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LhydiaTue 30-May-17 05:02 PM
Member since 04th Mar 2003
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#131160, "Okay I was for sure wrong here then. "


I apologize. It looked shady as hell from my end.

Thanks Scarabaeus.


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HOT Topic(AUTO) [BATTLE] Seltie the Whisper, Bandit King of Hams... [View all] , Death_Angel, Mon 15-May-17 02:12 PM
Reply RE: (AUTO) [BATTLE] Seltie the Whisper, Bandit King of ..., Isildur, 18-May-17 09:49 AM, #33
Reply I found the log, Lhydia., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 08:42 PM, #27
Reply Post it then. NT, TMNS, 17-May-17 08:53 PM, #28
     Reply It's 840 KB n/t, Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 09:01 PM, #29
          Reply Just post the first part where you logged in..., Lhydia, 17-May-17 09:27 PM, #31
               Reply That never happened. Believe what you want. nt, Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 09:35 PM, #32
                    Reply lol, Athioles, 18-May-17 07:33 PM, #34
                         Reply RE: lol, Some random (Anonymous), 18-May-17 07:50 PM, #35
                         Reply Post it. NT, TMNS, 18-May-17 08:05 PM, #36
                         Reply It's difficult..., Seltie (Anonymous), 19-May-17 07:44 AM, #37
                              Reply I don't know you well enough to want to troll you yet. , Lhydia, 19-May-17 04:12 PM, #39
                                   Reply It actually starts like this..., Seltie (Anonymous), 19-May-17 08:11 PM, #40
                                        Reply I attack 7 hrs later in Voralian..., Seltie (Anonymous), 19-May-17 08:16 PM, #41
                                        Reply And when I quit, you're L18..., Seltie (Anonymous), 19-May-17 08:19 PM, #42
                                             Reply You snipped out the part I was talking about. n/t, Lhydia, 20-May-17 06:23 AM, #43
                                                  Reply You mean..., Seltie (Anonymous), 20-May-17 07:14 AM, #44
                                                       Reply It's fine if you want to be done with it. , Lhydia, 20-May-17 10:18 AM, #47
                                        Reply This shows you logged on immediately after the other th..., TMNS, 20-May-17 07:47 AM, #45
                                             Reply No, Seltie (Anonymous), 20-May-17 07:59 AM, #46
Reply Quitting after dying trying to get a mage kill..., Lhydia, 15-May-17 04:15 PM, #1
     Reply RE: Quitting after dying trying to get a mage kill..., Jhyrbian, 15-May-17 04:55 PM, #2
     Reply He didn't even kill me, he almost died and ended up fle..., Lhydia, 15-May-17 05:01 PM, #3
          Reply even better! real time karma is a beautiful thing, hope..., Jhyrbian, 15-May-17 05:06 PM, #4
               Reply I haven't been playing/logging much lately. n/t, Lhydia, 15-May-17 06:17 PM, #5
     Reply Sounds like CF's biggest POS Sultan. NT, TMNS, 15-May-17 06:55 PM, #6
     Reply Never happened. I do recall..., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 02:47 PM, #7
     Reply If that was you...n/t, Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 02:50 PM, #8
     Reply Nah that wasn't me. n/t, Lhydia, 17-May-17 05:21 PM, #9
          Reply I was a level 15 human warrior I don't remember the nam..., Lhydia, 17-May-17 05:24 PM, #10
               Reply I don't understand what you're accusing me of...., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 05:33 PM, #11
               Reply Level 15 warrior and 13 Necro in Tir-Tilath., Lhydia, 17-May-17 06:07 PM, #13
                    Reply It matters if you're branding me a cheater., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 06:36 PM, #16
                         Reply The fight started in Tir-Tilath and you were chased to ..., Lhydia, 17-May-17 06:38 PM, #17
                              Reply RE: The fight started in Tir-Tilath and you were chased..., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 06:53 PM, #18
                                   Reply If the fight had started in Voralian we wouldn't be hav..., Lhydia, 17-May-17 07:01 PM, #19
                                        Reply The same tick?, Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 07:14 PM, #20
                                             Reply So you have a log of Voralian, but not a log of you att..., Lhydia, 17-May-17 07:22 PM, #21
                                                  Reply FU Psycho., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 07:32 PM, #22
                                                       Reply If you say so. Lets move on. n/t, Lhydia, 17-May-17 07:53 PM, #24
                                                            Reply You're pathetic., Seltie (Anonymous), 17-May-17 08:05 PM, #25
                                                                 Reply But you did though. , Lhydia, 17-May-17 09:25 PM, #30
                                                                      Reply Red. Gold. Armor., Seltie (Anonymous), 19-May-17 09:32 AM, #38
               Reply Man oh man, Destuvius, 17-May-17 05:42 PM, #12
               Reply This is both true and false. n/t, Lhydia, 17-May-17 06:07 PM, #14
               Reply Also no hugs. , Lhydia, 17-May-17 06:15 PM, #15
               Reply That's MY line. NT, TMNS, 17-May-17 07:42 PM, #23
               Reply RE: Man oh man, Isildur, 17-May-17 08:19 PM, #26
               Reply It was a level 15 half-elf thief, Scarabaeus, 29-May-17 11:49 PM, #48
                    Reply So after looking into it..., Lhydia, 30-May-17 06:32 AM, #49
                         Reply here's what I had originally posted, with an edit, Scarabaeus, 30-May-17 10:03 AM, #50
                              Reply So TLDR: "you know what they say about assumptions", Be Nice (Anonymous), 30-May-17 10:21 AM, #51
     Reply Okay I was for sure wrong here then. , Lhydia, 30-May-17 05:02 PM #52
          Reply no problem, Scarabaeus, 30-May-17 07:48 PM, #53
          Reply Accepted nt, Seltie (Anonymous), 30-May-17 07:57 PM, #54
               Reply <3 n/t, Lhydia, 30-May-17 08:48 PM, #55
                    Reply It's not that funny., Saagkri, 30-May-17 09:55 PM, #56
                         Reply Yeah. , Lhydia, 31-May-17 05:40 AM, #57
                         Reply The worst thing you can do, Kstatida, 31-May-17 05:41 AM, #58
                              Reply Whatever comrade. , Lhydia, 31-May-17 05:50 AM, #59
                              Reply Not fair, Kstatida, 31-May-17 08:43 AM, #60
                              Reply I didn't..., Saagkri, 31-May-17 10:46 PM, #61
                                   Reply So you punish love, Kstatida, 01-Jun-17 04:12 AM, #62
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