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Top Non-CF Discussion "What Does RL Stand For?"
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Topic Math Question... [ View all ]R0ckbiterMon 21-Mar-11 05:30 PM456
Reply If it is homework..., Homard, 21-Mar-11 05:30 PM, #2
Reply RE: Math Question..., sorlag (Anonymous), 21-Mar-11 04:42 PM, #1
Topic Santa Zulg at PAX!? [ View all ]ZulghinlourSun 27-Feb-11 10:28 PM675
Reply You going to be at PAXEAST?, Theerkla, 27-Feb-11 03:12 PM, #1
     Reply Unfortunatly, no (n/t), Zulghinlour, 27-Feb-11 10:28 PM, #2
Topic Honey Badger utility form [ View all ]AdekarWed 16-Feb-11 04:51 AM550
Reply DUDE!!! You didn't post the original!, TMNS, 16-Feb-11 04:51 AM, #5
Reply How is this not a first tier Offensive form? n/t, Seilclavin, 13-Feb-11 04:31 PM, #2
Reply An offenseive quest form with healing sleep, you mean.~, ibuki, 13-Feb-11 04:33 PM, #3
     Reply And while healing sleep, death farts from what you ate...., Seilclavin, 15-Feb-11 09:46 PM, #4
Reply This would take mudsecks to the next level:, Batman, 12-Feb-11 12:20 PM, #1
Topic Something that made me smile :)TMNSWed 16-Feb-11 04:46 AM280
Topic Sorry about that.. power outagesThwrerrorip (Anonymous)Wed 02-Feb-11 08:21 AM213
Topic A letter to smiley face [ View all ]TwistTue 25-Jan-11 10:45 PM435
Reply RE: A letter to smiley face, Onewingedangel, 25-Jan-11 10:45 PM, #1
Topic I thought I'd share a personal moment. 'Cause I'm retar... [ View all ]BajulaWed 19-Jan-11 09:55 PM361
Reply RE: I thought I'd share a personal moment. 'Cause I'm r..., I agree... (Anonymous), 19-Jan-11 09:55 PM, #1
Topic CF should offer military xp discounts to active duty so... [ View all ]DrethWed 19-Jan-11 09:51 PM893
Reply I personally feel it's dangerous to hold soldiers above..., Pro (Guest), 23-Mar-10 08:41 PM, #1
     Reply Yeah, you read Starship Troopers?, trewyn, 23-Mar-10 08:48 PM, #2
     Reply No but I've been meaning too citizen., Pro (Guest), 23-Mar-10 09:47 PM, #5
     Reply somewhat agreed.., Dreth, 23-Mar-10 09:06 PM, #3
          Reply What's your MOS? n/t, Pro (Guest), 23-Mar-10 09:44 PM, #4
               Reply And if you are a soldier..., Pro (Guest), 23-Mar-10 09:53 PM, #6
                    Reply Hmm., Dreth, 23-Mar-10 10:26 PM, #7
                    Reply You can't be a bamf with a 13 series MOS., Pro (Guest), 24-Mar-10 09:52 AM, #9
                         Reply and I stopped drilling a year ago in Reserves., Pro (Guest), 24-Mar-10 09:57 AM, #10
                         Reply I just laughed at you, irl., dreth2 (Guest), 24-Mar-10 12:05 PM, #11
                              Reply Calm down son., Pro (Guest), 24-Mar-10 04:53 PM, #12
                                   Reply And for what it's worth Private., Pro (Guest), 24-Mar-10 05:22 PM, #13
                                        Reply Oh god. Truce., Dreth2 (Guest), 24-Mar-10 06:43 PM, #14
                                             Reply Sorry, No truce for the Alchoholic Anon Div., Pro (Guest), 24-Mar-10 08:33 PM, #15
                                                  Reply Just out of curiosity.., Java, 29-Apr-10 03:04 PM, #16
                                                  Reply And you guys are why I joined the Marine Corps...(n/t), Onewingedangel, 19-Jan-11 09:51 PM, #17
                    Reply Is that where you're going to film for the movie? n/t, Lhydia, 24-Mar-10 07:15 AM, #8
Topic Dioxides Webpage. [ View all ]NournWed 05-Jan-11 01:14 PM530
Reply New account lock, DurNominator, 07-Dec-10 06:22 AM, #2
Reply RE: Dioxides Webpage., Gabe, 07-Dec-10 08:00 AM, #1
Topic Happy new year!NightchildFri 31-Dec-10 10:29 AM217
Topic Not that anyone cares but.... [ View all ]Thrunna (Anonymous)Sat 04-Dec-10 02:05 AM321
Reply RE: Not that anyone cares but...., Truhukk (Anonymous), 04-Dec-10 02:05 AM, #1
Topic hotel internet: a pox on youIsildurSat 27-Nov-10 01:09 AM257
Topic Survival and Pick'em (Fantasy Sports)NnaeshukFri 27-Aug-10 04:06 PM221
