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Topic subjectWow nice threads guys! Keep at it!
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73105, Wow nice threads guys! Keep at it!
Posted by Ujudludul on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
What's keeping me from playing the game?

These nice threads.

I sincerely wish for everyone that the Ishulis and Rahsaels and Jormyrs and Destuviuses of CF would spend more time doing stuff in game instead of replying to a bunch of FU threads on the forums but alas!

That was my constructive post for 2019.


73107, How dare players care!
Posted by Murphy on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
73108, In your own words
Posted by JohnEveryMan on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
You do not play. You're not a player
73109, Wasn't talking about myself
Posted by Murphy on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
What I'm saying is, other people who still play and/or still care about the game have voiced their opinions. How DARE they?!
73114, Not a useful distinction
Posted by -flso on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Someone who has devoted X or XX years playing this game and has reasonable things to say should be listened to. Dismissing him with "you are not playing this game at the present moment" is short-sighted and downright stupid.

This goes double when the game is at single-digit numbers and lots of (ex) players are pointing to similar reasons as to why they don't play anymore.

73115, I agree with this sentiment
Posted by robdarken_ on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
Key words: and has something reasonable to say.

I'd add: flooding the same #### narrative in every thread and sub-thread isn't reasonable, especially when you've had an entire thread dedicated to it before.

see: http://forums.carrionfields.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=6&topic_id=71722&mesg_id=71722&listing_type=search

i.e. Say your piece and shut the #### up, I can listen to you without you posting it again literally every 3 hours.

If you don't wanna act civil, there's no reason to be civil and host you here in particular. Physics in the CF discord 180'd my position on zero moderation policies, it doesn't work on topic'd channels, it just leads to increasing levels of disorderliness and animosity from individuals who themselves aren't willing to listen and have an axe to grind, or are otherwise plain malicious.

My preference is they make a feedback forum as a containment board for this stuff, so I can go back to reading gameplay without sifting through 2 people's crap. Otherwise, at this stage, I'm happy if these keep getting locked.

edit: But yes, to your point in general, you shouldn't dismiss someone's POV just because they don't play, in fact if they used to play a long time, they're a valuable source of info. But, I also have no problem with someone contesting Murphy for apparently misrepresenting himself as someone who plays or who represents the opinions of people who play.
73106, Yes
Posted by Andrlos on Wed 31-Dec-69 07:00 PM
How dare they interact with players in discussions about what is and is not perceived to be working for the game.