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RahsaelTue 25-Feb-20 05:45 PM
Member since 05th May 2017
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#2968, "Heraldic Post 30 and 31"


Heraldic Post articles (accuracy not verified by me):

Tue Feb 11 14:56:35 2020
From : Imogrezio
To : ALL
Subject: Heraldic Post 1: Strange Lights and Dire Omens

Thera lit by strange colours!
Oracles wracked by agonizing visions!

For the third time in a generation, the sky has been lit with queer light and
the people of Thera are left scrabbling for answers.

Unfortunately, those gifted with the Sight seem to have come under direct
attack by these mysterious forces, reporting "ringing in their ears like knives
on glass" before bleeding profusely from their precognitively perceptive

They insist the lights make their condition worse.

Citing visions of "The Gates of Amun'khur" and the "judgment of the Great
Bleeding Eye", it seems that dire omens of Lord Nazmorghul loom large in our
future. A dark god heralding the end of creation, this bodes ill for us mere

Those with long memories might recall the first instance of these strange
lights to be during the final death throes of one "Gilversplitz Widdershins",
Entropic Recruiter and automatic last-place contestant in any beauty pageant.
Could these events be another part of his incomprehensible schemes? What of the
creature that crawled out of his mouth?

Keep watch for our next issue to hear more as the story unfolds!

Imogrezio the Intrepid Journalist,
Gentleman Adventurer
Taleteller of the Eternal Star


Tue Feb 25 12:55:12 2020
From : Imogrezio
To : ALL
Subject: Heraldic Post 31: Quakes and Shakes and Eminent Mistakes

Hamsah retracts bounty on unafflicted seers following leper visit!
Earthquakes startle the western continent!

The illustrious Guild of Merchants declined to comment, though it doesn't take
an oracle to see the obvious financial benefits of having access to the only
known source of precognition on the face of Thera!

The mysterious seer, later identified as one "Argothus" shocked patrons of the
Eternal Star with warnings to cease their delvings into the oft-rumored
'ancient weapon', which "sleeps beneath the earth in the place of its making".
Insistent that such things should remain buried, he demonstrated his abilities
to peer beyond the veil with cryptic omens about the attendees that appear to
have a strong factual basis.

Is it possible that the quakes felt deep beneath the western continent are
related to this buried weapon? Intial reports indicate only superficial surface
damage, but perhaps something changed deep beneath the earth?

The devout have also noted that their Divine Patrons seem vexed by the
samephenomena that pains mortal oracles. With both our faith and our visions
for the future threatened, will Thera present a unified front against the
growing menace?

Keep watch for our next issue to hear more as the story unfolds!

Editors note: Issue number has been updated to maintain backissue continuity.

Imogrezio the Intrepid Journalist,
Gentleman Adventurer
Taleteller of the Eternal Star


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