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Moderated Topics to Read Code Changes Protected forum
Tracking code changes without the clutter of responses
Moderators: Umiron, Scarabaeus
Thu 18-May-17 02:18 PM 45 topics
134 messages
Moderated Topics to Read Twist the Season to Be Jolly Protected forum
Twist shares something each day from December 1 through Christmas Day.
Moderators: Twist
Sun 05-Jan-14 09:46 AM 28 topics
157 messages
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Anchored Topic Shaman Paths By ImmortalValguarneraSun 05-Jul-15 07:51 AM2107
Anchored Topic port 4449 is our IP address [ View all ]YanorethFri 22-Aug-14 11:54 AM4793
Reply RE: port 4449 is our IP address, Vilhazarog, 22-Aug-14 11:54 AM, #5
Reply RE: port 4449 is our IP address, TSC Mjolnir, 21-Jun-13 06:13 AM, #1
     Reply RE: port 4449 is our IP address, Scarabaeus, 21-Jun-13 06:22 AM, #2
          Reply RE: port 4449 is our IP address, TSC Mjolnir, 21-Jun-13 11:50 AM, #3
               Reply website play, Scarabaeus, 21-Jun-13 11:52 AM, #4
Anchored Topic By what name do you wish to post? [ View all ]Anonimity? (Anonymous)Sun 15-Jun-14 06:48 PM2146
Reply Rule #1 & #2, Zulghinlour (NOT Valguarnera), 29-Aug-10 09:39 AM, #1
Topic Beta testing [ View all ]ScarabaeusSat 20-May-17 10:06 AM213
Reply Man..., TheProphet1, 19-May-17 04:47 PM, #1
     Reply Same, man. (NT), Onewingedangel, 20-May-17 10:06 AM, #2
Topic Status Update #2ScarabaeusWed 17-May-17 04:22 PM141
Topic Server Issue [ View all ]ScarabaeusSat 08-Apr-17 09:07 PM131
Reply RE: Server Issue, Scarabaeus, 08-Apr-17 08:54 PM, #1
     Reply From our service provider, Scarabaeus, 08-Apr-17 09:07 PM, #2
Topic memory leakScarabaeusSat 18-Mar-17 05:14 PM167
Topic System Update [ View all ]ScarabaeusMon 16-Jan-17 12:51 PM215
Reply RE: System Update, Retan, 16-Jan-17 12:51 PM, #1
Topic update issueScarabaeusWed 04-Jan-17 02:37 PM179
Topic Forums and the end of the ageScarabaeusWed 09-Nov-16 07:51 PM507
Topic Server... unreachable? [ View all ]ScarabaeusWed 09-Nov-16 06:07 AM279
Reply Server... up and running, Scarabaeus, 09-Nov-16 06:07 AM, #1
Topic system downtime 9 JUL 16 8:45pm system time [ View all ]ScarabaeusSat 09-Jul-16 11:33 PM393
Reply update, Scarabaeus, 09-Jul-16 11:07 PM, #1
     Reply complete, Scarabaeus, 09-Jul-16 11:33 PM, #2
Topic system downtime 8 JUL 16 [ View all ]ScarabaeusFri 08-Jul-16 08:31 PM267
Reply system work postponed, Scarabaeus, 08-Jul-16 08:31 PM, #1
Topic Server OS upgradeScarabaeusWed 17-Feb-16 03:58 PM321
Topic system issuesScarabaeusMon 11-Jan-16 08:56 AM342
HOT Topic CF Mailing List / Newsletter [ View all ]UmironSun 18-Oct-15 02:38 PM844
Reply REQUEST: Please use Gameplay for shapeshifter questions..., Umiron, 15-Oct-15 11:41 AM, #14
Reply I just signed up for the newsletter. Where can I get ..., Doof, 04-Oct-15 02:03 PM, #11
Reply Quick question about shapeshifter forms:, Batman, 22-Sep-15 12:50 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Quick question about shapeshifter forms:, Umiron, 22-Sep-15 12:54 PM, #2
          Reply Since you haven't made up your mind., Batman, 22-Sep-15 02:22 PM, #3
          Reply Question for Umi , Gaplemo, 22-Sep-15 07:53 PM, #4
          Reply RE: Question for Umi , Umiron, 22-Sep-15 08:16 PM, #5
               Reply If there was ever a time to roll up a midbie Battle PKe..., Bemused, 22-Sep-15 09:48 PM, #6
               Reply Another question., KoeKhaos, 18-Oct-15 02:38 PM, #13
          Reply Is there an increased chance to get the new forms?, Murphy, 23-Sep-15 03:03 PM, #7
