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Serris (Anonymous)Sat 20-Jan-18 03:52 PM
Charter member
#23001, "Dragon Slayer Edge"


I recently got the dragon slayer edge and am having trouble seeing the increase in damage so far. I only had a fight with the dracolich logged before I got the edge, but from the log, It doesn't appear that I'm doing additional damage.

As an otyugh,
On unprotected foes, I do EVISCERATES to MASSACRES
On dracolich (pre and post DS) I do devastates to maims.
On green dragon (post DS) I do maims to MUTILATES.
On red dragon (post DS) I do maims to MUTILATES.

Again, on the last two, I don't have logs of pre-DS edge.


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TopicDragon Slayer Edge [View all] , Serris (Anonymous), Sat 20-Jan-18 03:52 PM
Reply Likely as intended., Ishuli, 25-May-19 03:05 PM, #1
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