM, #3
          Reply That's just a bad investment., Bubthegreat, 21-Apr-16 07:49 AM, #4
               Reply RE: That's just a bad investment., Destuvius, 21-Apr-16 09:20 AM, #5
                    Reply Well this is mature, Kstatida, 21-Apr-16 12:14 PM, #6
                    Reply RE: That's just a bad investment., Bubthegreat, 22-Apr-16 03:24 AM, #8
                         Reply As far as I can see, Kstatida, 22-Apr-16 05:20 AM, #9
          Reply You're starting assumption is wrong., Jormyr, 23-Apr-16 01:24 PM, #13
Topic APPs and Clients [ View all ]KalageadonWed 04-Nov-15 06:18 PM923
Reply RE: APPs and Clients, Umiron, 04-Nov-15 06:18 PM, #1
Topic Question [ View all ]LhydiaSun 23-Aug-15 09:35 AM918
Reply RE: Question, Umiron, 23-Aug-15 09:35 AM, #1
Topic Votes on tupmudsites vs players [ View all ]JaegendarFri 21-Aug-15 02:34 PM919
Reply I don't think anyone uses topmudsites to find a MUD to ..., Kstatida, 21-Aug-15 05:59 AM, #3
Reply RE: I don't think anyone uses topmudsites to find a MUD..., Jaegendar, 21-Aug-15 02:34 PM, #4
Reply Both., Kalageadon, 20-Aug-15 09:05 AM, #2
Reply RE: Votes on tupmudsites vs players, incognito, 20-Aug-15 01:49 AM, #1
Topic I found an article that might be of interestJaegendarThu 13-Aug-15 04:27 PM632
Topic The time honored "Invite players to help market" thread... [ View all ]MendosFri 17-Jul-15 09:38 PM1038
Reply RE: The time honored , Retan, 17-Jul-15 09:38 PM, #7
Reply MUDs niche, Kstatida, 12-Jul-15 05:37 AM, #3
Reply You make some interesting points.., Mendos, 13-Jul-15 08:38 PM, #6
Reply Wiki, Tsunami, 10-Jul-15 01:20 PM, #1
     Reply Targeted adds, Zargu, 11-Jul-15 05:57 AM, #2
     Reply We're looking into this., Mendos, 13-Jul-15 08:28 PM, #5
     Reply If you are serious about contributing., Raltevio, 13-Jul-15 10:03 AM, #4
Topic Rpggateway [ View all ]JaegendarFri 03-Jul-15 06:04 PM905
Reply RE: Rpggateway, Mendos, 03-Jul-15 06:04 PM, #1
Topic Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition is out (and IMHO fantast... [ View all ]TheerklaThu 02-Oct-14 11:28 AM981
Reply Honestly.., Mendos, 02-Oct-14 10:38 AM, #1
     Reply I'll help out with new player quests any way possible., TMNS, 02-Oct-14 11:28 AM, #2
Topic Important question for new players [ View all ]JaegendarThu 02-Oct-14 10:29 AM950
Reply I have been following this more or less., Mendos, 02-Oct-14 10:29 AM, #1
Topic Another thought [ View all ]RetanMon 01-Sep-14 07:18 PM1078
Reply I've been considering doing this, Artificial, 19-Aug-14 01:59 PM, #2
Reply RE: Another thought, Retan, 19-Aug-14 12:44 PM, #1
     Reply This would probably have to be a player driven thing fo..., Mendos, 29-Aug-14 03:50 AM, #3
          Reply RE: This would probably have to be a player driven thin..., Retan, 29-Aug-14 11:00 AM, #4
               Reply Yeah., Mendos, 01-Sep-14 07:18 PM, #5
Topic How can I contribute to help get more people? [ View all ]JaegendarThu 14-Aug-14 07:44 PM1365
Reply Has anybody ever made a poster?, E4rth, 05-Aug-14 11:01 AM, #12
Reply "Still into DnD...", crsweeney, 05-Aug-14 11:37 AM, #13
Reply I had thought about doing a little hand-sketched poster..., Mendos, 14-Aug-14 07:44 PM, #14
Reply Contributing, Deaer (Anonymous), 17-Jun-14 01:42 PM, #4
Reply Vote on RPGgateway too., Calion, 17-Jun-14 09:35 AM, #3
