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EskelianSun 17-Nov-13 12:11 PM
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#2220, "RE: Ah...Mr. Pascal, I missed you."
Edited on Sun 17-Nov-13 12:23 PM


The reality of it is that religion, like art and music, is an adaption of human society providing a myriad of services. Weekly social gatherings, holidays, rituals for birth and death, an efficient mechanism for teaching a set of unified moral beliefs, coping mechanisms, so on and so forth.

You can still get a lot of these things without religion but you get all of that in a single package from religion, honed and refined over hundreds of years. Religious people are more honest, they steal less, they are more lawful, happier, lower stress...all of that is well documented and researched as you can see in works described by those links.

So yeah you can choose to not believe and not follow all of it, and that's the beauty of a free society that you can do that, but honestly there's not much motivation to for many people. And I'm not referring at all to Pascal's Wager...though the video you're linking completely ignores that Pascal's wager talks about infinite gain compared to finite loss (not zero loss as the person in the video is saying). Pascal's wager was done in a time where we didn't have measurable benefits from religion in the way that we have research supporting focused entirely on heaven vs. nothing. You don't need to be "right" to benefit from religion and you don't even *really need to believe* to benefit from religion...because essentially religion is a social club, meditation technique, moral compass, philosophy and charity all rolled into one convenient package.

As parents my wife and I debated this topic at length, trying to find a benefit to not teaching our child religion. We couldn't find any tangible benefit at all, so ultimately we decided we're going to teach him religion through his childhood and as an adult he can make his own choices. If you can offer a real benefit to abandoning Christianity over something silly like not believing in God personally, let me know but I can't fathom any offhand (and no, the extra hour Sunday mornings isn't sufficient).


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