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Moderated Topics to Read Past Heroes Graveyard Protected forum
Fallen heroes with no clutter of the clean lines of text tombstones.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Tue 25-Jan-22 11:40 AM 28818 topics
28825 messages
Moderated Topics to Read The Premium Battlefield Protected forum
A place where the character sheets of past players can be found...for a price.
Moderators: Death_Angel
Fri 21-Jan-22 09:25 AM 3585 topics
71183 messages
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Topic (DEL) <SCION> Zhorgul the Berserker of Blind RageDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM605
Topic (DEL) <None> Phyllis the Harai GoshiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM709
Topic (DEL) <SCION> Krollop the Baron of ThunderDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM584
Topic (DEL) <None> Alturus the Student of AlterationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM652
Topic (DEL) <None> Cauzier the Lord of the ForestDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM569
Topic (DEL) <None> Ziekath the Evil KnightDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM631
Topic (DEL) <None> Quzix the Master SummonerDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM630
Topic (DEL) <None> Vastas the OgoshiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM598
Topic (DEL) <None> Elderyn the Druid of the Half MoonDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM578
Topic (DEL) <None> Rimbledorf the Delver of the PlanesDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:38 PM590
Topic (DEL) <TROUPE> Poetry the Ghost of Christmas PastDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM689
Topic (DEL) Shamseddin the Spectre, Imperial DreadlordDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM611
Topic (DEL) Tamosha the Harai GoshiDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM638
Topic (DEL) Shevalia the Inceptor of the AstralDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM640
Topic (DEL) Shurzzuk the Cunning WarmongerDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM629
Topic (DEL) Torania the Baron of MeteorsDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM611
Topic (DEL) Horumh the Elder TransmuterDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM637
Topic (DEL) Alithar the Master of WordsDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM603
Topic (CON) Alomar the CaptainDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM551
Topic (DEL) Rhynwyer the ShapeshifterDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM443
Topic (DEL) Myreus the Baron of TornadoesDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM408
Topic (DEL) Ghaeleg the Adept of the Outer Planes, Imperial M...Death_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM423
Topic (DEL) Cidic the Knight of LegionDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM603
Topic (DEL) Zlarix the Footman of Legion, Imperial SorcererDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM599
Topic (DEL) Ogtauk the Berserker of Blind RageDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM611
Topic (DEL) Jartieghe the Unlikely StoryDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM666
Topic (DEL) Joeter the Planewalker, Lord Adept of ConjurationDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM781
Topic (DEL) Makadje the Master of BrassDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM646
Topic (DEL) Krosani the ShamanDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM657
Topic (DEL) Kyrbian the Knight HeroineDeath_AngelFri 16-Mar-01 11:37 PM660
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