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TwistMon 25-Sep-06 10:55 PM
Member since 23rd Sep 2006
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#15, "Kharia's role - 10 (short) chapters"


Subject: Journey from the Underdark
Added Fri Aug 4 14:54:14 2006 at level 3:
As promised, your *dutiful* daughter is penning a missive to you now that I have reached the dreaded surface. I still do not understand why you refused to command one of the magus males to give me private instruction on my newfound magical talents. So I will never be
a priestess. At least I will never have to lower myself to the stature of a fighter.

Is the thought of having a magi daughter truly so mortifying?

I am certain you will be very happy to know that the male escort you provided was completely insufficient and incompetent. The two of us were waylaid by a group of duergar.
When I awoke I was naked and stripped of all of my ceremonial accoutrements. The male and I were able to sneak out of the grasp of our captors, but when we were discovered, I shoved the male at the guard and was able to escape in the confusion. At least his death was worth a small something, even if his life was not.

Subject: Success
Added Fri Aug 4 14:59:47 2006 at level 3:
Our plan seems to have worked. Mother has indeed sent me to the surface, as we had hoped.
I will learn the ways of these fools who bear the light of day willingly, and eventually
I will find the secrets of the Old Magic. Then we shall have more power than even the Matron.
For now, however, my magical abilities are miniscule, and the surfacers do not recognize me.
I have no personal guard, and my own combat abilities are laughable, so I must stay below the
notice of any who might consider me a threat. Both in an effort to "blend in" and as a way
to gain some coin, I recently performed a series of tasks for various shopkeepers.
The profit was worth my time, though the menial tasks of "deliver this" and "fetch that" were

Subject: A beginning
Added Sun Aug 6 16:28:02 2006 at level 10:
I have successfully joined the High Tower of Sorcery. It is my hope that this will be the beginning
of my discovery of the Old Magic. The fool who sponsored my joining demanded some items that were
difficult to procure, but in the end, of course, I was successful.
More to come as I make new discoveries.

Subject: Your pathetic males.
Added Mon Aug 7 22:44:38 2006 at level 14:
It is a pity that your house-males are so weak, and unable to suitably accompany me.
I find myself forced to join with brutes such as giants and orcs to make my way.
Perhaps you begin to reconsider my exile to the surface?

Subject: Allies
Added Mon Aug 7 22:55:00 2006 at level 14:
Things progress perfectly, though my learning of the secrets of the Old Magic is slow.
I am finding many surfacers who are worthy to travel with, and so I am not forced to
join with any drow who might be spies for Mother.
I am having difficulty entering the Lyceum. I believe many secrets may be revealed
there, if one reads the correct history in the correct way.
Those blasted Heralds! Can they know of my desires, and be shunning me apurpose?
No, more likely they are simply lazy and foolish, like the rest of these surface denizens.

Subject: Information
Added Tue Aug 8 22:18:05 2006 at level 15:
I have what may be a promising lead, if only to confirm the rumors we have heard. The cabal
of the Old Magic was indeed called the Masters of the Five Magics. A gnome named Falnyr spoke
of them to me, after I plied him with a bit of wine and a leg of lamb. He has agreed to look
into his family texts and send me as much information as he can about them. His only requirement
was that I let him help me in my search for the Old Magic. He seems a bit of a simpleton, but
trustworthy. Before you say it, I know it may be an act - I may have to kill him at some point.

Subject: Progress.
Added Thu Aug 10 23:45:10 2006 at level 23:
I have yet to learn anything truly worthwhile in terms of new power, other than that which
my own guild instructs. However, I have come across an interesting text, that mentions a dead
god of Magic. The text contains several telling clues, and I have inferred from the details
that this god was the one true God of Magic.
Apparently he was called Twist by most mortals. The details about him are somewhat tedious, but
there are a few intriguing facts: He began his life as a mortal, just like you or I. That bodes
very well for our plans. As a mortal he utilized the Old Magic and was the mortal Leader of
the Master cabal I wrote about earlier. He was apparently also their patron god as an Immortal.
His death was caused in somewhat mysterious circumstances, though the then-mortal Valguarnera
was somehow involved.
I will be seeking the dark god when the time is right, to learn more. In other news, I have
managed to gain some meager power via my own guild. Several allies have aided me in this
endeavor. Also, the Archmage within the High Tower of Sorcery may know something, but currently
she refuses to speak with me.

Subject: Promising news
Added Sat Aug 19 22:54:10 2006 at level 37:
I have partial confirmation of the rumors.
The Dark Lady Eshval, while not appreciating my poetry,
has deemed me worthy to speak with, at least for a short time.
While she did not confirm that the scroll spoke the truth,
she did say that anything is possible. Not exactly promising, but
she also told me to seek her out if all else failed.

On another note, I believe Mother tried to have me assassinated. She may suspect.
You may have to implement phase three a bit earlier than planned. Do some digging,
I leave the choice to you.

Subject: details
Added Wed Aug 23 21:43:39 2006 at level 41:
I have learned more of the bits and pieces of Twist's death.
Betrayed, the trusting fool put his faith in a mortal. A Lich, even. The deceiver, Jullias,
played a role as well. What I do not know is whether his energy can, indeed
be gathered again and infused into a being, but even the possibility is worth the attempt, and the
The surfacers I've spoken with have been reticent to speak with me thus far. I put on airs of being
a mere scholar, to avoid suspicion and antagonism. I believe, to loosen some tongues, I may assume
the role of some sort of priestess of Twist. The irony of this is not lost on me, so you needn't
mention it.
However, these surfacers seem to be more open when confronted with a zealot than a scholar.
We shall see.

Subject: Betrayed?
Added Sat Sep 9 20:21:48 2006 at level 44:
I am shocked and outraged to hear of the betrayal of Uhvaer. His failed assassination attempt
is a blight on his entire family line. It is a great pity that he died before you were able to
torture him and extract the names of any conspiritors he may have had. I should tell you (in
the strictest confidence, of course) that I did notice your *other* daughter, Meliahla, consorting
with Uhvaer quite frequently. She tried to brush it off when I inquired about it, but perhaps
if you put her to the question, more information might come to light.


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