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Top Non-CF Discussion "What Does RL Stand For?"
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Topic Scientists create Minotaurs! [ View all ]TJHuronThu 10-Apr-08 07:35 AM513
Reply Arials are next in turn indeed, DurNominator, 08-Apr-08 12:16 AM, #2
Reply The last segment of that article., GinGa, 07-Apr-08 10:24 AM, #1
     Reply RE: The last segment of that article., TJHuron, 09-Apr-08 12:57 PM, #3
     Reply RE: The last segment of that article., Eskelian, 10-Apr-08 07:35 AM, #4
Topic Completely Awed! [ View all ]april403Tue 08-Apr-08 11:38 PM492
Reply RE: Completely Awed!, Mekantos, 08-Apr-08 05:03 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Completely Awed!, Isildur, 08-Apr-08 10:57 PM, #2
          Reply why would i make my life less awesome?, Mekantos, 08-Apr-08 11:38 PM, #3
Topic Cmud? [ View all ]Dravon WindgustWed 19-Mar-08 08:56 AM473
Reply RE: Cmud?, Dave, 19-Mar-08 12:16 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Cmud?, Isildur, 19-Mar-08 08:56 AM, #2
Topic Coming soon to CF?TwistWed 19-Mar-08 08:06 AM302
Topic Gygax is no more. [ View all ]QuixoticThu 13-Mar-08 01:43 PM499
Reply RE: Gygax is no more., Bajula, 05-Mar-08 12:57 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Gygax is no more., Isildur, 06-Mar-08 01:42 AM, #2
          Reply RE: Gygax is no more., Bajula, 06-Mar-08 07:13 PM, #3
               Reply RE: Gygax is no more., Isildur, 07-Mar-08 10:01 AM, #4
                    Reply I was -2, oldies n/t, Stunna, 13-Mar-08 01:43 PM, #5
Topic Hey all you music loversMekantosSat 01-Mar-08 02:23 PM240
Topic An QHCF.net age survey! [ View all ]GinGaWed 27-Feb-08 02:02 AM892
Reply And the results so far:, GinGa, 26-Feb-08 11:57 PM, #1
     Reply And they'll learn that 'group' is correctly misspelled ..., DurNominator, 27-Feb-08 02:02 AM, #2
Topic Repost from QHCF - NYC Jobs [ View all ]EskelianMon 25-Feb-08 06:53 PM476
Reply RE: Repost from QHCF - NYC Jobs, Isildur, 25-Feb-08 02:29 PM, #1
     Reply That much easier to perma then. NT, nebel, 25-Feb-08 04:33 PM, #2
     Reply Heh, nah, not really. n/t, Eskelian, 25-Feb-08 06:53 PM, #3
Topic Fantasy Baseball anyone? [ View all ]PhaistusTue 19-Feb-08 09:30 AM348
Reply RE: Fantasy Baseball anyone?, Isildur, 19-Feb-08 09:30 AM, #1
Topic The Hang Drum [ View all ]MekantosFri 15-Feb-08 03:16 PM421
Reply The really crazy part, lurker, 14-Feb-08 06:08 PM, #1
     Reply I wonder how much it costs to have one made... nt, Rodriguez, 15-Feb-08 11:33 AM, #2
     Reply The solution:, Mekantos, 15-Feb-08 03:16 PM, #3
Topic The best drummer I have ever witnessed: [ View all ]MekantosThu 14-Feb-08 10:21 PM440
Reply Nice., TheDude, 14-Feb-08 10:21 PM, #4
Reply RE: The best drummer I have ever witnessed:, Isildur, 10-Feb-08 01:40 AM, #1
     Reply RE: The best drummer I have ever witnessed:, Mekantos, 10-Feb-08 02:17 AM, #2
          Reply Neil was better. MO n/t, Stunna, 14-Feb-08 08:01 AM, #3
