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BlkdrgnSat 04-May-19 01:50 PM
Member since 19th Mar 2010
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#73121, "Kipple :D"


My short lived gnome that I shoulda kept alive longer, shame on me but the curiosity is getting to me about seeing his PBF.


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HOT TopicPick-A-PBF for a week! [View all] , Ishuli, Thu 02-May-19 11:49 AM
Reply Matusquella (n/t), Matusquella, 13-May-19 11:27 AM, #45
Reply It was only for last week., JohnEveryMan, 13-May-19 12:01 PM, #46
Reply Done., Umiron, 12-May-19 05:51 PM, #44
Reply Erzu, please and thank you! n/t, Sollin, 08-May-19 09:31 PM, #41
Reply Ereke , Giacomo, 08-May-19 09:20 PM, #38
Reply Flackerbuz, legobelt, 08-May-19 02:47 PM, #36
Reply Larnu, incognito, 07-May-19 04:46 PM, #30
Reply ha you were larnu?, Dallevian, 07-May-19 09:45 PM, #33
     Reply RE: ha you were larnu?, incognito, 08-May-19 05:38 AM, #35
          Reply That is brutal, Saagkri, 08-May-19 09:30 PM, #40
               Reply RE: That is brutal, incognito, 09-May-19 10:30 AM, #43
Reply My harbinger Druid , Welverin, 07-May-19 04:00 PM, #28
Reply Not sure yet., Ishuli, 07-May-19 04:05 PM, #29
     Reply Caz was one of mine, and the PBF already exists, Mcbeth, 07-May-19 06:27 PM, #31
     Reply Thanks!, Ishuli, 07-May-19 06:45 PM, #32
     Reply Yep. vanedyl , Welverin, 08-May-19 08:17 PM, #37
Reply Nhinguehm - nt, Baron, 07-May-19 12:43 PM, #27
Reply Breeng please, he was cool nt, Mcbeth, 06-May-19 10:00 AM, #26
Reply Ulamette, Sometimes Necro Player (Anonymous), 04-May-19 11:19 PM, #25
Reply Thought about her during the egg hunt., Saagkri, 08-May-19 09:26 PM, #39
Reply Kipple :D, Blkdrgn, 04-May-19 01:50 PM #23
Reply Wiril n/t, Lhydia, 04-May-19 06:27 AM, #22
Reply Lasentia below already requested Wiril, please pick ano..., Ishuli, 04-May-19 02:28 PM, #24
     Reply Pistary n/t, Lhydia, 08-May-19 05:05 AM, #34
Reply Tamra pls (nt), Curious about (Anonymous), 04-May-19 03:27 AM, #21
Reply Fugmada, Fugmada (Anonymous), 03-May-19 07:06 PM, #19
Reply Seconded!, SPN, 03-May-19 08:49 PM, #20
Reply Naevar , Tronimal, 03-May-19 10:09 AM, #17
Reply Hoobis nt, Saagkri, 03-May-19 08:46 AM, #16
Reply Zaralv! nt, TheBluestThumb, 03-May-19 06:33 AM, #15
Reply Morwenna, thank you kindly (nt), Bemused, 03-May-19 05:41 AM, #14
Reply Ajakirahuut. Thanks to whomever! NT, Quixotic, 02-May-19 10:10 PM, #13
Reply sszdeth cheers nt, DeathIncarnate, 02-May-19 08:40 PM, #12
Reply RE: Pick-A-PBF for a week!, Ihjezhed (Anonymous), 02-May-19 08:09 PM, #11
Reply I'll choose the hungry, hungry Girf please! (Nt), Cointreau, 02-May-19 06:00 PM, #10
Reply Posatalis., Tesline, 02-May-19 03:23 PM, #8
Reply This one is already published, please pick a new one!, Ishuli, 03-May-19 06:58 PM, #18
     Reply elgibel I guess., Tesline, 09-May-19 06:44 AM, #42
Reply Khalmarnasa, Kstatida, 02-May-19 02:05 PM, #6
Reply Double check?, Kstatida, 02-May-19 02:03 PM, #5
Reply RE: Double check?, Ishuli, 02-May-19 02:18 PM, #7
     Reply Thanks Ish!, Balta, 02-May-19 05:57 PM, #9
Reply RE: Pick-A-PBF for a week!, Wasted, 02-May-19 12:57 PM, #3
Reply Have to pick Balete, robdarken_, 02-May-19 12:07 PM, #2
Reply RE: Pick-A-PBF for a week!, lasentia, 02-May-19 11:52 AM, #1
     Reply Auggie (n/t), JohnEveryMan, 02-May-19 01:08 PM, #4
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