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TorakTue 11-Aug-20 05:12 PM
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#2976, "Small update for Theorendus"


That was the original version before we decided on being a centaur. Here was the last version I got before character creation (which tied me to the twins). It'd be real interesting to see how this would have turned out had I gone Tribunal (which would have alienated my friends in the Tree but the war wouldn't have been such a big deal for opening the Plane).

Race: Centaur
Gender: Male
Class: Shaman
Ethos/Align: Orderly Good
Cabal: Fortress or Tribunal
Sphere: Reason
Religion: Einoh
Role Guidelines:

Theorendus was born in a place where the sun never rose.

It was a colorless place, ruled by things unseen. It was a miracle that he lived to adulthood - a miracle attributable to the members of his tribe there. It was desolate and oppressive, but beautiful, in a way. Ruins and ancient contraptions littered the vast and barren expanses - ruins that made Theorendus’ imagination go wild. He wanted to fix them. To live in them. To use them as they were meant to be used by those who had built them.

But this was not the way, said those of his tribe. This life was all he knew, until he discovered there might be more. As the young centaur hunted in the darkest woods of this primordial place, he came across two dark-haired children who stood on two feet and huddled together close. He stalked them close; it was not clear if they would be good food. He saw them speak to something in the dark - what it was, he could not make out. And then, he saw brush part, and they stepped through. He followed them, and came upon a strange void.

When he found his way out, Theorendus was terrified. Rich colors and light flooded his senses. After some time adjusting, he discovered the cities of Thera and was enchanted - most unusual for a centaur.

To see the cities, he took work running errands for the Hamsah Mu’tazz-based El Azahr Trading Company until the patriarch died and the inept son took over, ran it into the ground and went mad. A group of former coworkers began working as bounty hunters and invited Theorendus to join them.

He was pleased to be part of this great, living contraption, where every part served some purpose to keep it all going. Then came Soreina Lidwych.

The bounty was high, all things considered. Theorendo tracked her down to apprehend her. She tried to run. He drew his weapon. She was dead. He felt some sorrow; it was the first woman he had killed. It was only after he turned in her scalp that Theorendo learned her abusive husband had issued the contract, claiming she had stolen a ring - her wedding ring.

This put Theorendo in an unexpectedly dark place. He considered ending his life, but, thinking the place that he came from was Hell, feared he would be sent back to the darkness. He decided to devote his life instead to discerning the difference between guilt and innocence, goodness and wickedness,through worship of Einoh. He would never go back to the dark.

- Make up for his past sins
- Protect the innocent
- Strive to define goodness and contemplate restraint and reason in a set of moral writings throughout his life
- Preach order as a virtue
- Stay out of hell

Description Guidelines: Scarred, serious and morose.

He becomes genuinely upset at violence, even if it is to protect those of the Light. He will fight valiantly, but accept no honor for it. He is likely to sternly lecture anyone who congratulates another on violence, for it is not violence that should be celebrated, but the privilege of living to enjoy another day, and help others do the same.

He believes Order is a virtue.
He sees a city as a single, giant organism, and sees the beauty of nature within it.


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