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Idmund (Anonymous)Wed 12-Aug-20 07:41 AM
Charter member
#2977, "Idmund's Character sheet"


Thank you for the character challenge, it was truly enjoyable and I look forward to the next!

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger or Druid
Ethos/Align: Chaotic Neutral
Sphere: Deception
Religion: Nalasul

Role Guidelines: Idmund and his younger brother, Admund, grew up in a village whose name they do not recall. It was maybe ten years ago, or maybe a thousand, or maybe more. Who really knows?

They wandered too far from home one day and could not find their way back. And so they lived in a dark, ancient forest, hiding from unspeakably grotesque predators and subsisting on disgusting bugs and rotting vegetation.

This went on for a very long time, and their fear of the forest turned into love for it. The forest provides.

One day, they were caught by a shadowy beast with shining eyes. He offered them a bargain:
They could leave the dark, marshy forest, but they would have to bring back two souls to take their place. If they failed, the beast would claim them forever. Upon agreeing, the two brothers found themselves in the Void, and they stepped out into the Holy Grove to begin their search.

Idmund takes some joy in this - a secret mission, a deeper purpose. He relishes thinking about how he will trick someone into taking his place with the beast in that dark forest one day.

If ranger, terrain must be forester or marshdweller. Expertise must not be animist.

Motivations: Idmund feels uncomfortable in cities. But he is always looking for someone to replace him and his brother in the shadowy place.

He has great love for and attachment to his brother. He will do anything to ensure his brother is safe, and vice versa.

He and his brother are both essentially wild animals, and will fight to defend the wilds. The Outlanders of Thar-Eris seem a natural fit for them; they revere the wilds and will use them to accomplish their goals.

Description Guidelines: Strangely pale. Dark hair, dark eyes. Generally innocent-looking, but something hungry and a little savage about him. Dirty. Unwholesome.

Quirks: ALWAYS says “we” instead of “I,” usually in reference to himself and his brother - even when his brother is not present.

He does not call his brother by name; he calls Admund simply, “Brother.” He will immediately come to his brother if called.

“The forest provides.”
“The marsh provides.”
“We don’t want to get eaten, do we?”
“Are we well, Brother?”
“Our stomach is empty, Brother. Our throat is dry.”

Has also some sayings he quotes from Mommy and Daddy.
Daddy: “Do we tell tales? No, not unless we wish for red rumps!”
Daddy: “Measure twice and cut once.”
Mommy: “We always eat our meaties.”
Mommy: “We do not waste.”

(You can make up other sayings and attribute them to Mommy or Daddy - just try to tell new ones to your Brother IC, so you can both use them)


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