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AmarantheFri 08-Sep-06 12:02 PM
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#431, "An Island in the Sky, and the Great Felling"
Edited on Fri 08-Sep-06 12:08 PM


Rumors whisper in the taverns and streets throughout Thera. Who are these mysterious agents of the Eldritch Consortium, and what is their purpose?

The latest whipsers reveal the uncovering of an ancient dwarven artifact delivered from the fabric of time and space itself by the unlikely coupling of a paladin magistrate and a strange thief in a daft disguise.

It is said Destanin the Archmage himself aquired this artifact for a fair price from the bickering duo, delivering it to his associate Simshipple Fligliveryshins who, with the power of great earth magic, began a ritual to create an Island in the Sky.

Meanwhile, Imperial agents lurk near the Dairien Settlement, carefully guarding the shrouded form of Ssriel Llibani. Though Outlanders and a Fortress Warrior tried in vain to stop him, his sinister magics overtook the forest west of the settlement. A sundered obelisk and a waft of death and decay fell every tree in its wake, laying the foundation for a road clear to the Sea of Despair.

Now, Simshipple's Ritual has seen completion as well, and a Crystalline Island floats in the sky, held aloft by magic and the Eye of Nordiach. The road eases the transfer of supplies, and the Consortium prepares to begin the Underwater Excavation in the Sea of Despair with full force.

What will they uncover? What lurks beneath the sea that causes such interest and upheaval? The keen and the curious will stay tuned, and soon be apprised of what is to come.


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