Topic My Old Band: 10,000 Angels Featured on Season Finale of... [ View all ]MoridinWed 06-Feb-08 11:44 AM499
Reply How cool., Dallevian, 06-Feb-08 11:44 AM, #3
Reply RE: My Old Band: 10,000 Angels Featured on Season Final..., Isildur, 23-Dec-07 07:40 PM, #1
     Reply RE: So are you from the Houston Area, Moridin, 25-Dec-07 03:40 AM, #2
Topic Do you think this reaches to you ?TheFrogTue 05-Feb-08 05:27 PM240
Topic Logan Alexander Cathro, Born 00:10, 23rd January!!! [ View all ]AbernyteFri 25-Jan-08 08:54 PM616
Reply Woo!! Congrats man, Welcome to fatherhood! nt, N b M, 25-Jan-08 08:54 PM, #7
Reply Woot!, Kastellyn, 25-Jan-08 05:07 PM, #6
Reply Congrats!, Lyristeon, 23-Jan-08 07:11 PM, #5
Reply Nice :D ~, Rodriguez, 23-Jan-08 04:19 PM, #4
Reply Let's hope he isn't a rager!, Shadowmaster, 23-Jan-08 03:50 PM, #3
Reply Congrats!, Zulghinlour, 23-Jan-08 10:53 AM, #2
Reply Congrats!, Thrakburzug, 23-Jan-08 07:06 AM, #1
Topic BRILLIANCE! [ View all ]StunnaSat 19-Jan-08 02:42 PM525
Reply My money is on Tweedster, or me ;-) -nt-, Mekantos, 16-Jan-08 03:05 PM, #2
Reply I don't know tweedster, but I'd take you down Mek!, Stunna, 19-Jan-08 02:42 PM, #3
Reply Ha! That would be fun =) ~, Rodriguez, 05-Jan-08 08:15 AM, #1
Topic What a boring ass BCS championship game [ View all ]ZulghinlourWed 09-Jan-08 10:22 AM514
Reply Sorry, but..., Terwin05, 08-Jan-08 04:34 PM, #3
Reply RE: Sorry, but..., Zulghinlour, 08-Jan-08 06:18 PM, #4
     Reply RE: Sorry, but..., Terwin05, 09-Jan-08 10:22 AM, #5
Reply RE: What a boring ass BCS championship game, Sebeok, 08-Jan-08 03:14 PM, #2
Reply RE: What a boring ass BCS championship game, Daevryn, 08-Jan-08 02:01 PM, #1
Topic New years challenge for you immortals~! [ View all ]jaynusWed 02-Jan-08 12:59 PM403
Reply You haven't lived until you've tried a 100 beer weekend..., Theerkla, 31-Dec-07 06:21 PM, #1
     Reply ahhh... Memories..., Dragomir, 02-Jan-08 12:59 PM, #2
Topic Myers-Briggs [ View all ]IsildurMon 31-Dec-07 02:59 PM594
Reply INFP 71%, ForsoothAnon, 31-Dec-07 02:59 PM, #9
Reply WTF? ENFP. -nt-, Mekantos, 30-Dec-07 11:06 AM, #6
Reply Same. That article made me laugh, but in a cool way..., GinGa, 30-Dec-07 07:00 PM, #7
     Reply INFJ/ENFJ, Rodriguez, 31-Dec-07 05:40 AM, #8
Reply RE: Myers-Briggs, DurNominator, 30-Dec-07 08:01 AM, #4
Reply ESTP. Same as when I did a rather larger version for my..., Abernyte, 30-Dec-07 07:02 AM, #3
Reply INTP, Marcus_, 30-Dec-07 06:15 AM, #2
Reply ENTP, Zulghinlour, 30-Dec-07 04:04 AM, #1
     Reply RE: ENTP, Amberion, 30-Dec-07 10:13 AM, #5
Topic ATTN: Pro [ View all ]StunnaWed 26-Dec-07 08:54 PM477
Reply RE: ATTN: Pro, Isildur, 22-Dec-07 01:44 PM, #1
     Reply RE: ATTN: Pro, Stunna, 22-Dec-07 02:04 PM, #2
          Reply You can use private messages on Dio's now! nt, GinGa, 26-Dec-07 08:54 PM, #3
HOT Topic For Death Claw and Valg [ View all ]ShadowmasterWed 19-Dec-07 09:35 PM711
Reply RE: For Death Claw and Valg, Eskelian, 05-Dec-07 10:06 PM, #8
Reply Quick note:, Valguarnera, 06-Dec-07 07:04 AM, #9
     Reply RE: Quick note:, Eskelian, 06-Dec-07 07:45 AM, #10
