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LordCardiganWed 30-Aug-17 06:39 PM
Member since 30th Aug 2017
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#4782, "New player starting out! Lots of questions "



Let me preface this by stating that I did play once, for a period of a few months ten years ago perhaps. Maybe longer. And I'm sure there is much that is different, there's probably much that is still the same.

So bare (bear?) with me.

First of all, I seem to be having "new character anxiety" in that there are so many options now, I haven't the slightest idea what race / class combination to play.

Sadly, the classes that I've read so far that are the most "newbie friendly" are those I have little interest in roleplaying as.

In the past, I experimented mostly with Rangers as the survivability was astounding. However it was definitely a crutch because I developed "wilderness anxiety" in that if I wasn't in the bush, I was freaking out. I felt limited.

In todays landscape, something like an assassin would be an ideal starting class - especially an Arial but my interest just isnt there.

The characters I want to build quite frankly, will land me at the temples far too often as a brand new player.

* 1) What are some recommended race / class combinations that are recommended for new beginners?
* 2) Is there a discord server where I can ask questions in real time?
* 3) I registered an account at QHCF but am still awaiting approval.
* 4) How beginner friendly are cabals? Is that an aspect of the game I should hold off until I have a couple characters under my belt? Are there some that are more beginner friendly than others?
* 5) What should I prioritize for learning? This might be a silly question, but the knowledge gap in gigantic and intimidating for a new player in a game with heavy PvP as this. I'm essentially jumping in and fighting people with 20 years experience on me. What areas of the game would you prioritize first?
* 6) With regards to #5, a source of stress for me is finding gear after dying. I remember that death usually meant my stuff would get taken (the goodie bits anyway). How far into the game will the beginners gear get me? (leather academy gear, rings from the castle area off the main road etc)
* 7) How much harder will I make it on myself if my first character(s) are empowered required classes?
* 8) lastly, can someone explain to me in simple terms, how empowerment in general has changed? I read not long ago that it's a bit less punishing when leveling up without empowerment and such. Care to explain?

Thank you and sorry for all the questions. This game is not an easy one to learn, but I look forward to dying to you.



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