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Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 01:02 AM1742
Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Sun 11-Nov-07 11:23 AM1907
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM1313
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM2823
Topic Acute Vision detect invis expected to work in this cond... [ View all ]Animist (Anonymous)Sat 24-Nov-18 12:45 PM164
Reply By design., Umiron, 24-Nov-18 12:45 PM, #1
Topic Instrument of Judgement stone [ View all ]Zargu (NOT Shaman)Sat 24-Nov-18 12:44 PM145
Reply Can't Reproduce, Umiron, 24-Nov-18 12:00 PM, #1
Topic Crash may be tied to the bandit king vote [ View all ]Oli (Anonymous)Sat 24-Nov-18 11:56 AM115
Reply FNCR. (nt), Umiron, 24-Nov-18 11:56 AM, #1
Topic Bat [ View all ]Zargu (NOT Shaman)Sat 24-Nov-18 11:56 AM139
Reply By design. (nt), Umiron, 24-Nov-18 11:54 AM, #1
Topic Dash bug fixed.UmironTue 13-Nov-18 06:21 PM123
Topic Goblin raider quest [ View all ]Goblin killer (Anonymous)Tue 30-Oct-18 08:34 AM149
Reply FNCR (n/t), Scarabaeus, 30-Oct-18 08:34 AM, #1
Topic FNCR: Bandit King vote. (nt)UmironSun 30-Sep-18 12:21 PM67
Topic Centaur Acute Vision doesn't work when in birdform [ View all ]Ellalylla (Guest)Sun 20-May-18 05:10 PM205
Reply By design. (nt), Umiron, 20-May-18 05:10 PM, #1
Topic Oh man, c'mon! [ View all ]Bronkirk (Anonymous)Sun 20-May-18 05:05 PM388
Reply RE: Oh man, c'mon!, Umiron, 20-May-18 05:05 PM, #1
Topic Dissappearing bottle. [ View all ]JaegendarFri 16-Feb-18 04:40 PM571
Reply Unable to reproduce, Destuvius, 15-Nov-15 03:55 PM, #1
     Reply This has happened to a bunch of people now. , Lhydia, 16-Dec-15 03:18 PM, #2
     Reply the item is completely normal, Scarabaeus, 16-Dec-15 03:25 PM, #4
     Reply RE: Unable to reproduce, Jaegendar, 16-Dec-15 03:18 PM, #3
     Reply RE: Unable to reproduce, Jaegendar, 05-Feb-18 01:42 PM, #5
          Reply What's the name of the item? NT, Kstatida, 14-Feb-18 12:19 PM, #6
Topic Affects not showing in affects command or score [ View all ]amazingdonnieSun 14-Jan-18 03:35 AM277
Reply Is that a full affects list? If not can you provide th..., Destuvius, 13-Jan-18 05:10 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Is that a full affects list? If not can you provid..., amazingdonnie, 14-Jan-18 03:35 AM, #2
Topic Good aligned mobs scream and attack to assist evil mobs [ View all ]mageSat 13-Jan-18 05:17 PM349
Reply Please move any potential discussions about this design..., Destuvius, 13-Jan-18 05:17 PM, #3
Reply Not a bug, Scarabaeus, 10-Jan-18 12:23 PM, #1
     Reply But current policy.., Jalim (Anonymous), 10-Jan-18 07:47 PM, #2
Topic Seems like it should have an Ice attack... [ View all ]Not that Frosty (Guest)Sat 13-Jan-18 05:16 PM280
Reply Been brought up a few different times, Destuvius, 13-Jan-18 05:16 PM, #1
Topic Count strangeness [ View all ]Hallucinating? (Anonymous)Sat 13-Jan-18 05:11 PM229
Reply Have a who list to go with it?, Destuvius, 13-Jan-18 05:11 PM, #1
Topic Multiple ground controls. [ View all ]RagDoll (Anonymous)Tue 09-Jan-18 06:30 PM433
Reply RE: Multiple ground controls., Scarabaeus, 05-Jan-18 07:50 PM, #1
     Reply Am I right to assume, Murphy, 08-Jan-18 11:11 AM, #2
     Reply RE: Am I right to assume, Scarabaeus, 08-Jan-18 11:16 AM, #5
     Reply Unlikely, Kstatida, 09-Jan-18 06:30 PM, #9
     Reply Can we have the same for bat? NT, Kstatida, 08-Jan-18 11:16 AM, #3
     Reply you never know! NT, Scarabaeus, 08-Jan-18 11:21 AM, #7
     Reply RE: Multiple ground controls., Rag Doll (Anonymous), 08-Jan-18 11:16 AM, #4
          Reply HELP files, Scarabaeus, 08-Jan-18 11:17 AM, #6
               Reply RE: HELP files, RagDoll (Anonymous), 09-Jan-18 06:30 PM, #8
Topic Tahren [ View all ]DeathIncarnate (NOT Explorer)Tue 09-Jan-18 06:30 PM320
Reply Tahren was a PC Paladin Battlerager, mage, 02-Jan-18 03:26 PM, #2
Reply I've seen Thror yesterday, Kstatida, 09-Jan-18 06:30 PM, #3
Reply Yes. There's probably even some in-game lore that expl..., Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:07 PM, #1
Topic gestald metamorphosis isn't stacking properly [ View all ]mageFri 05-Jan-18 04:00 PM312
Reply Seems to be working as designed., Umiron, 06-Dec-17 09:00 PM, #1
     Reply If it's the higher or the better of the two, mage, 02-Jan-18 03:27 PM, #2
          Reply RE: If it's the higher or the better of the two, Jormyr, 05-Jan-18 04:00 PM, #3
Topic All of a sudden I'm fighting? [ View all ]Assassin (Anonymous)Mon 11-Dec-17 08:59 PM287
Reply By design., Umiron, 11-Dec-17 08:59 PM, #1
Topic Mummies are able to horrify revenents outside of the ca... [ View all ]amazingdonnieMon 11-Dec-17 08:24 AM275
Reply FNCR (nt), Scarabaeus, 11-Dec-17 08:24 AM, #1
Topic Another Batter Log - Something definitely seems broken [ View all ]Annalaethina (Anonymous)Sun 10-Dec-17 06:42 PM283
Reply Batter:, Umiron, 10-Dec-17 06:42 PM, #1
Topic teleporting into a ghost-restricted room [ View all ]mageSun 10-Dec-17 04:23 PM268
Reply By design, I guess., Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:23 PM, #1
Topic Blind yet a killer. [ View all ]DeadAssassin (Anonymous)Sun 10-Dec-17 04:21 PM263
Reply FNCR. (nt), Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:21 PM, #1
Topic NPC's which expeirence drain can put you below -30% exp... [ View all ]The victim of expeirence drain skills. (Anonymous)Sun 10-Dec-17 04:19 PM212
Reply By design. (nt), Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:19 PM, #1
Topic Flying sentries [ View all ]mageSun 10-Dec-17 04:18 PM205
Reply NPCs have some proficiency in 'climb'. (nt), Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:18 PM, #1
Topic ST Fishiness [ View all ]Annlaethina (Anonymous)Sun 10-Dec-17 04:12 PM266
Reply RE: ST Fishiness, Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:12 PM, #1
Topic Revenants defending at the outer [ View all ]Not a scarab (Anonymous)Sun 10-Dec-17 04:10 PM210
Reply By design. (nt), Umiron, 10-Dec-17 04:10 PM, #1
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