          Reply Its not just heart disease either., Eskelian, 06-Dec-07 08:12 AM, #11
          Reply RE: Quick note:, Elerosse, 06-Dec-07 09:33 AM, #12
          Reply RE: Quick note:, Eskelian, 06-Dec-07 10:38 AM, #13
               Reply RE: Quick note:, Elerosse, 06-Dec-07 11:42 AM, #14
          Reply RE: Smoking vs. heart disease:, Valguarnera, 06-Dec-07 10:33 PM, #15
          Reply RE: Smoking vs. heart disease:, Eskelian, 17-Dec-07 07:32 AM, #16
               Reply RE: Smoking vs. heart disease:, Valguarnera, 17-Dec-07 07:22 PM, #18
                    Reply RE: Smoking vs. heart disease:, Eskelian, 18-Dec-07 10:36 PM, #19
                         Reply RE: Smoking vs. heart disease:, Valguarnera, 19-Dec-07 09:35 PM, #22
          Reply How it adds up mathematically, DurNominator, 17-Dec-07 04:18 PM, #17
               Reply RE: How it adds up mathematically, Eskelian, 18-Dec-07 10:41 PM, #21
Reply That article doesn't make much sense., Aodh, 29-Nov-07 10:31 PM, #5
Reply RE: Violent media and violence., Valguarnera, 29-Nov-07 06:37 PM, #3
Reply RE: Violent media and violence., Cerunnir, 29-Nov-07 07:01 PM, #4
Reply RE: Violent media and violence., Daevryn, 30-Nov-07 09:26 AM, #6
     Reply RE: Violent media and violence., Linolaques, 02-Dec-07 10:57 AM, #7
     Reply While I agree with most..., Dragomir, 18-Dec-07 10:24 PM, #20
Reply You are misreading it, DurNominator, 29-Nov-07 11:54 AM, #1
     Reply Another interpretation, Rodriguez, 29-Nov-07 02:13 PM, #2
Topic I may have bad news for some of you. [ View all ]BajulaTue 11-Dec-07 10:52 PM821
Reply Pertenant Link, Moridin, 11-Dec-07 10:52 PM, #8
Reply As I said in another thread, Odrirg, 13-Oct-07 09:45 PM, #6
Reply Good Grief., Moridin, 13-Oct-07 12:56 PM, #3
Reply I hadn't heard about this, and I am bummed out., Quixotic, 06-Oct-07 03:15 PM, #2
Reply It's unfortunate., Iunna, 20-Sep-07 10:14 PM, #1
     Reply Cosine, Moridin, 13-Oct-07 01:01 PM, #4
          Reply Part of the problem..., Bajula, 13-Oct-07 07:55 PM, #5
               Reply Be thankful in all things:, Moridin, 14-Oct-07 12:14 PM, #7
Topic For those intelligectual people with good imaginations....TorakMon 10-Dec-07 12:08 PM247
Topic When did Mr.T sell out to World of Warcraft?!? [ View all ]GinGaThu 06-Dec-07 03:46 PM397
Reply After using this as a reason Chuck Norris beats Mr.T, GinGa, 04-Dec-07 02:55 PM, #3
Reply That. Was. Awesome., Kastellyn, 04-Dec-07 08:26 PM, #4
Reply I just... I just... I don't know what to feel. n/t :(, Stunna, 06-Dec-07 03:46 PM, #5
Reply I pity you, fool. (link to commercial inside), Stunna, 02-Dec-07 05:43 PM, #2
Reply This thread never happened., Valguarnera, 02-Dec-07 10:34 AM, #1
Topic Blogs, web pages, Home Depot and Sex... [ View all ]StunnaThu 06-Dec-07 11:27 AM421
Reply I use http://wordpress.com/ for my blog, Zulghinlour, 06-Dec-07 11:27 AM, #2
Reply RE: Blogs, web pages, Home Depot and Sex..., Eskelian, 06-Dec-07 10:44 AM, #1
Topic obscure question [ View all ]IsildurWed 05-Dec-07 01:22 PM357
