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Top Non-CF Discussion "What Does RL Stand For?"
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Topic Why we shoot deer in the wild... [ View all ]OdrallagTue 11-Dec-12 04:36 PM912
Reply The humor in the post aside, DurNominator, 11-Dec-12 04:36 PM, #3
Reply I laughed so hard I litterally almost crapped myself!, mage, 09-Dec-12 11:55 PM, #2
Reply Nice one, Tsunami, 13-Dec-11 11:20 AM, #1
Topic Whelp arrival eminent [ View all ]KrunkTheOrc (Anonymous)Tue 20-Nov-12 08:45 PM555
Reply How's it going so far?, GreatGray, 19-Nov-12 10:29 PM, #6
Reply Good. Awesome. Terrifying., KrunkTheOrc (Anonymous), 20-Nov-12 11:12 AM, #7
     Reply That is soooo normal, Rayihn, 20-Nov-12 08:45 PM, #8
Reply Mom and baby home happy and healthy., KrunkTheOrc (Anonymous), 11-Nov-12 08:59 PM, #5
Reply Play a floofy acolyte., Vortex Magus, 09-Nov-12 07:51 PM, #4
Reply I'm sorry for your loss. nt, Artificial, 08-Nov-12 09:48 PM, #3
Reply RE: Whelp arrival eminent, Tiarhelle (Anonymous), 06-Nov-12 09:30 PM, #2
Reply Good Luck!, SuperIsisMan, 06-Nov-12 08:49 PM, #1
Topic Afk forever. Into MsDos part of collegeK K (Anonymous)Wed 14-Nov-12 10:50 AM269
Topic Regarding a+Kov (Anonymous)Thu 11-Oct-12 10:28 AM260
Topic Anyone Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Call duty War 3? PC ...Kov (Anonymous)Wed 19-Sep-12 01:21 PM277
Topic micro computer tech, cabaling, fiber ops [ View all ]Kov (Anonymous)Thu 13-Sep-12 08:58 AM561
Reply RE: micro computer tech, cabaling, fiber ops, Enlilth, 04-Sep-12 10:24 AM, #4
Reply Update., Kov (Anonymous), 01-Sep-12 03:44 PM, #3
Reply Update: 47 out of 50 on test., Voralian, 13-Sep-12 08:58 AM, #5
Reply I'm terrified.~, blackbird, 01-Sep-12 11:01 AM, #1
     Reply Don't worry, this is why there is an IA workforce. (n/t..., N b M, 01-Sep-12 11:55 AM, #2
Topic F 24 Hour Fitness. F them right in their stupid A's. [ View all ]OdrallagTue 04-Sep-12 10:22 AM810
Reply RE: F 24 Hour Fitness. F them right in their stupid A'..., Enlilth, 04-Sep-12 10:22 AM, #6
Reply ID Madness, Tsunami, 28-Mar-12 04:40 PM, #1
     Reply Come back to Tybee :), TMNS, 28-Mar-12 05:01 PM, #2
     Reply I gotta admit, Tsunami, 30-Mar-12 04:57 PM, #5
     Reply RE: ID Madness, Odrallag, 28-Mar-12 06:31 PM, #3
     Reply WOW, people should totally ....more inside., Bajula, 30-Mar-12 01:20 PM, #4
Topic Seeking advice... [ View all ]BajulaFri 10-Aug-12 04:05 PM471
Reply The simple fact that you are asking...., Puhguly, 09-Aug-12 10:38 PM, #2
Reply RE: The simple fact that you are asking...., Bajula, 10-Aug-12 02:46 PM, #3
     Reply NEVER, Tsunami, 10-Aug-12 02:57 PM, #5
          Reply *rofl*, Bajula, 10-Aug-12 04:05 PM, #6
Reply NIMMERS! <3, Rayihn, 09-Aug-12 09:39 PM, #1
     Reply RE: NIMMERS! <3, Bajula, 10-Aug-12 02:57 PM, #4
Topic So what's everyone listening to these days? [ View all ]TMNSFri 27-Jul-12 02:45 PM387
Reply Uhhh...Over the past few days...., Batman, 27-Jul-12 02:45 PM, #1
Topic Gorpu? If yer nah doin nuthin, mayeb ye an me can round... [ View all ]AlstonTue 17-Jul-12 09:51 PM467
Reply I was with you until you threw in the 18 or older to pa..., Lhydia, 17-Jul-12 04:12 PM, #1
     Reply And I'm just kidding with you, I think CF Kayaking seem..., Lhydia, 17-Jul-12 05:13 PM, #2
          Reply I would LOOOVE to go kayaking with you. n/t, Alston, 17-Jul-12 07:54 PM, #3
               Reply <3 <3 <3 n/t, Lhydia, 17-Jul-12 09:51 PM, #4
Topic By what name do you wish to be mourned? [ View all ]StraklawTue 17-Jul-12 07:55 PM480
Reply How did he Pass? n/t, Alston, 17-Jul-12 12:32 PM, #1
     Reply RE: How did he Pass? n/t, Straklaw, 17-Jul-12 04:23 PM, #2
          Reply Hrm Odd that we are dropping like flies., Alston, 17-Jul-12 07:55 PM, #3
Topic What are we doing for our momma's tomorrow?RogueSat 12-May-12 08:29 PM229
Topic Forum SoftwareTacThu 26-Apr-12 11:50 AM224
Topic Not sure where to post this...about this forum... [ View all ]OdrirgSun 26-Feb-12 10:48 AM374
Reply Easy., Java, 26-Feb-12 07:07 AM, #1
     Reply It would be a nice feature for individual posts too., DurNominator, 26-Feb-12 10:48 AM, #2
Topic I found love yesterday. Bsdm [ View all ]Khacan (Anonymous)Sat 04-Feb-12 06:22 AM439
Reply and our Lord Kov did rise from the ashes of the burnt t..., blackbird, 04-Feb-12 06:22 AM, #2