Topic What the Other Life means today.QuixoticSun 08-Aug-10 10:38 AM260
Topic Deadliest Warrior.ProTue 27-Jul-10 09:46 PM282
Topic Who else watches Whale Wars on Animal Planet? [ View all ]ProThu 22-Jul-10 04:09 PM380
Reply RE: Who else watches Whale Wars on Animal Planet?, Straklaw, 22-Jul-10 03:49 PM, #1
     Reply Sure. The idea of the show is publicity., Pro, 22-Jul-10 04:09 PM, #2
Topic Congrats to the new parents! [ View all ]ZulghinlourWed 07-Jul-10 07:19 AM585
Reply Thanks everybody! (n/t), Daevryn, 04-Jul-10 09:59 AM, #6
Reply RE: Thanks everybody! (n/t), Isildur, 05-Jul-10 10:45 AM, #7
Reply Jesus, how is that kid level 57 already?!? ITS ONLY 4 D..., Lhydia, 05-Jul-10 11:22 AM, #8
Reply Cool, congrats! nt, Marcus_, 05-Jul-10 01:33 PM, #9
Reply Congrats, chief!, Valguarnera, 07-Jul-10 07:19 AM, #10
Reply PERMA!, Pro, 04-Jul-10 03:57 AM, #4
Reply Really happy to see this, Fjarn, 02-Jul-10 10:07 PM, #3
Reply Congrats to you too., Pro, 04-Jul-10 03:57 AM, #5
Reply Big congrats, blackbird, 02-Jul-10 03:04 PM, #2
Reply RE: Congrats to the new parents!, Eskelian, 02-Jul-10 01:34 PM, #1
Topic Well by now... [ View all ]ProSat 03-Jul-10 05:16 PM442
Reply I think what we're all thinking..., Torak, 03-Jul-10 05:16 PM, #1
Topic Okay so I'm old. [ View all ]ProSat 26-Jun-10 11:06 AM473
Reply http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Friends n/t, Lhydia, 26-Jun-10 10:06 AM, #1
     Reply Alright. That was funny., Pro, 26-Jun-10 11:06 AM, #2
Topic Can't believe that ref waved off that goal. Le sigh.TMNSFri 18-Jun-10 12:12 PM253
Topic Thera's Newest Berserker-In-Training! [ View all ]StraklawTue 08-Jun-10 06:44 PM363
Reply Should start him on something smaller.., Hutto, 08-Jun-10 06:44 PM, #2
Reply Congrats! He'll get denied because of two first names t..., Lhydia, 08-Jun-10 04:43 PM, #1
Topic Ever wondered how medieval fights would be in RL? Here ...DervishMon 10-May-10 03:19 AM288
Topic Audio Morsels [ View all ]MekantosSat 08-May-10 08:25 PM351
Reply Check email please. (n/t), Hutto, 08-May-10 08:25 PM, #1
Topic If you want to become a criminal, come to norway! [ View all ]CerunnirFri 07-May-10 12:22 PM400
Reply Yeah..., trewyn, 07-May-10 12:22 PM, #1
Topic Orc suggestions. [ View all ]RobDarken__ (Guest)Mon 01-Mar-10 08:35 AM614
Reply Yeah. This is delightfully funny., trewyn, 01-Mar-10 06:27 AM, #4
Reply Implying my post was funny n/t, Stevers, 01-Mar-10 08:35 AM, #5
Reply I daresay a brilliant bit of prose here good sir., TheLastMohican, 01-Mar-10 01:54 AM, #3
Reply Moved to 'general chit-chat'. (n/t), Valguarnera, 01-Mar-10 12:12 AM, #2
Reply I have a better idea for orcs. A new type of sword, bu..., Stevers (Guest), 28-Feb-10 10:04 PM, #1
Topic Woot! Babies and Weddings! [ View all ]StraklawWed 27-Jan-10 04:41 AM425
Reply Congrats and...erm...well done., Abernyte, 25-Jan-10 08:46 AM, #1
     Reply Congrats to you both!., Asthiss, 27-Jan-10 03:10 AM, #2
     Reply Congratz! To both of you! n/t, Amberion, 27-Jan-10 04:41 AM, #3
Topic GO VIKES! ntTJHuronSun 24-Jan-10 02:57 PM218
Topic Haiti [ View all ]srthrssSat 23-Jan-10 02:25 PM411
Reply Good luck!, Straklaw, 23-Jan-10 02:25 PM, #3
Reply All the best down there, Yean, 17-Jan-10 10:59 PM, #2
Reply Good luck, chief., Daevryn, 13-Jan-10 02:13 PM, #1
Topic My company's Christmas Video [ View all ]TwistSun 27-Dec-09 06:40 AM485
Reply Log out. You were playing CF at work. nt, DurNominator, 27-Dec-09 06:40 AM, #4
Reply Well deserved for these bad puns :p /nt, Rodriguez, 24-Dec-09 05:22 AM, #3
Reply Jingle Balls!, TJHuron, 23-Dec-09 02:37 PM, #2
Reply Hah! I've beaten twist down with logs before!, Amberion, 22-Dec-09 06:18 PM, #1
Topic Merry Christmas! NT [ View all ]TheLastMohicanFri 25-Dec-09 01:17 PM359
Reply And merry christmas to all of you too! N/T, Yean, 25-Dec-09 01:17 PM, #3
Reply Merry Christmas to all of you. :) /nt, Rodriguez, 25-Dec-09 08:35 AM, #2
Reply Yay! Santa Claus! Happy Holidays everyone (n/t), Zulghinlour, 25-Dec-09 02:08 AM, #1
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