          Reply RE: Is there an increased chance to get the new forms?, Umiron, 23-Sep-15 04:21 PM, #8
               Reply Yeah but it's only a month and everyone will go back to..., Lhydia, 23-Sep-15 05:48 PM, #9
                    Reply RE: Yeah but it's only a month and everyone will go bac..., Intrigued (Anonymous), 30-Sep-15 02:17 PM, #10
          Reply RE: Quick question about shapeshifter forms:, A shifter (Anonymous), 07-Oct-15 01:50 PM, #12
Topic System Upgrade [ View all ]ScarabaeusWed 23-Sep-15 11:08 AM589
Reply status update #3, Scarabaeus, 23-Sep-15 11:08 AM, #6
Reply status update #2, Scarabaeus, 22-Sep-15 11:13 PM, #2
Reply RE: status update #2, Vilhazarog, 23-Sep-15 12:28 AM, #3
     Reply Doing bonus exp still? n/t, Guy with lost ranks (Anonymous), 23-Sep-15 02:06 AM, #4
          Reply yeah, Scarabaeus, 23-Sep-15 02:12 AM, #5
Reply status update, Scarabaeus, 22-Sep-15 10:33 PM, #1
Topic downtime [ View all ]ScarabaeusTue 04-Aug-15 11:42 AM619
Reply update #2, Scarabaeus, 22-Jun-15 01:40 PM, #3
Reply Hey Scar, Sarien, 22-Jun-15 03:47 PM, #4
Reply Fixed., Umiron, 22-Jun-15 03:49 PM, #5
Reply This is why we use good storage folks., Bubthegreat, 04-Aug-15 11:42 AM, #6
Reply update, Scarabaeus, 22-Jun-15 12:31 PM, #1
     Reply Ouch - if anything, Sarien, 22-Jun-15 01:06 PM, #2
Topic Absence from game [ View all ]Brunagh (Anonymous)Tue 04-Aug-15 11:42 AM701
Reply Oh ***t, I hope the suspicion isn't confirmed, Kstatida, 04-Aug-15 11:42 AM, #2
Reply Vaccinate your kids, kids. nt, Artificial, 04-Aug-15 11:42 AM, #1
Topic Friday Downtime [ View all ]UmironFri 19-Jun-15 09:58 PM594
Reply Can you make your laptop a failover please? :-), Kraken71, 19-Jun-15 09:58 PM, #3
Reply Keep it synced with your laptop and make it failover :-..., Kraken71, 19-Jun-15 09:58 PM, #2
Reply RE: Friday Downtime, Sarien, 19-Jun-15 08:01 AM, #1
Topic Availability - Vacation [ View all ]VerathiWed 10-Jun-15 08:15 PM460
Reply Enjoy your venture in the "Elven World". , Kalageadon, 10-Jun-15 08:15 PM, #1
Topic Item Search [ View all ]UmironSun 07-Jun-15 07:23 PM962
Reply Love it. Even ugly., TheProphet1, 07-Jun-15 07:23 PM, #2
Reply RE: Item Search, Wow, thank you so much for this. (Anonymous), 07-Jun-15 07:23 PM, #1
Topic Change of Availability [ View all ]WhiysdanTue 26-May-15 06:59 PM581
Reply bummer!, Dallevian, 26-May-15 06:59 PM, #1
Topic imps@carrionfields.com [ View all ]ScarabaeusMon 11-May-15 01:28 PM660
Reply How long ago did this happen? (n/t), N b M, 11-May-15 12:48 PM, #1
     Reply it's been a while!, Scarabaeus, 11-May-15 01:28 PM, #2
Topic Rites will be held on Sunday (4/19) at 8:30 am (System ...VerathiThu 16-Apr-15 04:36 PM269
Topic Server Crash [ View all ]ScarabaeusSat 11-Apr-15 11:03 PM702
Reply support, Scarabaeus, 11-Apr-15 12:48 PM, #1
     Reply provider response, Scarabaeus, 11-Apr-15 01:17 PM, #2
     Reply we're back, Scarabaeus, 11-Apr-15 01:30 PM, #4
          Reply The Dark One's own luck!, Murphy, 11-Apr-15 11:03 PM, #5
     Reply very important question, halfelf (NOT Nobody), 11-Apr-15 01:37 PM, #3
Locked Topic System Upgrade [ View all ]ScarabaeusSat 07-Mar-15 07:39 PM694
Reply update, Scarabaeus, 06-Mar-15 08:48 PM, #1
     Reply and we're up! n/t, Scarabaeus, 06-Mar-15 08:53 PM, #2
Locked Topic Edges: Follow UpUmironMon 29-Dec-14 07:27 PM856
Locked Topic Updates to Berserk.ValguarneraSun 14-Dec-14 12:00 PM718
Locked Topic System UpgradeScarabaeusThu 04-Dec-14 07:57 AM489
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