Reply Seriously, man, cocaine is not good for you. n/t, Vortex Magus, 03-Feb-12 04:08 PM, #1
Topic What's your blues name?Blind Money Dupree (Anonymous)Fri 27-Jan-12 07:23 PM214
Topic Ban your trolls.TsunamiThu 05-Jan-12 08:22 PM311
Topic Holiday laughs!OldrilTue 27-Dec-11 12:45 AM267
Topic Occupy Movements [ View all ]StraklawMon 28-Nov-11 02:41 AM492
Reply Don't like them, incognito, 28-Nov-11 02:41 AM, #8
Reply I honestly don't care too much., Batman, 27-Nov-11 09:59 PM, #7
Reply Do not support., Homard, 24-Nov-11 06:23 PM, #1
     Reply I can refute your wall of text with one sentence, vargal, 24-Nov-11 10:19 PM, #2
          Reply Oversimplification., Homard, 25-Nov-11 11:10 AM, #3
               Reply So sayeth the "Good Germans". nt, vargal, 26-Nov-11 11:24 AM, #4
                    Reply What a well formulated argument., Homard, 26-Nov-11 11:47 AM, #5
                         Reply You're a nazi. I win. Nt, Batman, 27-Nov-11 09:47 PM, #6
Topic Well one of the recent big stressors is past. [ View all ]BajulaThu 10-Nov-11 12:56 PM363
Reply Yay! I'm assuming it was a great sentence if you posted..., Batman, 10-Nov-11 12:56 PM, #1
Topic My world is shaken. There is no creativity. [ View all ]TMNSMon 17-Oct-11 03:22 PM436
Reply Who cares?, Tsunami, 17-Oct-11 12:29 PM, #2
Reply For the first novel you're right. , TMNS, 17-Oct-11 02:59 PM, #3
     Reply Ah, now that you say it., Tsunami, 17-Oct-11 03:22 PM, #4
Reply Coldfire trilogy was awesome. n/t, Lhydia, 17-Oct-11 10:43 AM, #1
Topic Just a funny tidbit...BajulaWed 14-Sep-11 02:39 PM279
Topic Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan [ View all ]ZulghinlourFri 09-Sep-11 03:58 PM818
Reply I find all this dancing on graves distasteful, DurNominator, 12-May-11 02:51 AM, #3
Reply I don't see the similarities. At all. n/t., TheDude, 12-May-11 11:30 AM, #4
Reply The two differences are..., TMNS, 12-Jun-11 04:35 PM, #5
     Reply Wrong, DurNominator, 12-Jun-11 06:08 PM, #6
          Reply I had no idea Dur was a closet terrorist. Go figure., TheDude, 12-Jun-11 07:20 PM, #7
               Reply I had no idea that you were a closet murderer. Go figur..., DurNominator, 13-Jun-11 01:32 AM, #8
                    Reply "and I cheered a little with both crews at the time.", TheDude, 13-Jun-11 03:11 AM, #9
                         Reply Actually..., TFON, 07-Sep-11 04:41 AM, #10
                              Reply If that's the way you would have done it.., Java, 07-Sep-11 12:02 PM, #11
                                   Reply RE: If that's the way you would have done it.., TFON, 09-Sep-11 03:58 PM, #12
Reply See how much you Americans can achieve when the Playsta..., Abernyte, 03-May-11 07:53 AM, #2
Reply You think of all the lives that were lost..., TMNS, 02-May-11 06:49 AM, #1
Topic Good start to learn coding... [ View all ]OnewingedangelMon 01-Aug-11 01:25 PM569
Reply RE: Good start to learn coding..., Eskelian, 01-Aug-11 01:25 PM, #4
Reply RE: Good start to learn coding..., Isildur, 20-Jan-11 07:14 PM, #2
Reply RE: Good start to learn coding..., Onewingedangel, 21-Jan-11 11:35 AM, #3
Reply Best advice I've ever heard on learning programming...., Tac, 20-Jan-11 10:07 AM, #1
Topic new shifter formIsildurFri 15-Jul-11 06:04 PM322
Topic Site for movie/show downloads [ View all ]NnaeshukSun 24-Apr-11 09:24 PM461
Reply Try this...though it may not be legal or safe :), TMNS, 24-Apr-11 09:24 PM, #4
Reply If you want a demonoid account, shoot me an email, jand..., Artificial, 03-Apr-11 01:43 AM, #3
Reply www.thepiratebay.org usually has everything. , Marcus_, 02-Apr-11 11:09 PM, #2
Reply Character assassination!, Tsunami, 01-Mar-11 04:07 PM, #1
Topic This has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever ...TMNSSun 24-Apr-11 09:21 PM326
Topic Zeitgeist. [ View all ]coconutTue 12-Apr-11 05:58 PM405
Reply The movie is a steaming pile of #### and lies, Artificial, 12-Apr-11 05:58 PM, #2
Reply Interesting, Tsunami, 12-Apr-11 05:10 PM, #1
Topic Java Syntax help [ View all ]BaronMySoul (Anonymous)Fri 01-Apr-11 10:42 AM489
Reply I dont know JGrasp IDE but, Rodriguez, 01-Apr-11 10:42 AM, #1
Topic faces books?OdrirgFri 25-Mar-11 08:13 PM243
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