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Anchored Topic Reminder: [ View all ]DaevrynWed 26-Dec-07 01:02 AM1580
Anchored Topic Bug Format [ View all ]Mek (Guest)Sun 11-Nov-07 11:23 AM1729
Locked Anchored Topic Bug Board FAQZulghinlourMon 03-Sep-07 11:43 AM1192
Locked Anchored Topic Typo command F.A.Q. [ View all ]ValguarneraMon 27-Jun-05 12:08 PM2657
Topic Projection [ View all ]BlackdragonWed 16-Aug-17 05:10 PM57
Reply RE: Projection, Scarabaeus, 16-Aug-17 05:10 PM, #1
Topic Field Dressing Bleeding Echo Wrong [ View all ]Defender (Anonymous)Wed 16-Aug-17 03:30 PM48
Reply yes and no, Scarabaeus, 16-Aug-17 03:30 PM, #1
Topic animist primordial vengeance [ View all ]Thezheshah (Guest)Wed 16-Aug-17 03:23 PM45
Reply not a bug, Scarabaeus, 16-Aug-17 03:23 PM, #1
Topic A goblin riding pet magically asleep can't flee [ View all ]KstatidaMon 17-Jul-17 04:19 PM81
Reply Did he try dismounting? n/t, Scarabaeus, 13-Jul-17 11:52 AM, #1
     Reply Good point, Kstatida, 17-Jul-17 04:19 PM, #2
Topic Disperse does not always have an echo [ View all ]BabalubaginiThu 13-Jul-17 11:53 AM76
Reply not really a bug..., Scarabaeus, 13-Jul-17 11:53 AM, #1
Topic Spirit-Knight blade [ View all ]Paladin (Guest)Fri 23-Jun-17 08:00 PM130
Reply no code changes here , Scarabaeus, 23-Jun-17 08:00 PM, #1
Topic Two Anticipate Bugs [ View all ]Vramun (Anonymous)Thu 08-Jun-17 08:42 PM125
Reply By design (but not necessarily good design), Destuvius, 08-Jun-17 08:42 PM, #1
Topic Tower from the sky [ View all ]Former Entropist (Anonymous)Wed 07-Jun-17 10:50 PM132
Reply two changes, Scarabaeus, 07-Jun-17 10:50 PM, #1
Topic RE: Two minor Hell thingsScarabaeusWed 31-May-17 11:18 AM131
Topic AI prep [ View all ]Rasnan (Anonymous)Wed 31-May-17 10:43 AM185
Reply Those go bad, Sertius, 31-May-17 10:43 AM, #4
Reply question, Scarabaeus, 28-May-17 12:43 PM, #1
     Reply You must have given someone a heart attack (log), Saagkri, 28-May-17 08:09 PM, #2
          Reply RE: You must have given someone a heart attack (log), Scarabaeus, 28-May-17 08:09 PM, #3
Topic silver mirror [ View all ]ScarabaeusSun 28-May-17 12:43 PM140
Reply RE: silver mirror, Imperial Healer (Anonymous), 28-May-17 12:43 PM, #1
Topic Teleporting into Organia from southern continent. [ View all ]Teleporter (Guest)Fri 19-May-17 09:46 PM120
Reply FNCR, Scarabaeus, 19-May-17 08:32 AM, #1
     Reply I've practiced teleport on that continent before...., Tac, 19-May-17 02:55 PM, #2
     Reply You've always been able to teleport in and out of there..., Lhydia, 19-May-17 09:46 PM, #4
     Reply It's too convenient, Kstatida, 19-May-17 02:55 PM, #3
Topic Entwine Bug? [ View all ]Vramun (Anonymous)Thu 18-May-17 04:30 PM137
Reply By design, Destuvius, 17-May-17 10:58 AM, #1
     Reply RE: By design, Vramun (Anonymous), 18-May-17 04:23 PM, #2
          Reply Meh, Destuvius, 18-May-17 04:30 PM, #3
