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SideStriderSat 03-Dec-11 04:10 PM
Member since 30th Dec 2007
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#713, "I got PwN T-shirt!"


T-shirt I'm in. Throw a free bowl of cereal at me and I'll never leave....

Anywhoo, heres the story.

I have been taking design classes in my spare time. Which isn't a whole lot because my head chefs a d*ck.

I've been working with a animation design program on of my instructors has shown to me. He's a pretty nerdy dude. He actually caught me playing in class and didn't seem to overly care that much hehe. He told me about some of the things he used to do in his spare time. He was a Shadow Realms player back in the day. (It's a long dead ROM mud, I actually played it a bit as my first mud in high school, but thats off topic)

Been working on a goofy sort of "WoW" comercial for CF. Taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Having problems with some of the shading and frame rate (Occasional fuzz and outright freezes.) Just something I've been doinking about with, not even sure we'd enjoy. Kinda hard to make a short with the amount of content CF offers. It's sort of like the shaman revamp, I'll finish it eventually and find a way to post it to see what other players think.

Might be something we can add to vote websites or the webpage if allowed to do so.

***Nothing about WoW is actually in the short, so flame off Noobs. Zulg if in infringing on some TM or you think I should just end it all together, Please don't canoe whack me! Just let me know please.***

Okay thats the whole of it, I guess just drop a thread and lemme know what y'all think of the idea.


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