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IshuliSat 10-Mar-18 05:16 PM
Member since 13th Feb 2017
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#2864, "Trivia - March 11"


A certain book has been torn apart, leaving certain parts blank with only hints to their subjects.

A game of trivia will help figure out the contents.

The details:

1) The subject will not be known until the start of the event.

2) Answers are submitted via 'pray'. IE: 'pray <answer>'.

3) Only the first person to answer correctly is rewarded.

The event will begin on Sunday, March 11th around 6PM server time, 7PM EST.

**Event visible on the CF Public Calendar:


Calendar information: http://forums.carrionfields.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=6&topic_id=68623&mesg_id=68623&listing_type=search



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IshuliSun 11-Mar-18 07:35 PM
Member since 13th Feb 2017
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#2865, "Results:"
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Edited on Thu 16-Jul-20 05:57 PM


Thanks to everyone who took part in the trivia. With a lot of answers to each question, the difficulty played out about correctly. Everyone answered right on easy questions, so it came down to who was fast. People started making mistakes on medium, with about 4 or so people getting it right. Only one person generally got it right for hard questions, and even then after a bit of a delay.

To describe it for anyone who missed out: Ishuli found a tattered book describing areas, but with the area names missing. All we had was a quote from each area (with some backups in case nobody got it) to figure it out. Players had to answer with the name as listed on the area, no colloquial titles for it.

Every single hint was answered correctly, with only one extra hint given on one question.

The person who answered the most correctly was Gilversplitz, who was impressively fast on a number of them.

For anyone who missed out, the hints are below, without the answers posted, so you can hopefully have some fun filling them out yourself. No cheating, just do your best and test your CF quote knowledge!

Lots of thanks to Whiysdan, Umiron, and Thaedan who helped me fill out the list when I was running out of ideas. Wouldn’t have gone as well without them!

1. "Now ye shall feel the wrath of the Abyss"
2. 'Protect the light my brother.'
3. "Care to learn about everlasting life?"
4. "Speak the name of Tiotrik to learn of my past"
5. "Blimey, not an adventurer again! We had adventurer last week for dinner!"
6. 'Blessings of the Ancients upon you, Outlander.'
7. "Help me! I'm stuck!"
8. "I swear by Boltthrowers axe that I will not rest until magic in Thera is destroyed."
9. "Embrace the dark, Child of the Scarab."
10. 'Kids today. Got no respect, and no gumption. Why in my day...'
11. 'To my side, my students, and together our might will triumph!'

12. "He was the only thing good and noble"
13. 'Welcome. Please feel free to pray in the Chapel, but I must ask you leave. There is much that needs my attention.'
14. "See to it Gralan gets this. Don't let me hear you've double crossed us."
15. 'Ah, worthy adventurer, could use your help! Demons have infested the waters of Loch Grynmear, and the worthy must assist in the cleansing!'
16. "Kill those giant savages on sight"
17. 'My lembas brings all the boys to the yard.'
18. This one is covered in the stench of Orcs and Trolls! Protect the Princess!
19. 'Murderous swine, your deeds will surely find you a place in the darkest depths of the inferno!
20. 'The orc howls loud and long.'
21. 'Be careful not to stray off the trail.. people who wander off towards the mountaintop don't come back.'
22. "Vote Haver'shm!"

23. "They are the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in."
24. 'Pay close attention to the cracks.'
25. "No one is allowed to enter the holy chambers beyond, save for the elite of the temple. Any who desecrate its sacred ground will be punished."
26. 'Secrets you may know. Power you'll not live to attain.'
27. 'Those that walk in the light are welcome, all others turn back now.'
28. "Come, Medusa, and turn this one to stone!"
29. 'Gaze upon my infernal glory, mortal, for many hear the call but few have the strength to reach my abode.'
30. "Ever wonder why brown mushrooms can't grow north of Tir-Talath? Well, it involves a dog, a dwarf, a canteloupe, and Bria. You see....." 'Did you know that the Arials and the svirfneblin splitting off from their common ancestral stock was actually the result of a prank by Pico?'
31. 'What are you doing in my home!?' 'OUT! I'll throw you out myself if I have to!'
32. 'Come back when you're alone. I have important things to discuss, but won't talk in mixed company.'



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