Topic Entropy Powers [ View all ]Krelvix (Anonymous)Wed 17-May-17 09:22 AM138
Reply comments, Scarabaeus, 16-May-17 12:48 PM, #1
     Reply RE: comments, Krelvix (Anonymous), 17-May-17 09:22 AM, #2
Topic Tiger bite causes Bleeding and Hemorrhage [ View all ]Mummy (Guest)Tue 16-May-17 12:45 PM81
Reply FNCR, Scarabaeus, 16-May-17 12:45 PM, #1
Topic Shield Bash [ View all ]GRizzlyBear (Guest)Thu 11-May-17 11:11 PM163
Reply FNCR , Scarabaeus, 10-May-17 09:06 PM, #1
     Reply Ouch..., Tac, 11-May-17 08:20 AM, #2
     Reply I was positive it was working as intended, Kstatida, 11-May-17 06:03 AM, #3
     Reply Shield bash has always had a different check.., Lhydia, 11-May-17 06:03 AM, #4
     Reply one tweak, Scarabaeus, 11-May-17 09:56 AM, #5
     Reply This is a great idea, Kstatida, 11-May-17 01:58 PM, #6
     Reply I hate you., TMNS, 11-May-17 11:11 PM, #7
Topic Monk disarm [ View all ]Gralgorn (Anonymous)Thu 11-May-17 01:58 PM130
Reply FNCR, Scarabaeus, 10-May-17 08:41 PM, #1
     Reply This is nice, Kstatida, 11-May-17 06:03 AM, #2
          Reply And it was also addressed as a bug already. , Lhydia, 11-May-17 08:20 AM, #3
               Reply Strippers don't have intensify and avoid, Kstatida, 11-May-17 01:58 PM, #4
Topic Recent Crashes [ View all ]Vramun (Anonymous)Thu 11-May-17 08:40 AM83
Reply refactoring issue, Scarabaeus, 11-May-17 08:40 AM, #1
Topic conquered rulers are sexless [ View all ]IsildurWed 10-May-17 08:57 PM83
Reply you don't castrate your enemies?, Scarabaeus, 10-May-17 08:57 PM, #1
Topic Cobra limbs [ View all ]Anon shifter (Anonymous)Wed 10-May-17 08:51 PM73
Reply RE: Cobra limbs, Scarabaeus, 10-May-17 08:51 PM, #1
Topic Current drag drains mv [ View all ]Exhausted (Guest)Wed 10-May-17 08:45 PM74
Reply RE: Current drag drains mv, Scarabaeus, 10-May-17 08:45 PM, #1
Topic Material [ View all ]Out1ie (Anonymous)Wed 10-May-17 03:28 PM75
Reply not a bug, Scarabaeus, 10-May-17 03:28 PM, #1
Topic the chiming chimerScarabaeusWed 10-May-17 03:04 PM82
Topic Saakgri - your report about the (censored) from (censor... [ View all ]ScarabaeusFri 05-May-17 07:14 AM140
Reply RE: Saakgri - your report about the (censored) from (ce..., Saagkri, 05-May-17 07:14 AM, #1
Topic Unpredictable Edge [ View all ]Shifter (Anonymous)Thu 04-May-17 03:33 PM154
Reply There are other variables, Destuvius, 29-Apr-17 04:23 AM, #1
     Reply Can this be put to helpfile perhaps?, Kstatida, 04-May-17 08:54 AM, #2
     Reply RE: Can this be put to helpfile perhaps?, Destuvius, 04-May-17 08:57 AM, #4
          Reply Yeah sorry, Kstatida, 04-May-17 03:33 PM, #5
     Reply Now knowing your character, Destuvius, 04-May-17 08:55 AM, #3
Topic Heavinly armored patrollers who live to the north-west ... [ View all ]Anti-paladin of 40th tittle. (Anonymous)Wed 26-Apr-17 06:38 PM139
Reply This is VERY much not by design, Destuvius, 26-Apr-17 06:38 PM, #1
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