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Top General Discussions History & Current Events Topic #453
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TwistSat 23-Sep-06 12:51 AM
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#453, "Kharia's Downfall"
Edited on Sat 23-Sep-06 12:56 AM


Kharia learns the cost of dabbling with magic without proper preparation. As seen from her eyes.

You tell Orau 'ahh, the angelbane'
You tell Orau 'fear not. Soon, your actions won't matter at all.'
Orau tells you 'Hrm, I don't like the sound of that...'
You tell Orau 'fear not...all right, that is simply a lie. Fear all you like.'

You tell Zambirro 'the Dance is mine.'
You tell Zambirro 'a pity your precious Lauraine will not see this in person. But she will feel the agony soon enough.'
Zambirro tells you 'Dance... yours?'
You tell Zambirro 'well...let's just say I'm "borrowing" it'

You tell Azilaph 'Ah, the Villager. Soon, you and yours will suffer greatly.'

You tell Arngrim 'Your precious Paladin Code will soon be futile. Make peace with your God.'
Arngrim tells you 'Grows some dark one, and ah show yeh how futile mah hammer beh'

Zambirro tells you 'Who knows what you are "borrowing" besides you...'
You tell Zambirro 'the Dead God may sense it, but he will be too late'

You tell Itholin 'your puny magics will soon be of no use to you, Surface Cousin.'

Orau tells you ' don't have to worry about me Kharia. Whatever happens, we'll be ready.'
You tell Orau 'I highly doubt that.'

Itholin tells you 'Believe what you will, Drow.'
You tell Itholin 'it is not a matter of belief. Soon no beliefs will matter. The Gods themselves will tremble before me'
You tell Itholin 'For the Dance is mine'
You tell Itholin 'I have discovered the final steps'

You tell someone 'soon your little village will be nothing but rubble'
You tell someone 'you do not understand do you?'
You tell someone 'the Dance is mine!'
You tell someone 'soon all of his power will be mine!'
You tell someone 'none can stop me!'
You tell someone 'soon even the gods will tremble before me!'

A soft chanting can be heard on the wind.

The wind grows stronger and the chanting is more powerful.

A bright violet hue covers the skies. Powerful lightnings strike all around.

The chanting continues to drone, filling your senses, drowning out all other sound.

Your world whirls and your vision suddenly spins and shifts, taking in the scene of a bizarre ritual.

You see a drowish female dancing around a large bonfire. She is obviously the source of the chanting.

Her steps around the fire are odd - drow do not dance often, but when they do, it is more graceful than this.

A shuffling, stumbling dance, the steps seem random. Only after a short while do you recognize a pattern.

The woman looks much like any other drow female. Lithe, ebony-skinned, with silver hair and red eyes.

No longer chanting, the drow continues to dance. She begins to shout, and the sound is nearly deafening.

"At last, they are mine to control! Come to me, dissipated energies! Come to Kharia, and let the world tremble with fear!"

You notice the purple hue of the sky deepen, and bright white streaks of energy seem to swirl around.

The energies move toward the large bonfire, and from there into the drow who has named herself Kharia.

The sense of something powerful stirring elsewhere distracts you momentarily from the bizarre ritual.

When your senses are once again focused on the ritual, the power within Kharia is readily apparent.

She shouts again. "Now, Mother, you will be the first of many to pay for your crimes against me!"

"You thought you were casting me out, because I could not become a Priestess of your precious God."

You raise a level!!

"Now, I will *become* a Goddess! And for you...Pain."

You raise a level!!

<51 D-Elf Tra> (PK) Kharia the High Sorceress of the Arcane

A loud wail of suffering and torment somehow reaches your ears from the Underdark.

Once again you are distracted by the sense of a powerful force. It seems to almost be...awakening.
A few of the stray streaks of energy seem to go elsewhere, away from Kharia. The awakening consciousness stirs even more.

Your senses focus again on Kharia, who still seems to be shouting.

"You will awaken too late, Dead One! The time of your reign over Magic is long over!"

You raise a level!!
<52 D-Elf AVA> (PK) Kharia the Avatar of Alteration

"Who will feel my almighty wrath next? Perhaps my mortal enemy, Gistle!"

"I know not if you were an agent of Mother, lowly Male, or simply a fool, but now you shall pay...wait. What's this?"

"You have chosen to escape my wrath? By killing yourself? How very...Male."

"Very well, who is next on my list? Ah, Lauraine! You self-righteous-NO!!!"

Kharia's dancing falters as the mage illness disturbs her concentration.
She tries urgently to continue the dance, but too late...

The disruption of magic in the realm seems to bring the semi-wakened consciousness out of his dream-like state.
More and more, the streaks of energy go away from Kharia.


"No!" cries Kharia. "The power is MINE!"

Faster now, the energy streaks are nearly blinding as they shoot away from the drow female.


"I'll kill you too! I'll kill all of you!"

The violet hue of the sky dims, nearly to normal, then flares a virulent purple momentarily. A bright flash of light blinds you momentarily.
When you blink the spots from your eyes you see the skies have returned to normal.


"You..." You get the sense of a set of eyes narrowing.

The power imbued in Kharia seems to be visibly draining from her rapidly, now. She falls to her knees.

<20 D-Elf Tra> (PK) Kharia the Transmuter


<15 D-Elf Tra> (PK) Kharia the Magus

"No, Lord! I swear to you, I sought only to bring you back!"

The presence pauses briefly, and the winds rush around you, howling.

< 1 D-Elf Tra> Kharia the Apprentice of Magic

"YOU DARE!?!?!!?!!?"

The deafening bellow carves through you like a knife!

Kharia's eyes dart about, attempting to find escape.

"You nearly accomplished it, little mageling. I do not know how you discovered the Dance..."

"If only you had simply waited for this...this blight on Magic to dissipate from your flesh, you might have accomplished it."

"Lord I sought to restore you with it! You must-"

"ENOUGH! You need to cease your existence. Now."


Awaiting the hour of reprisal, your time slips away...

And after:

Kharia's cries for mercy are cut short abruptly.

"Betrayed. Who..?" Again you sense the eyes narrowing. "Jullias. JULLIAS! Where are you, Deceiver? Where have you hidden yourself?"

Abruptly, storms rage across the skies and then stop short. Earthquakes shake your surroundings and are then calm.

"I am the Mystical Overmind!"

A sudden plague inflicts you and all around you, but seems to be gone immediately.

"I am the God of Magic!"

You shriek in agony as fire and ice wash over you, but the next moment you are whole again.

"I am the Leader of the Great Ghost Dance!"

A bright flash of light blinds you.

"I am Twist. I am back. And they shall day."

Almost as an afterthought, Twist raises one brightly flaring arm and utters a short incantation.

You feel the mage illness burning away from many of those around you.

The maddened God turns his attention to other things, leaving the mage illness to taper off on its own.

Mercifully, the onslaught ends, as the God of Magic's wrath subsides for the time being.


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