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Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 01:02 AM1998
Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Sun 11-Nov-07 11:23 AM2153
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM1497
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM3083
Topic battlefield protected? [ View all ]droSun 30-Aug-20 05:19 PM66
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 30-Aug-20 05:19 PM, #1
Topic Not sure if I got hit by edge point bug [ View all ]Anonymous (Anonymous)Wed 12-Aug-20 01:15 PM94
Reply No., Ishuli, 12-Aug-20 01:15 PM, #1
Topic Civil Elementalist working as intended? [ View all ]Invoker Magistrate (Anonymous)Tue 11-Aug-20 05:40 PM106
Reply By design., Ishuli, 11-Aug-20 04:25 PM, #1
     Reply RE: By design., Invoker Magistrate (Anonymous), 11-Aug-20 05:40 PM, #2
Topic Possible oversight/bug with kinship. [ View all ]Random felar (Guest)Tue 09-Jun-20 07:45 AM176
Reply By design., Ishuli, 09-Jun-20 07:45 AM, #1
Topic windwalk/fly clumb ladder bug [ View all ]Arjandrou (Anonymous)Sun 07-Jun-20 06:47 PM154
Reply Not a bug, Destuvius, 07-Jun-20 06:47 PM, #1
Topic Consortium/Tome [ View all ]Anonymous (Anonymous)Fri 29-May-20 12:00 PM167
Reply No, they're a hybrid class., Ishuli, 29-May-20 12:00 PM, #1
Topic does form wear weapon ? [ View all ]Outlander2 (Guest)Thu 28-May-20 12:53 PM167
Reply By design. NT, Ishuli, 28-May-20 12:53 PM, #1
Topic No edge points? Am I missing something? [ View all ]Anonymouse (Anonymous)Tue 26-May-20 09:40 AM178
Reply By design. You're missing something. (n/t), Ishuli, 26-May-20 09:40 AM, #1
Topic Centaur area [ View all ]Anonymous (Anonymous)Thu 30-Apr-20 05:12 PM206
Reply Not bugs., Ishuli, 30-Apr-20 05:12 PM, #1
Topic Ysbaddaden at the Battlefields [ View all ]Brian Soethe (Guest)Thu 30-Apr-20 02:38 PM197
Reply Wilderness is not always outdoor wilderness. NT, Ishuli, 30-Apr-20 02:38 PM, #1
Topic exchanging cabal items with no echo [ View all ]Angaph (Guest)Sun 19-Apr-20 09:14 PM182
Reply I don't see it., Ishuli, 19-Apr-20 09:14 PM, #1
Topic This wasn't counted as PK? [ View all ]AP#156723 (Anonymous)Tue 14-Apr-20 06:32 PM199
Reply Needs more information., Ishuli, 14-Apr-20 07:55 AM, #1
     Reply It counted., Ishuli, 14-Apr-20 06:32 PM, #2
Topic Dual wield help outdated [ View all ]Dual (Guest)Sun 15-Mar-20 08:44 AM217
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 15-Mar-20 08:44 AM, #1
Topic Overhead edge broken? [ View all ]AxeMurderer (Guest)Sat 15-Feb-20 08:44 AM238
Reply Couldn't reproduce., Ishuli, 15-Feb-20 08:44 AM, #1
Topic Two bugs? [ View all ]Applicant (Guest)Fri 31-Jan-20 08:24 AM257
Reply Not bugs., Ishuli, 31-Jan-20 08:24 AM, #1
Topic Vital [ View all ]Baena (Guest)Sat 18-Jan-20 10:03 AM232
Reply Seems to be working fine., Ishuli, 18-Jan-20 10:03 AM, #1
Topic Quest both succeeds and fails [ View all ]Tzilveks (Guest)Mon 30-Dec-19 01:40 PM239
Reply Looks right to me., Umiron, 30-Dec-19 01:40 PM, #1
Topic Role gone? [ View all ]Isoq (Guest)Mon 30-Dec-19 10:37 AM226
Reply FNCR. (nt), Umiron, 30-Dec-19 09:53 AM, #1
     Reply Thanks Ishuli and Umiron! n/t, Lhydia, 30-Dec-19 10:35 AM, #2
          Reply Yar!, Umiron, 30-Dec-19 10:37 AM, #3
Topic Quicksand at Dark Altar in GRinning Skulls [ View all ]Orc Chief (Guest)Mon 30-Dec-19 10:34 AM246
Reply FNCR. (nt), Umiron, 30-Dec-19 10:34 AM, #1
Topic Mud crashes killing Dark-elven Transmuter [ View all ]Empire warrior (Anonymous)Mon 30-Dec-19 09:32 AM235
Reply Hopefully FNCR. (nt), Umiron, 30-Dec-19 09:32 AM, #1
Topic Issues with pets no longer responding to orders fixed. ... [ View all ]UmironThu 26-Dec-19 11:02 PM269
Reply Thanked you IC, and thanking you here!, that guy (Anonymous), 26-Dec-19 11:02 PM, #2
Reply NICE! n/t, Lhydia, 26-Dec-19 11:02 PM, #1
Topic Brass Knuckles bug [ View all ]Ikoshu (Anonymous)Thu 26-Dec-19 10:03 PM233
Reply FNCR. (nt), Umiron, 26-Dec-19 10:03 PM, #1
Topic Cannot buy mercs when within 5 levels below them [ View all ]CarrockWed 25-Dec-19 05:06 PM181
Reply By design. Helpfile update coming. (nt), Umiron, 25-Dec-19 05:06 PM, #1
Topic Nightwalker (outer) seems not to be affected by searing... [ View all ]Bug-swatter (Guest)Wed 25-Dec-19 05:04 PM210
Reply Leaving this as-is for now., Umiron, 25-Dec-19 05:04 PM, #1
Topic Brass Knuckles Bug [ View all ]Baena (Guest)Wed 25-Dec-19 04:54 PM190
Reply Provide more of the log, please? (nt), Umiron, 25-Dec-19 04:54 PM, #1
Topic Bug Abuse To Kill Outer Guardians [ View all ]Tauzak (Anonymous)Wed 25-Dec-19 04:53 PM253
Reply Elaborate?, Umiron, 25-Dec-19 04:53 PM, #1
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