Reply Math is very much a part of the Axis of Evil (n/t), Zulghinlour, 05-Dec-07 10:20 AM, #1
     Reply RE: Math is very much a part of the Axis of Evil (n/t), Isildur, 05-Dec-07 01:22 PM, #2
Topic Cheater MBA [ View all ]StunnaWed 28-Nov-07 09:29 AM642
Reply Don't bother., Marcus_, 13-Nov-07 03:23 PM, #9
Reply I mostly agree with this..., Daevryn, 14-Nov-07 01:38 PM, #10
     Reply RE: I mostly agree with this..., Stunna, 17-Nov-07 12:52 PM, #11
Reply IMHO:, Daevryn, 30-Oct-07 10:03 PM, #3
Reply Yeah I'm not sure about this., Enbuergo1, 27-Nov-07 09:54 PM, #12
     Reply RE: Yeah I'm not sure about this., Daevryn, 28-Nov-07 09:29 AM, #13
Reply RE: Cheater MBA, Valguarnera, 30-Oct-07 07:01 PM, #2
Reply RE: Cheater MBA, Stunna, 30-Oct-07 10:30 PM, #4
     Reply RE: Cheater MBA, Terwin05, 07-Nov-07 07:05 PM, #8
Reply Honorary degree would be no problem I guess, Rodriguez, 30-Oct-07 04:39 PM, #1
     Reply How does one get an honorary one? n/t, Stunna, 30-Oct-07 10:31 PM, #5
          Reply Well, Rodriguez, 31-Oct-07 02:10 PM, #6
               Reply Good idea. Thanks. n/t, Stunna, 31-Oct-07 09:37 PM, #7
Topic syncmyride.com (Please delete if inappropriate) [ View all ]MoridinMon 26-Nov-07 07:08 PM601
Reply TEAMWORK = RESULTS., Moridin, 10-Nov-07 11:11 PM, #4
Reply One more thing..., Moridin, 10-Nov-07 11:20 PM, #5
     Reply Fords Suck... atleast my experience with them has n/t, Bobcat742, 11-Nov-07 08:37 AM, #7
          Reply OnStar < SYNC, Moridin, 11-Nov-07 10:24 PM, #10
Reply Thanks for the feedback., Moridin, 28-Oct-07 10:27 AM, #3
Reply Nice page, good videos., Rodriguez, 27-Oct-07 05:42 AM, #2
Reply On Road Noise - Three Clicks to find., Moridin, 10-Nov-07 11:41 PM, #6
     Reply Even with the hint I couldn't find it in 5-10 minutes, Rodriguez, 11-Nov-07 12:37 PM, #8
          Reply 10-4, Moridin, 11-Nov-07 10:22 PM, #9
          Reply Agreed, it's unfindable., DurNominator, 12-Nov-07 06:36 AM, #11
          Reply Uhm...3 clicks and type "road noise" I apologize., Moridin, 26-Nov-07 07:08 PM, #12
Reply Some comments/critique for the further development, DurNominator, 27-Oct-07 04:35 AM, #1
Topic Picked up the Orange Box today [ View all ]ZulghinlourSat 27-Oct-07 02:01 AM484
Reply Good Friggin Grief., Moridin, 26-Oct-07 09:41 PM, #3
Reply Huh. I watched it 10 times and I'm stil lost...., Moridin, 26-Oct-07 09:28 PM, #2
Reply RE: Huh. I watched it 10 times and I'm stil lost...., Zulghinlour, 26-Oct-07 10:01 PM, #4
     Reply Oh. nt, Moridin, 27-Oct-07 02:01 AM, #5
Reply I was only disappointed by its length., GinGa, 26-Oct-07 05:25 AM, #1
Topic Baaaah. (rant warning) [ View all ]LyedenSat 06-Oct-07 09:00 AM475
Reply RE: Baaaah. (rant warning), Isildur, 06-Oct-07 09:00 AM, #2
Reply RE: Baaaah. (rant warning), TheFrog, 05-Oct-07 09:35 PM, #1
Topic Made a Carrion Fields group on Facebook. [ View all ]CerunnirSat 29-Sep-07 12:50 AM371
Reply No-one matches the search. nt, DurNominator, 29-Sep-07 12:50 AM, #1
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