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RahsaelFri 10-Jan-20 05:41 PM
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#2965, "First Character Challenge of 2020"
Edited on Fri 10-Jan-20 05:54 PM


In the grand tradition of Emnon and Amaranthe before me, I'm opening applications for a new Character Challenge event. DEADLINE IS JANUARY 31.

This will be a little bit different than previous challenges.

First, there will be a limited number of slots (maximum of eight, likely fewer) for characters thoroughly designed by me. But there will be plenty of other opportunities to join in, so read on.

Second, the player must commit to playing ONLY the Character Challenge character over the course of the quest. If you currently have a character that you will still be playing when this kicks off, probably early to mid-February, don't fret - there will be other opportunities, or you can likely become involved with your current.

Third, if you played a character in Emnon's recent challenge, I would ask you not to enter in this one - ESPECIALLY if you let your character auto or you deleted pre-hero. If you were one of the few to grow into a successful hero character for a while, and age died or deleted over 300 hours, please note that in your application email (see below) and I will consider your request depending on the number of applications received.

Finally, if you ARE NOT selected for a primary challenge character, but still want to be involved, you will have two options:

1) If you express interest, I will have a list of less fleshed-out characters available to you that could be worked into the overall plot. These characters would not necessarily have a central role. That said, if some primary challenge characters delete, get boring or go MIA, your role might become more central - especially if your character turns out to be really interesting.

2) Play whatever you want, socialize, and involve yourself in everything strange you see. If you really want to become involved in the story, you will.

NOTE: I am not looking for only the elite, uber-PKers and uber-RPers. I will have characters available for people of all skill levels and playstyles. It will be a varied group!

Thanks, and good luck!

To apply, copy and paste the following into an email and send it to

1) Were you involved in a past Character Challenge (Y/N)?

a) If yes, what was your Character Challenge character's name?

2) How would you rate your PK ability, from 1 (total newb) to 10 (PK god)?

3) How would you rate your area knowledge from 1 (where's my guild?) to 10 (I can lead through hell with a blindfold on)?

4) How much do you enjoy roleplaying from 1 (all my characters are deaf and mute) to 10 (my roleplay is so good, it's contagious!)?

5) How many hours per week do you play?

6) What are your most active hours, generally, in system time?

7) I LOVE playing ______________

8) I would absolutely HATE playing ____________________

9) If you are selected, would you agree to play ONLY the character designed for you (Y/N)?

10) If you are not selected, would you be interested in receiving a loosely defined character and role that would have a substantial secondary, or possibly primary, role in the quest (Y/N)?


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