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Subject: "Dad! I didn't like mom's answer!" Previous topic | Next topic
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BellFri 31-May-19 07:42 PM
Member since 18th Aug 2005
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#73300, "Dad! I didn't like mom's answer!"


Maybe I'm misreading, but it seems like in your first post you ask for Imm oversight and in this post you shift to "Well an Imm checked it out but I didn't like their answer so now I want other imms to do something."

Also, how often is this really happening. Is it "a few times" over the last few years or is it "constantly?" I feel like this might dictate how the imm responds, too. I've been playing on both sides of this fence recently and haven't seen anything like this at all, so I'm curious about the frequency.

Also, I'll say as somebody who didn't play for years and recently started again, you can get flagged for things now that I don't think were flaggable offenses 5 years ago. This might play somewhat into why you feel like you're getting a flag for no reason.

But yah, handle IC stuff IC.


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