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IshuliThu 31-Oct-19 07:43 AM
Member since 13th Feb 2017
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#2954, "Hallow's Eve 'Costume Contest"


Event - Costume Contest
When - 10/31/2019
Time - 7PM Server (8PM EST)
Location - Inn of the Eternal Star

Short version: Dress up using equipment you can find and come to act out your costume!

Full info below

**Hallow's Eve 'Costume Contest'**

For those who are free tomorrow on October 31st, I will be hosting a terribly
spooky "Costume Contest".

It will be held at the Inn of the Eternal Star, October 31st, at 7PM per the
heaven's time.

The requirements are as follows:
Contestants should present their costume worn, solely based on
equipment/clothes/weapons that they can wear or hold. When it is your turn,
you must present your costume by acting out what you are dressed as.

There will be a reward for the best outfit, the best presentation, and lastly
a "crowd's favorite" winner (assuming we have enough of a crowd).

You have from now until the event (10/31/2019 at 7PM in the Eternal Star) to
collect and craft your costumes. Presentations will begin at that time.

Good luck,



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IshuliFri 01-Nov-19 08:29 PM
Member since 13th Feb 2017
720 posts
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#2956, "Event Summary"
In response to Reply #0


Only a few contestants showed up for the Costume Contest, but the three who did made quite the show! This will be a somewhat unique summary. With the permission of each of the participants, I’ll be including a more direct line-by-line of what happened than I usually do, since usually I summarize. BUT I didn’t think I could do credit to how awesome their performances were with a mere summary. So here they are, with their permission, the costumed contestants!!

The first to don their costume and act out their part was Broag the Cloud Giant -

Broag is using:
<worn around neck> (Humming) a badge of the hamsah coast guard
<worn on body> (Noteworthy) rotting linen bandages
<worn on legs> (Noteworthy) rotting linen bandages
<worn on arms> (Noteworthy) rotting linen bandages
<worn around wrist> (Noteworthy) rotting linen bandages
<worn around wrist> (Noteworthy) rotting linen bandages

His performance was as follows:
Broag says 'Yuh, now Broag law mummy!'
You say to Broag 'But Provost, I wish to appeal the warrant.'
Broag says 'Yuh, smell dat? Not know if me or me zombies!'
Broag says to you 'Yuh defy god-kings! You get two warrants!'
Broag says 'Yuh, filthy mage hunter, go smush Broag even if not criminals, god-king need rest so look.... purdy like...?'
Narra says 'Oh Provost, but I need six friends to kill Broag, is that illegal?'
Broag says 'No, mores better!'
Broag says 'Makes seven and has deal'

Even Ishuli could hardly stifle a chuckle at this intense acting performance.

The second to outfit and perform was Narra. Narra’s outfit was slowly worn as part of the performance, and so she started naked (clearly paying tribute to old traditions of the Eternal Star).
Narra says 'We are born utterly naked, out of Darkness'
Narra says 'As I was, completely naked came into this world'
Narra holds a thin sliver of onyx in her hands.
Narra says 'Perhaps a sliver of Darkness within'
Narra says 'Fear of mortality, fear of this world, lack of knowledge'
Narra says 'The stuff of night'
Narra holds the staff of night in her hands.
Narra says 'Then I ditched my worthless parents and started to dress myself'
Narra wears a coarse woolen cap on her head.
Narra says 'Perhaps in wool first'
Narra wears a threadbare green cloak about her body.
Narra says 'Then perhaps something a bit better'
Narra wears a helmet made from the mirrored scales of a silver dragon on her head.
Narra says 'Then I was able to defeat dragons'
Narra says 'But as I went about, the Darkness within grew and grew'
Narra says 'Until I was finally ready to embrace it fully'
Narra utters a quiet prayer and dons ceremonial religious vestments.
A Nightwalker slides forth from the shadows!
Narra says 'And here I am'

An excellent performance to match development, to think someone’s costume would be... well... them!


Lastly, but not leastly, was Raen’s costume and performance. Rather than humor or story, Raen went right for the Hallow’s Eve spirit of disturbing and frightful!
To start Raen disappeared and pointed at emerald summoning stones.... summoning a MONSTER!

Raen pops back into existence.
Raen is using:
<worn on face> (Noteworthy) a blood-red veil
<held in hand> a desiccated hand dipped in wax
Raen says 'I am...Broag's mother!'
Broag shivers uncomfortably.
Raen says 'Dessicated and..withered'
Raen thrusts the waxy, desiccated hand about, looking for something.
Raen says 'Dear...Dear broag'
Raen says 'fetch me a little human child to eat'
Raen says 'My giant bones are hungry'
Raen pokes her desiccated hand at broag.
Raen says 'My ill-mannered terrible child'
Raen says 'You're the worst child a mother could ever know'
Raen comforts Broag, placing a hand on his shoulder. (I hope it wasn’t the desiccated hand)

Broag was left broken from the trauma. We can only hope he finds the help he needs to move on from this morbid ordeal.

Thanks to all three of the contestants who took part! I was surprised by each of your ideas, and thought what you each managed was clever and unique.

Until next spooky Hallow’s Eve!



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