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Topic subjectBook 02: The Great Hunt
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2181, Book 02: The Great Hunt
Posted by Twist on Wed 31-Dec-69 06:00 PM
The Great Hunt
Rand: I really should be going.

Lan: Yes, you should. Another lesson?

Rand: Sure.

Lan: This move is called "Ending the Book." Use it in a climactic battle at the end of the book against a bad guy.
Liandrin: Soon we will capture al'Thor's friends on Toman Head, and then he will be ours! Then the Great Lord will

rule the known world!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Moiraine: Did you say something?

Liandrin: No. Go Light.
Rand: Why haven't you helped me, or talked to me at all?

Moiraine: The best way to help you is to coldly ignore you.

Rand: That frustrates me.

Moiraine: That's because you are stubborn. By the way, you were adopted and are the Dragon Reborn. The entire fate of

the world rests on your shoulders. Now go save the world.

Rand: Could you help me? Or at least give me a family tree?

Moiraine: Can a bird teach a fish to fly?

Rand: Are you the fish?

Verin: Remarkable.
Liandrin: Tell me what you know!! Or by the Great Lord, whom I love, I swear I will rip you limb from limb!!

Moiraine: What are you doing?

Liandrin: Nothing. Go Light.
Verin: 'Daughter of the Night, she walks again.' Lanfear, who was in love with Lews Therin, must be free. She may

well come after him again.

Moiraine: Yes, she must. No point in telling Rand. Now, what other ways are there to tell Rand we can't help him?

Siuan: You can't get water from a stone?

Moiraine: That's a good one! Or is it blood from a stone?

Siuan: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink?
Lan: I love you. You take ring. I give you.

Nynaeve: Me like ring.
Egwene: Rand al'Thor! Don't you just have a grand opinion of yourself! Just because everyone's trying to kill or use

you, you think everyone's trying to kill or use you. Also, you are woolheaded and being a mule. And a mule-head.

Rand: Egwene, I will miss your neverending yammering.
Fain: The dagger is mine! My precious! Er, I mean, it's mine.
Hurin: Smells bad along this trail of blood that you could follow just by looking at it.

Rand: You have a useful gift for sniffing violence. Too bad we'll never see you again, or think to use you further.
Ingtar: We must find the Horn. For I must use the Horn to erase the promise I made to the Dark One.

Rand: Did you say something?

Ingtar: No. Go Light.
Hurin: You must help us get back to the real world, Lord Rand.

Rand: Stop calling me that. I command you.
Ba'alzamon: Join me or I will continue to taunt you until you kill me.
Lanfear: I'm just your average flawlessly beautiful woman trapped in an alternate world. This is my disquise, which

is not quite as flawlessly beautiful as I actually am.

Rand: Sounds good to me. Join us.

Lanfear: I like powerful men. My favorite is the Great Lord of the Dark.

Rand: Did you say something?

Lanfear: No. Go Light.
Verin: Fascinating.
Siuan: We must break through your block.

Nynaeve: &#@&%!

Siuan: Now we're getting somewhere. I've gutted me a tough fish. I've netted a silverpike.

Nynaeve: What are you talking about?

Siuan: I have no idea.
Rand: I don't what to play your Great Game!

Cairheinin: Oooo, he's good!
Egwene: Elayne, so you did meet Rand, but I will never apologize to him for accusing him of lying that he met you.

Elayne: I am short with red-gold tresses. I know Rand, and love giving lectures.

Egwene: I am short with dark brown tresses. I know Rand, and love giving lectures. We are now sisters.
Liandrin: You will come with me. Now get into this sack.

Elayne, Egwene, Nynaeve: We will come with you. And get into the sack.

Min: A voluntary self-sack-putting-into?! No one's leaving ME out!
Verin: It says "Five Will Ride Forth."

Rand: What does?

Verin: Oh, who the hell knows? Some prophecy somewhere.

Rand: Oh, okay. Uh, Hurin. Come along.
High Lord Turak: Watch out, because I have long fancy fingernails and partially shaven head.

Rand: I have a Void in my head.
Ba'alzamon: Ha! Ha! This time it will be different, young al'Thor! NO ONE makes Ba'alzamon look stupid two times in a


Rand: You mean three times in a row?

Ba'alzamon: Yes, I did.
Moiraine: Luckily, I was here just in time to do nothing.