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Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 02:02 AM2132
Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Sun 11-Nov-07 12:23 PM2293
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 12:43 PM1595
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 01:08 PM3224
Topic Record Keeper [ View all ]Necro (Anonymous)Sat 16-Jan-21 03:44 PM27
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 16-Jan-21 03:44 PM, #1
Topic Ruins of the Deep - Spirits [ View all ]Gold Spirit (Guest)Fri 15-Jan-21 03:32 PM36
Reply Not a bug., Ishuli, 15-Jan-21 03:32 PM, #1
Topic Centaur area south of Outlying Villages is on Western C... [ View all ]ArtificialTue 12-Jan-21 06:07 PM59
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 12-Jan-21 06:07 PM, #1
Topic Mobs wandering away mid combat? [ View all ]ConfusedNecro (Guest)Mon 11-Jan-21 07:55 PM51
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 11-Jan-21 07:55 PM, #1
Topic Call Lighting message only in one specific room [ View all ]Ranil (Anonymous)Sat 02-Jan-21 10:45 AM74
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 02-Jan-21 10:45 AM, #1
Topic Item is disappearing after logging off? [ View all ]Keeper (Anonymous)Wed 30-Dec-20 12:34 PM75
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 30-Dec-20 12:34 PM, #1
Topic Devil morale bug fixed.UmironTue 22-Dec-20 08:05 PM97
Topic Hamsah prostitute satisfaction fully nominal again. (nt...UmironTue 22-Dec-20 08:04 PM88
Topic Imbessar tell bug? [ View all ]BlkdrgnThu 19-Nov-20 09:21 PM141
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 19-Nov-20 09:21 PM, #1
Topic Tir-Talath shopkeepers and criminals [ View all ]a wanted (Anonymous)Wed 18-Nov-20 04:18 PM134
Reply I don't see the problem., Ishuli, 18-Nov-20 04:18 PM, #1
Topic Fungoid exotics [ View all ]Exotic Skills (Guest)Thu 12-Nov-20 08:19 AM153
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 12-Nov-20 08:19 AM, #1
Topic A mask of dragonbone and black leatherIshuliSun 01-Nov-20 09:25 PM148
Topic Explore XP [ View all ]Baena (Guest)Sat 31-Oct-20 07:58 PM150
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 31-Oct-20 07:58 PM, #1
Topic Mobs randomly seeing invis [ View all ]youngmage (Guest)Sat 31-Oct-20 07:56 PM133
Reply RE: Mobs randomly seeing invis , Ishuli, 31-Oct-20 07:56 PM, #1
Topic javelin is a flail [ View all ]lowbie adventurer (Anonymous)Sat 31-Oct-20 07:55 PM134
Reply Previously fixed., Ishuli, 31-Oct-20 07:55 PM, #1
Topic Good Aligned Fauna [ View all ]Would-Be Helper (Guest)Sat 31-Oct-20 10:55 AM137
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 31-Oct-20 10:55 AM, #1
Topic Unable to flee?!? [ View all ]An Acrobat (Guest)Sat 31-Oct-20 10:19 AM141
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 31-Oct-20 10:19 AM, #1
Topic Galadon Mercenary Merchant Oddities [ View all ]SPNFri 30-Oct-20 02:47 PM125
Reply Working as intended., Ishuli, 30-Oct-20 02:47 PM, #1
Topic Keys to Success + Steal [ View all ]Leowyn (Anonymous)Fri 30-Oct-20 02:46 PM119
Reply Intended., Ishuli, 30-Oct-20 02:46 PM, #1
Topic Area Explore Thing [ View all ]Leowyn (Anonymous)Fri 30-Oct-20 02:46 PM134
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 30-Oct-20 02:46 PM, #1
Topic Galadon mercenary shop. [ View all ]Cainasir (Anonymous)Fri 30-Oct-20 02:15 PM123
Reply Couldn't reproduce., Ishuli, 30-Oct-20 02:15 PM, #1
Topic special guards, cabalmates and invoker spells. [ View all ]invoker tribunal (Anonymous)Thu 29-Oct-20 10:09 PM118
Reply Intended., Ishuli, 29-Oct-20 10:09 PM, #1
Topic Wand Not Magical [ View all ]hobozero (Guest)Thu 29-Oct-20 10:08 PM109
Reply Previously fixed., Ishuli, 29-Oct-20 10:08 PM, #1
Topic Bugged wear locations? [ View all ]gold digger (Guest)Thu 29-Oct-20 09:20 PM108
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 29-Oct-20 09:20 PM, #1
Topic Arkham [ View all ]Grurk MuoukThu 29-Oct-20 09:12 PM114
Reply Seems fine., Ishuli, 29-Oct-20 09:12 PM, #1
Topic DHUMLAR-KO [ View all ]DeathIncarnateThu 29-Oct-20 08:54 PM114
Reply Fixed., Ishuli, 29-Oct-20 08:54 PM, #1
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