Reply RE: How can I contribute to help get more people?, 34-inside, 04-Jun-14 03:00 PM, #1
     Reply RE: How can I contribute to help get more people?, Jaegendar, 06-Jun-14 02:29 PM, #2
          Reply Hey there., Mendos, 17-Jun-14 02:24 PM, #5
               Reply RE: Hey there., Jaegendar, 18-Jun-14 03:27 PM, #6
                    Reply RE: Hey there., Mendos, 18-Jun-14 08:04 PM, #7
                         Reply RE: Hey there., Jaegendar, 19-Jun-14 01:19 AM, #8
                              Reply RE: Hey there., Mendos, 19-Jun-14 07:41 AM, #9
                              Reply RE: CafePress, Valguarnera, 19-Jun-14 08:35 AM, #10
                                   Reply Good thing I just saw this!!!, Amberion, 12-Jul-14 04:41 PM, #11
Topic RPGGateway [ View all ]JaegendarFri 04-Jul-14 09:50 AM937
Reply Nope, we are number 4 at the moment. :), Zephon, 04-Jul-14 09:50 AM, #1
Topic Hey so I got this email from CF and started to play aga...Marcos (Anonymous)Mon 13-May-13 12:40 PM772
Topic Someone should update TopMudSites & RPGGateway... [ View all ]CalionMon 14-Jan-13 09:47 AM1276
Reply Working on it (n/t), Zulghinlour, 12-Jun-12 11:07 PM, #1
     Reply The link there still goes to the .com address..., Calion, 11-Jan-13 03:05 PM, #2
          Reply RE: The link there still goes to the .com address..., Zulghinlour, 11-Jan-13 03:57 PM, #3
               Reply Huh, guess it's time to give up on voting there. n/t, Calion, 13-Jan-13 11:50 AM, #4
                    Reply Lo'n behold! RPGG actually fixed it. Go vote! n/t, Calion, 14-Jan-13 09:47 AM, #5
Topic Accurate Donate Info [ View all ]RoshialanixMon 24-Dec-12 12:48 AM1093
Reply RE: Accurate Donate Info, Whiysdan, 24-Dec-12 12:48 AM, #1
Topic .com domain name [ View all ]RoshialanixTue 18-Dec-12 09:41 PM1205
Reply www.carrionfields.com port 9999 connects to another MUD..., DurNominator, 18-Dec-12 09:59 AM, #1
     Reply RE: www.carrionfields.com port 9999 connects to another..., Roshialanix, 18-Dec-12 11:57 AM, #2
          Reply Jullias still has carrionfields.com (n/t), Zulghinlour, 18-Dec-12 12:24 PM, #3
               Reply Uh... What?, Tac, 18-Dec-12 02:05 PM, #4
                    Reply RE: Uh... What?, Roshialanix, 18-Dec-12 03:41 PM, #5
                         Reply Don't worry about it (n/t), Zulghinlour, 18-Dec-12 08:32 PM, #6
                              Reply Is the general stance that if players want to assist wi..., Lhydia, 18-Dec-12 08:52 PM, #7
                                   Reply No, it means I'm taking care of it (n/t), Zulghinlour, 18-Dec-12 09:41 PM, #8
Topic Wikipedia article. [ View all ]CerunnirFri 24-Feb-12 05:13 AM1318
Reply The article should be carefully planned and worked outs..., DurNominator, 23-Feb-12 03:16 PM, #3
Reply RE: Wikipedia article., Daevryn, 21-Feb-12 04:04 PM, #1
     Reply There was..., Twist, 21-Feb-12 04:06 PM, #2
          Reply In not confident enaugh in English.., Cerunnir, 24-Feb-12 05:13 AM, #4
Topic Annual offer to help with marketing efforts [ View all ]EskelianFri 09-Dec-11 11:23 AM1303
Reply Did anyone give you something to work on?, DurNominator, 04-Dec-11 01:31 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Did anyone give you something to work on?, Eskelian, 09-Dec-11 11:23 AM, #2
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